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From Alena Prokharchyk <>
Subject Re: [ACS41] Discuss CLOUDSTACK-2463 being resolved in 4.1 vs 4.2
Date Wed, 22 May 2013 19:26:06 GMT
On 5/22/13 11:11 AM, "Chip Childers" <> wrote:

>On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 06:08:52PM +0000, Animesh Chaturvedi wrote:
>> Alena and I discussed with folks at Orange, their use-case can be
>>supported in AdvancedZone without SecurityGroup by creating account
>>specific guest network. Alena will look at their database to help them
>>migrate the db
>Well done, and thank you for doing a real-time support session!
>Alena, do you expect that we will have an "official" database migration
>script that needs to be in the release?  Or is this just something that
>you believe to be very unique to that user?


The purpose of this migration script is to transform Advance SG enabled
zone to Advance SG disabled zone while being on 2.2.x. It should be used
only by the customers who created this kind of zone and added VmWare
hypervisor to it - something that CS didn't support even back in 2.2.x (no
support for SG groups on vmWare, in both Basic and Advance zone).

I don't think the script should become a part of the release as officially
we don't support SG enabled to SG disabled zone conversion.

Customers who configured Advance SG enabled zone with Xen/KVM hypervisors,
will expect their configuration to work as it used to, after upgrading to
4.1. Nothing should be changed in their DB, SG functionality should be
preserved as well. For that, Anthony's code merge for Advance SG enabled
zone should become a part of 4.1. Otherwise we should announce that this
functionality is not supported in 4.1, and 2.2.x customers having this
type of zone, shouldn't upgrade to 4.1 CS.


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