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From Alena Prokharchyk <>
Subject Re: Job-Executor workers
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2013 18:52:00 GMT
Hi Jeronimo,

The StartCommands for the Virtual machine are executed sequentially by the
agent. This behavior is set as "executeInSequence" flag on the command

You might look at the Command abstract class (StartCommand extends it) to
see how it works. But basically if this flag is set to true for the
command, it's been queued on per Agent(Host) basis.


On 4/4/13 11:36 AM, "Jeronimo Garcia" <> wrote:

>Hi List.
>I'm having issues when deploying a big number of virtual machines across a
>number of nodes.
>the imporession that i get ( from the logs) is that the AsyncJobExecutor
>pulling jobs from the queue and do them one by one (which when you are
>deploying a big number of virtual machines could take a long while)
>In i see something that could change this behaviour
>but im not sure:
>*final int cloudMaxActive =
>                       *
>*int poolSize = (cloudMaxActive * 2) / 3;*
>I'm using 'random' as vm.allocation.algorithm , and my rest is to deploy
>200 vms across 7 nodes using local storage, also im using
>cloud-server-4.0.1-1 version.
>I've tried playing with worker settings in agents and manager but i don't
>see any change so far.

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