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From Sudha Ponnaganti <>
Subject RE: Fixed function list for Apache CloudStack 4.1
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2013 09:39:57 GMT
Hi Kimi,

>From the JIRA link, you  can review features which are closed/resolved. That list gives
you complete scope that made it into 4.1.  There are minor number of  open and in progress
items which did not make it to 4.1 release. Release is getting closed shortly and possibly
the open / in progress items would move to next release as the window to check-in has been
closed already. 

Below are the features / improvements that made it into 4.1 as per JIRA which is accurate:
 Each one of the JIRA items would list all the artifacts related to the user story.

Key	Summary	Status
CLOUDSTACK-729	Provide RPM spec file without depending on waf and system packages	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-1184	Localization - Add Korean label to all locales	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-177	Quickview and table widget redesign	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-176	Tooltip widget	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-436	User and Domain admin can change his password	Resolved
CLOUDSTACK-437	User and Domain admin can create his API key and secret	Resolved
CLOUDSTACK-662	Advanced Search UI	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-1076	Legal documentation improvements to separate source distributions from packaged
distributions.	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-740	Refactor networking core for clarity	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-594	Update the java binding used to the latest one that came with XenServer 6.1
CLOUDSTACK-297	Reset SSH Key to access VM (similar to reset password)	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-241	AWS Style Regions	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-780	Additional VMX Settings	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-726	Implement L3 Router functionality in Nicira Nvp Plugin	Resolved
CLOUDSTACK-1708	CloudMonkey Profiles for Multiple CS Environments	Resolved
CLOUDSTACK-574	Cloudstack Ceph RBD Setup	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-299	Egress firewall rules for guest network	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-537	UI of "Security Group support in Advance zone" feature	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-509	S3-backed Secondary Storage	Reopened
CLOUDSTACK-197	Support for EC2 Query API (rest interface)	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-706	Persistent Networks without running a VM	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-686	Allow for same vlan on different physical nics	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-644	Resize volumes feature	Resolved
CLOUDSTACK-618	API request throttling to avoid malicious attacks on MS per account through
frequent API request.	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-820	Events framework to publish/subscribe to CloudStack events	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-421	Open up the integration api port on the developer profile	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-926	ApiDiscoverService: Implement a plugin mechanism that exposes the list of APIs
through a discovery service on the management server	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-132	Mash up marvin into an interactive auto-completing API shell for CloudStack
CLOUDSTACK-101	OVS support in KVM	Reopened
CLOUDSTACK-151	Configure Maven goals to replace ant deploy/debug on tomcat, deploydb commands
CLOUDSTACK-192	XenServer updates notifications	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-306	Support SRX & F5 inline mode	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-727	Add support for Nicira NVP to KVM hypervisor orchestration	Resolved
CLOUDSTACK-965	When a detailview action is prohibited, the operation dialog box should not
show up in the mean time	Resolved
CLOUDSTACK-313	Fix cross references throughout documentation	Reopened
CLOUDSTACK-399	Document vSphere / ESXi patch installation procedure	Resolved
CLOUDSTACK-933	CglibThrowableRendererTest writing stack traces to terminal	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-744	maven optimization for awsapi - prevent transitive dependency and injection
of broken repo info	Closed
CLOUDSTACK-997	Improve documentation of assignVirtualMachine API	Resolved
CLOUDSTACK-637	AutoScale	Closed


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From: Kimihiko Kitase [] 
Sent: Sunday, April 14, 2013 10:35 PM
Subject: RE: Fixed function list for Apache CloudStack 4.1

Nitin, Sudha,

Thank you very much.

My understanding is the design documents is exactly not same as feature lits of ACS. 
I saw the following link.

According to this link, when function is committed, its moved to release page like the following
But I thought the number of feature in this list is few.. That's why I asked.

According to Sudha Ponnaganti, now I understood I can get from JIRA with filtering "improvement"
and "new feature"

If I am wrong, please correct me...


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> Subject: Re: Fixed function list for Apache CloudStack 4.1
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> On 15/04/13 9:40 AM, "Kimihiko Kitase" <>
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> >Hello,
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> >Where can I find the fixed function list for Apache CloudStack 4.1?
> >
> >Thakns
> >Kimi

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