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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: Virtual Router: DHCP and 2-second DNS outages
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2013 23:52:40 GMT

On 4/30/13 3:26 PM, "Dennis Lawler" <> wrote:

>Every time a new VM is started up, there is a 2 second outage in DNS
>services that can cause problems in guest VMs that use the router VM for
>For Cloudstack configurations using both DHCP and DNS services on the
>VM (both implemented with dnsmasq), there is currently a 2 second DNS
>service outage every time a new VM is instantiated
>The source of this outage is in, which uses "service dnsmasq
>restart" to pick up the freshly added DNS and DHCP entries.
>Restarting the dnsmasq service triggers a sleep for 2 seconds after
>dnsmasq before starting it back up again.
>An obvious solution would be to replace "service dnsmasq restart" with
>-s 1 $pid" (SIGHUP) so that dnsmasq reads the new DHCP entries without
>restarting, as in (external dhcp).
>Unfortunately, this solution is flawed because dnsmasq SIGHUP handling
>not expire in-memory DHCP leases in dnsmasq and all leases are infinite by

Aha! That's why SIGHUP didn't work consistently. This has been bugging me
for a long time.

>Thus, this will only work if the guest VM performs a DHCP release on
>shutdown, which cannot always be guaranteed.
>A few possible solutions off the top of my head:
>1.       Separate DNS and DHCP services.  While DHCP services still
>experience an outage during VM,  DNS will not necessarily be impacted if
>implemented correctly.
>2.       Use SIGHUP with dnsmasq and implement a removeDhcpEntry interface
>for network appliances to force a DHCP release whenever a NIC / IP is
>deallocated.  This can use dhcp_release to simulate a DHCP release on the
>router VM.
>Catch: dhcp_release is not available for Debian 6.0.  The System VM needs
>be updated to at least Debian 7.0, or the dnsmasq-tools .deb from 7.0
>need to be included in the System VM image.

There is going to be a new system vm based on 7.0 for the upcoming
release. This should work with earlier releases as well.

>3.       Change DHCP to have a shorter lease, track de-allocation of IPs
>separately from VM destruction.
>Catch: This may cause occasional IP pool exhaustion depending on
>of the guest IP range and the rate of VM destruction / instantiation in

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