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From prasanna <>
Subject Re: cloudmonkey printing enhancements proposal
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2013 13:21:26 GMT
>> >
>> +1 - JSON output would make it very good to consume into other api
>> response processing. Right now cloudmonkey actually isn't aware of the
>> response object model. For certain API responses that return embedded
>> objects (eg: listNetworks [1]) it would be good to return the JSON
>> appropriately formatted as well.
>> [1]
> If cloudmonkey cares about json response now, it makes sense that both cloudmonkey and
marvin share the same code to send api command and parse json response. Isn't it?

Yup - makes perfect sense. They do use the same make_request method.
cloudmonkey/ and
tools/marvin/marvin/ I fix (CLOUDSTACK-1906)
that so we have one codepath for the request call. monkey->marvin or
marvin->monkey? or a cloudstack-request-util may be.

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