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From David Nalley <>
Subject Re: [MERGE]object_store branch into master
Date Mon, 20 May 2013 18:35:43 GMT
On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 2:22 PM, Sudha Ponnaganti
<> wrote:
> Also open defects need to be addressed as testing has been done on feature branch and
the numbers seem to be high on this branch - atleast blocker and critical should be addressed.
> Key     Summary Assignee        Reporter        Priority        Status
> CLOUDSTACK-2586 [Object_Store_Refactor] Extract template does not give proper URL to
download the template      Unassigned      Sanjeev N       Critical        Open
> CLOUDSTACK-2584 [Object_Store_Refactor] Failed to create template from stopped guest
vm's root disk     Unassigned      Sanjeev N       Critical        Open
> CLOUDSTACK-2583 [Object_Store_Refactor] Failed to create snapshot from root disk of a
guest VM  Unassigned      Sanjeev N       Blocker Open
> CLOUDSTACK-2578 [Object_Store_Refactor] NPE while deleting template from CS     Unassigned
     Sanjeev N       Critical        Open
> CLOUDSTACK-2538 [Object_Store_Refactor] No option for the user to provide storage name
 Unassigned      Sanjeev N       Major   Open
> CLOUDSTACK-2528 Object_Store_Refactor - Not able to download volumes.   Unassigned  
   Sangeetha Hariharan     Major   Open
> CLOUDSTACK-2527 Object_Store_Refactor - Default isos (xen-tools.iso and vmware-tools.iso)
are not in "Ready" state and not usable.      Unassigned      Sangeetha Hariharan     Major
> CLOUDSTACK-2525 Object_Store_Refactor - In case of template creation failure , we are
not able to remove the tempalte entries. We are not able to delete these templates later.
Unassigned      Sangeetha Hariharan     Major   Open
> CLOUDSTACK-2523 Object_Store_Refactor - Recurring Snapshots are failing becuase of NullPointerException.
       Unassigned      Sangeetha Hariharan     Blocker Open
> CLOUDSTACK-2511 Multiple_Ip_Ranges: Adding guest ip range in subset/superset to existing
CIDR is allowed        Unassigned      Sanjeev N       Critical        Open
> CLOUDSTACK-2493 Object_Store_Refactor - Template - ClassCastException when trying to
extract Template.  Min Chen        Sangeetha Hariharan     Major   Reopened
> CLOUDSTACK-2481 Object_Store_Refactor - Templates - Not able to create a template from
snapshot.        Unassigned      Sangeetha Hariharan     Critical        Open

Thanks for catching that Sudha.

I think most if not all of these should be fixed before it merges. We
don't want to merge known problems into master.

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