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From Sangeetha Hariharan <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] Affinity / Anti-affinity Rules
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2013 00:44:52 GMT
Had the following questions after going over the spec -

1.In the API changes section - For all the API calls listed can we include if the parameters
are optional/Required?

2.Can new DB changes introduced by this feature be included  ?

3.CreateAffinityGroup API: 
Using this API can admin/domain admin user be able to create an affinity group for other accounts
to use ? Or can it be created only for its own consumption?

4.ListAffinityGroups API:
Will admin/domain admin user be able to list the affinity groups of the other regular users

5.DeleteAffinityGroup API:
Can this API  be used to delete an Affinity Group / Can it be used to only to remove an existing
VM from an affinity group? 
Why is there a need to pass AccountName and DomainId for this API call ? Is Affinity Group
Id not enough to uniquely identify this entity ?

6. Will Affinity rules apply when we stop and start the Vms? Will it be applied when CloudStack
performs HA ? 

7.When User tries to migrate/live migrate the VM , will the action to migrate a VM to a host
that does not satisfy the affinity rule fail ?

8.DeployVirtualMachine API:  It is mentioned in the FS that  affinitygroupids OR affinitygroupnames
need to be passed. If both are passed will the API fail ?

9.Is there any difference in implementation for this feature between a Basic Zone and Advanced
zone ?  

10. In cases where there is a mismatch between service offering (host tag and storage tag)
and anti-affinity group that the Vm is being deployed with , will the error message provided
to the user be informative enough to know why the deployment failure happened (due to service
offerings vs anti-affinity group) to take corrective actions?

11. When a VM is in "Stopped" state , will it continue to be  part of the affinity group ?
 Or will its association with the affinity group be released immediately, so that new Vms
deployed as part of this anti-affinity group can use the host on which the Vm was running
before it was stopped.  


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From: Chiradeep Vittal [] 
Sent: Friday, March 01, 2013 2:12 PM
Cc: Manan Shah; Alex Huang
Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] Affinity / Anti-affinity Rules

On 3/1/13 7:14 AM, "Chip Childers" <> wrote:

>On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 03:18:51PM -0800, Prachi Damle wrote:
>> So far per the scope of the feature, Affinity groups is an entity 
>>created by an individual account and can be used, listed only by that 
>> Wanted to know if we see any use case where one would need to create 
>>domain-level affinity groups that  all accounts in that domain can 
>>access? I can see that this may not be useful, since users would want 
>>to have VM placement preferences exclusive to their accounts and not 
>>shared with other accounts.
>> Any thoughts?
>I spent time thinking about this, and I'm not sure I see a use-case for 
>it.  Others might though...
Me neither

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