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>so looking at this it all seems to be vitual box based, is that correct ??
>id be curious if it was possible to convert the vbox image to xen, and
>say an Devcloud/XEN QuickCLoud since i see virtual box as overhead since
>already running XEN under my desktop

Absolutely. You don't even need DevCloud
Follow the "non-Maven" flow in the wiki.

Okay, getting back to this, essential this would/does require i install a management server?? Basically my thoughts are

installed Kubuntu 13.04, install XEN and XCP based on the kronos work, configure xcp kronos for ubuntu (this is all done)
so now im booting into a XEN/XCP kronos based system, with the kde ui on top...... should i then just install the management server
on the host xen/xcp os? and then follow the quickcloud docs? or should i follow the building a devcloud, only do it on the host OS ??

following the doc you posted, it states  find /usr/share -name systemvm.zip ....... i have not deployed a management server as of yet

whats my best path to follow ??

also note while trying to build quickcloud it errored out with the following, im on Kubuntu 13.04