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From Hiroaki KAWAI <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Should we pause merges into master until 4.1 is out the door?
Date Wed, 22 May 2013 09:53:20 GMT

+1 for making effort to keep 4.1 maintained.
As far as I know, there're many people waiting 4.1 release.

IMHO, blocking merges in master is another topic.
# I assume you're tired watching 4.1

As the master is getting dirty, inconsistent and
looks like unmaintained, it may seem to be terrible
switching to this branch as the next release branch.
IMHO, we should do some cleanups...

(2013/05/21 5:34), Chip Childers wrote:
> All,
> I can't help but notice that we continue to have features being developed and
> proposed / merged into master while I struggle to get opinions / help on
> 4.1.  I doubt that we (as a community) want to abandon 4.1, but I can't
> be certain.
> Should we abandon an attempt at releasing 4.1, and instead move on to
> 4.2?  This wouldn't solve any of the blocker bugs holding up 4.1
> though...
> Instead, should we hold off on all merges of new features into master until
> 4.1 is complete?  This might allow us to refocus as a community to
> complete the current release goal, but would obviously impact folks that
> are working on new features (although your help in completing 4.1 would
> be useful).
> -chip

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