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From Animesh Chaturvedi <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Jira Component based Filters and Subscription Emails
Date Thu, 02 May 2013 23:10:56 GMT

I am working on setting up JIRA filters (named queries)  to show open issues for a given 
component.  The idea is whoever is interested in specific CloudStack  components can setup
personal email subscription to notify them of potential opportunities to work on. The personal
subscription email looks like the following

	From :
	Subject: [jira] Subscription: XXX where XXX is the Filter Description
 		List of Issues Ids and Summary

Sample Email: 

	Subject: [jira] Subscription: CLOUDSTACK-Baremetal-Open-Issues

	Issue Subscription
	Filter: CLOUDSTACK-Baremetal-Open-Issues (4 issues)
	Subscriber: animeshc
	Key         Summary
	CLOUDSTACK-1619Baremetal - Restore/reset VM fail with java.lang.NullPointerException
	CLOUDSTACK-1618Baremetal - Stop VM fail
	CLOUDSTACK-1614Baremetal - Reboot VM fail 
	CLOUDSTACK-1610Baremetal API addBaremetalPxeKickStartServer fail to prepare PXE server  causing
create instance with Kickstart style image to fail

	You may edit this subscription at:!default.jspa?subId=13729&filterId=12323942

To make the subscription easier I can add the subscription link to our component maintainers

The same filters can be used to notify the dev mailing list on a regular basis. There is no
direct way to notify the mailing list so I will have to setup a personal subscription for
each of these component filters and use mail-client rules to auto-forward the subscription
emails to the dev mailing list. 

Do you think this is of value? Please share your thoughts and suggestions.


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