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From Rajesh Battala <>
Subject RE: [ACS42][QA] Test Plan for Support of Netscaler as external LB in VPC
Date Thu, 09 May 2013 08:24:00 GMT
Please see my comments in-line. Please let me know your comments.

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> From: Sowmya Krishnan
> Sent: Tuesday, May 7, 2013 3:34 PM
> To:
> Cc: Rajesh Battala
> Subject: [ACS42][QA] Test Plan for Support of Netscaler as external LB in VPC
> I am planning to take up test execution for the feature : "Support for
> Netscaler as External Load Balancer in VPC"
> I've written some test cases for the same. Please review and let me know if
> any comments.
> Here are Test cases:
> caler+as+External+Load+Balancer+in+VPC+Tests
> Ref FS for the feature is here:
> aler+as+External+LoadBalancing+Provider+in+VPC
[Rajesh Battala] 
48. Create VPC with shared NS : It should fail only when tier is created and implemented with
NS as LB ( when NS of type only shared is available it should fail) not while creating VPC.

Tests cases that should/can be  include :
1. As External Devices (Netscaler) is involved while tier creation, cidr should be subset
from the super cidr ( new cidr out of super cidr should not be generated)
2. When tier is created with LB as Netscaler ( and network is implemented) the VpcVR should
have a new nic attached and the ip of the nic should be the gateway ip specified while creating
the tier.
3. when tier is created with LB as NS,  when a dedicated NS is available  after tier got implemented
NS state should be in allocated.
4. when the tier is delete where NS is dedicate, NS allocation state should be moved to free
5. Deletion of NS device should fail if the device is in active/used in the tier. 

> There are few questions on the FS as I was writing the tests. Rajesh, could
> you please let me know your response for these. I'll update the Test plan
> accordingly.
> 1. I am assuming upgrade of VPC offering from Default offering to "Default
> Offering with NS" is allowed. If not, need to update this in the FS if there are
> any limitations on this front.
[Rajesh Battala] Upgrading  not supported currently. We can create an enhancement to track
> 2. On the same lines, upgrade of network offering of the network tier is also
> possible I assume . (For example, from LB provided by VpcVirtualRouter to LB
> provided by Netscaler) 
[Rajesh Battala]  Upgrading of LB is possible but not supported currently.
3. Also on the UI front, currently while creating
> network offering for the tier, if we choose VPC, Netscaler as service provider
> for LB is disabled. We need to enable this.
[Rajesh Battala] yes we need to enable this otherwise VPC n/w offering cannot be created.
I will add it in FS.
> Thanks,
> Sowmya

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