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From Chip Childers <>
Subject Re: [ACS41] Features that are still in Open / Resolved State
Date Thu, 30 May 2013 17:56:27 GMT
On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 05:48:02PM +0000, Sudha Ponnaganti wrote:
> Hi All,
> While voting is in progress for 4.1, can you take a look at the following features which
are still in open/resolved state.
> If a story is in resolved state, can reporter review it and close it??
> If a story is in open state( there are 4 in the below list)  I would think it will be
moved to 4.2, reporter can confirm such deferral would be ok.
> Key        Summary             Assignee              Reporter              Status
> CLOUDSTACK-1 Add Maven building to site docs, developer documentation / fix packaging
instructions Joe Brockmeier Joe Brockmeier         In Progress
> CLOUDSTACK-358            Fix PDF output for docs Joe Brockmeier Jessica Tomechak   
> CLOUDSTACK-645            add/remove network on VM     Marcus Sorensen             Marcus
Sorensen             Open
> CLOUDSTACK-313            Fix cross references throughout documentation             
 Joe Brockmeier Jessica Tomechak                Reopened
> CLOUDSTACK-509            S3-backed Secondary Storage    John Burwell      John Burwell
> CLOUDSTACK-997            Improve documentation of assignVirtualMachine API     David
Grizzanti  Radhika Nair       Resolved
> CLOUDSTACK-436            User and Domain admin can change his password            gavin
lee              Andreas Fuchs  Resolved
> CLOUDSTACK-437            User and Domain admin can create his API key and secret   
        gavin lee              Andreas Fuchs                Resolved
> CLOUDSTACK-1501          Add / Update documentation to include tested configuration matrix
      Joe Brockmeier Chip Childers                Resolved
> CLOUDSTACK-1004          add to install guide: fqdn required when adding secondary storage
         Joe Brockmeier Noa Resare                Resolved
> CLOUDSTACK-644            Resize volumes feature                Marcus Sorensen     
       Marcus Sorensen             Resolved
> CLOUDSTACK-399            Document vSphere / ESXi patch installation procedure   Radhika
Nair       Kirk Kosinski       Resolved
> CLOUDSTACK-1708          CloudMonkey Profiles for Multiple CS Environments       Rohit
Yadav        ilya musayev      Resolved
> Thanks
> /sudha

For the record, once a release is officially released, I use Jira to
"release" it.  That'll close all "resolved" records with 4.1.0 in the
fixed version field.  It'll also move all non-closed / non-resolved
issues to whatever release target I select (which will be 4.2.0).

I'd agree with Sudha here though...  if the open items are actually
done, mark them as such (close them).


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