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From Animesh Chaturvedi <>
Subject [ACS42] Unassigned fearures and improvements
Date Fri, 03 May 2013 23:28:42 GMT

The following features and improvements are set to 4.2.0 for their fix version but are currently
unassigned and open.  If someone wants to take them up, now's the time to assign them to yourself
. I will  move unclaimed item to future on 5/7

Key 				Summary 	Reporter
CLOUDSTACK-67	Resizing	XxYton
CLOUDSTACK-1147	cloud-setup-* should be removed	Wido den Hollander
CLOUDSTACK-1781	GSoC: Create a cloud in a box using DevCloud	sebastien goasguen
CLOUDSTACK-1782	GSoC: Improve CloudStack support in apache whirr and incubator-provisioner
to created hadoop clusters	sebastien goasguen
CLOUDSTACK-1942	allow choosing IP when calling associateIpAddress	Marcus Sorensen
CLOUDSTACK-1952	Provide a DSL framework for cloudstack Marvin	Prasanna Santhanam
CLOUDSTACK-129	introduce listIsolationMethods API	Murali Reddy
CLOUDSTACK-212	Switch java package structure from to org.apache	Chip Childers
CLOUDSTACK-1097	Increase the max length of resource tag value	Mice Xia
CLOUDSTACK-1525	Add section on how to ssh in to system VMs	Jessica Tomechak
CLOUDSTACK-1580	Make the color for Notifications configurable	Mike Tutkowski



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