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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: [MERGE] QuickCloud
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2013 22:24:15 GMT
bf56403 QuickCloud: default to enabled if not specified in datacenter
2e6c65f QuickCloud: sanitize logs for normal running of agents outside
271d232 QuickCloud: we moved the SecondaryStorageDiscoverer from the com
778a59f QuickCloud: move devcloud configuration into pom profile for exec
5ff8bca QuickCloud: when using SSVM, pass in the new name of the SS class
936973a QuickCloud: launch scripts for secondary storage and console proxy
c5b11df QuickCloud: option to build with componentContext tailored for
a806ce4 QuickCloud: allow specification of network offering name in
1d70b9e QuickCloud: add a network offering without any services This can
be u
21b4635 QuickCloud: also look for using
3d78019 QuickCloud: copy authorization code from ConsoleProxyManagerImpl
790d2ce QuickCloud: Remove reference to unused code QuickCloud: remove
1679044 QuickCloud: start console proxy service from mvn exec:java
e7983b2 QuickCloud: Enable secondary storage daemon to run outside the
system vm

On 4/5/13 3:48 PM, "Chiradeep Vittal" <> wrote:

>Design doc here:
>Jira id: CLOUDSTACK-1813
>Database changes:
>NetworkManager will automatically add a QuickCloud network offering that
>has no services
>Unit tests added:
>None. 50% of the changes are moving code around and re-testing old paths
>The other 50% are maven / marvin / productization / logging changes
>RAT changes:
>The has been excluded since the java code modifies this
>file. It is sufficiently trivial (2 lines) that it doesn't need a license
>Rebased to latest master (265cf42ffeb3c) using pull --rebase (hence had to
>push a new branch quickcloud2)
>Integration tests
>Added quickcloud marvin configuration.
>Additional notes.
>I moved code that runs in the agent out of the 'server' project into a
>secondary-storage package. In doing so, I renamed the package from
> -> org.apache.cloudstack. This makes the change looks larger
>than it should.
>I also made a couple of unrelated changes that I'm pushing along with this
>A. Generation of the ssh keys - this problem has been noted before -- it
>stalls the developer jetty run waiting for sudo password input. The
> script does not apply sudo unless the userid begins with
>B. API documentation generation - the script would echo pages and pages of
>repeated class path entries. I removed that noise.
>"It is proposed to run a single dnsmasq process in the entire zone that is
>controlled via a REST API"
>I have a proposal almost ready for this, but it does not block quickcloud,
>since you can still use the VR for this purpose.

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