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From Justin Grudzien <>
Subject Re: Network architecture question
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2013 12:39:20 GMT
We have 2 pairs of bonded 10g nics on each box. Wouldn't that require an advanced network?
Is it possible to do the security groups with small L2 networks in advanced networking?


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On Apr 9, 2013, at 12:38 AM, Chiradeep Vittal <> wrote:

> Have you considered using a basic zone?
> With security groups you can have *lots* (thousands of) with very small L2
> networks.
> On 4/8/13 10:28 PM, "Justin Grudzien" <> wrote:
>> My team has been working for three weeks with CloudStack architecture
>> design and we are struggling to put together a network architecture that
>> we feel will scale. From everything I can tell, CloudStack requires a a
>> very large layer 2 network when using shared guest networks. We are
>> looking to deploy almost a thousand physical hosts across 25 cabinets
>> with over 4000 VMs in the next 18 months and having a broadcast domain
>> this large feels problematic.
>> How have others solved this problem? I don't have a need or a desire for
>> isolation and even if I had 100 guest networks I would still have to tag
>> their VLANs into every host port. There doesn't seem to be a way to tie a
>> network to anything smaller than a zone.
>> One solution we are looking into is Cisco's 1000v and utilizing VXLANs.
>> This will allow us scale down the broadcast domains. I don't think
>> CloudStack has support in configuring their VXLAN settings? Any comments
>> or suggestions would be appreciated.
>> Justin

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