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From Kishan Kavala <>
Subject [Discuss] API name alias
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2013 13:03:31 GMT
APICommand annotation in API Cmd object has a name parameter. Currently name parameter takes
only one value. I plan to enhance this to support comma separated values. This will allow
multiple API names for the same API Cmd object.

@APICommand(name = "apiName1", ..

@APICommand(name = "apiName1, apiAlias2, apiAlias3", ..

As part of CLOUDSTACK-763, I'll be introducing NetworkACLList (grouping of NetworkACLItems).
 Current APIs use *NetworkACL (create NetworkACL/deleteNetworkACL etc..) for NetworkACLItem
related APIs. These APIs have to be changed to *NetworkACL Item(create NetworkACLItem/deleteNetworkACLItem
etc..) to get the terminology right. We also need to support old API names for backward compatibility.
Hence the need for API name alias.

NetworkACLItem - Individual ACL Entry (was NetworlACL earlier). 
NetworkACL - Group of Network ACL Items. API will use the term NetworkACLList to differentiate
from the existing NetworkACL APIs.

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