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From David Nalley <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Authorship of translations
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2013 15:00:53 GMT
On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 9:27 AM, Sebastien Goasguen <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I wanted to raise a potential issue about authorship of translations.
> Currently we manage translations of the UI and docs via a website called
> Our documentation and UI resource files are uploaded to this site. Translators can go
to our project transifex pages:
> The maintainers of these "projects" are all CloudStack committers except Isaac Chiang.
> There are 2 issues:
> 1-translations can be pulled by any committers. In the case of publican, it could be
thousands of files. Transifex keeps authorship of the translations in the header of the file.
A file could have multiple translators (since translations is done string by string and not
file by file).
> When we make the commit the only way to keep proper authorship would be to make a commit
for each file (potentially thousands of commits) and this would not solve the issue of multiple
authorship per file. For 4.1 I put the authors in the comment of the commit like this:
> Note in the comment, and note that his email is in every .po file.
I kept it there to make sure we kept authorship. (Just an example, nothing special with Isaac)
> Do we have a legal issue here ?
> Do you see a better way of doing this ?
> I would like to note that Transifex has been terrific in helping build a community of
translators (~32 translators so far) and that most of them would be put off by a submission
process via review board. Transifex has a very nice UI that tremendously eases the translation.
> 2-Recently a group of Omani students started a project on Transifex:
> I have met these folks and they wanted a separate project to manage their "team" (transifex
has a concept of team). They are from the CS student organization at the Oman University.
> How do I get their translations ? Their transifex project is not maintained by us. I
can certainly pull their translations and commit them with ack of the authors.
> I did ask them to translate on our project page but it's unclear whether they are going
to do it or not.
> [update]: since I drafted this, they have moved their translations to our Apache UI project.
> Thoughts ?
> -Sebastien

We originally discussed this when first moving to the ASF.
I looked at, which allows non-committers to
submit translations, but similarly relies on committers to take those
translated strings and commit them.

At the time we were in the midst of massive amounts of resource shift,
and functionally there was no difference. I asked at the time and
didn't receive any pushback to keeping it at transifex.[1] I agree
with Joe that it needs to be clear that it's a resource maintained by
Apache CloudStack - so that folks realize they are making a
contribution to the project.  The UI Project currently has this
header, which I think is clear.

Apache CloudStack UI. This is the official Apache CloudStack UI
project page on transifex. By submitting translations on this project
you agree to the Apache Software Foundation Copyright and Licensing.

As such - I do not see a material difference in how the projects that
are already using translate.a.o and how we function.

As for 2. Submission to the project is really non-negotiable in my
mind. The best situation is for them to work as a language in
transifex in the official projects. The alternative is for them to
offer it up to us after they are done, but really we want them to be
part of the community if at all possible.


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