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From Alena Prokharchyk <>
Subject Re: [ACS42] Unassigned fearures and improvements
Date Fri, 03 May 2013 23:41:05 GMT
Taking CLOUDSTACK-129.

On 5/3/13 4:28 PM, "Animesh Chaturvedi" <>

>The following features and improvements are set to 4.2.0 for their fix
>version but are currently unassigned and open.  If someone wants to take
>them up, now's the time to assign them to yourself . I will  move
>unclaimed item to future on 5/7
>Key 				Summary 	Reporter
>CLOUDSTACK-67	Resizing	XxYton
>CLOUDSTACK-1147	cloud-setup-* should be removed	Wido den Hollander
>CLOUDSTACK-1781	GSoC: Create a cloud in a box using DevCloud	sebastien
>CLOUDSTACK-1782	GSoC: Improve CloudStack support in apache whirr and
>incubator-provisioner to created hadoop clusters	sebastien goasguen
>CLOUDSTACK-1942	allow choosing IP when calling associateIpAddress	Marcus
>CLOUDSTACK-1952	Provide a DSL framework for cloudstack Marvin	Prasanna
>CLOUDSTACK-129	introduce listIsolationMethods API	Murali Reddy
>CLOUDSTACK-212	Switch java package structure from to
>org.apache	Chip Childers
>CLOUDSTACK-1097	Increase the max length of resource tag value	Mice Xia
>CLOUDSTACK-1525	Add section on how to ssh in to system VMs	Jessica
>CLOUDSTACK-1580	Make the color for Notifications configurable	Mike

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