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From "ASF IRC Services" <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #cloudstack-meeting, Wed May 15 17:18:37 2013
Date Wed, 15 May 2013 17:39:17 GMT
Members present: chiradeep, topcloud, animesh__, rajesh_battala, sudhap

Meeting summary:

1. Preface

2. ACS 41 release

3. ACS 42
  a. Animesh to send a reminder to dev mailing list today (animesh__, 3)

4. general

- Animesh to send a reminder to dev mailing list today (animesh__, 17:24:47)

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #
17:18:38 [animesh__]: ASFBot: meeting start

# 2. ACS 41 release #
17:19:28 [rajesh_battala]: Am here
17:19:41 [animesh__]: Any one around to report on ACS 41 progress
17:21:44 [animesh__]: We have 3 unresolved issues at this time
17:22:59 [animesh__]: moving on to 4.2

# 3. ACS 42 #
17:23:51 [animesh__]: The unresolved defect count has been increasing
17:24:29 [animesh__]: and many feature issues are still open
17:24:47 [animesh__]: #action Animesh to send a reminder to dev mailing list today
17:25:14 [animesh__]: Sudha any update from QA?
17:25:21 [topcloud]: animesh__: did we already do a design freeze like in 4.1?
17:25:53 [chiradeep]: ACTION note-to-self, update my bug status
17:26:36 [sudhap]: animesh: progressing on new feature validation - there are a few features
which are not taken up by anyone for QA Task. Will go over them in JIRA and ask community
if someone can volunteer
17:26:39 [animesh__]: topcloud: can you clarify on design freeze
17:27:21 [animesh__]: I had moved out all unassigned feature / enhancement items that were
not claimed last week
17:27:46 [topcloud]: animesh__: I think in 4.1, chip actually had a date where proposed feature
is set for 4.1.
17:27:53 [topcloud]: that's before the code freeze.
17:28:32 [sudhap]: animesh, topcloud: I think we passed that stage given code freeze is 5/31
17:28:36 [animesh__]: I am using Chip's template for 4.2 release
17:29:14 [topcloud]: sudhap: I think so too but it's good to make it clear to the community.
17:29:15 [animesh__]: I think it is the deadline for claiming unassigned features that we
have already passed
17:29:29 [topcloud]: ic.
17:29:36 [animesh__]: I had sent a reminder to community last week
17:29:36 [topcloud]: makes sense.
17:30:32 [animesh__]: Any other topics for 4.2
17:30:44 [sudhap]: Also we should move unclaimed 4.1 defects to 4.2
17:31:22 [animesh__]: should we wait for 4.1 to be released and then move the defects
17:32:29 [sudhap]: I will publish upgrade plan i.e compatiblity matrix - sent one for 4.1
but we completely miss 2.2.x upgrade path which pose lot of issues 
17:33:01 [animesh__]: yes the 4.1 QA plan covered testing  from 4.0 to 4.1 only
17:33:29 [sudhap]: I think chip is looking only for blocker and criticals for 4.1 - anyway
it is better to wait till it goes out
17:34:21 [animesh__]: Yes I know we are looking at blockers and critical only but it is possible
for an issue to get bumped up if it was overlooked
17:34:44 [animesh__]: so we should wait for 41 to be released
17:34:59 [sudhap]: animesh:yes - for some reason we thought that upgrade path is not required
- no one also raised any concern as well - we will correct it for 4.2
17:35:14 [sudhap]: ok
17:35:29 [sudhap]: there are 50+ critical defects in 4.2
17:35:44 [sudhap]: hope these will be fixed soon 
17:35:59 [animesh__]: I will send a 42 reminder today
17:36:15 [animesh__]: anything else on ACS 42
17:36:24 [sudhap]: I will post QA milestones for 4.2

# 4. general #
17:37:36 [animesh__]: Does anyone have anything else to report
17:38:29 [animesh__]: ok so lets conclude the meeting

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