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From Chip Childers <>
Subject Re: qa tests for nicira code in 4.1
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2013 20:01:48 GMT
On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 07:38:13PM +0000, Daan Hoogland wrote:
> LS,
> At Schuberg Philis we did some tests on the 4.1 code for the tests in the following table
> Test Case ID  Test Description         Results
>            Infrastructure
> NVP-001         Create NVP Element pass
> NVP-002         Disable NVP Element            pass
> NVP-003         Enable NVP Element pass
> NVP-004         Delete NVP Element  pass
> NVP-005         Create NVP Device   pass
> NVP-006         Delete NVP Device    pass
>            L2 Functions
> NVP-101         Create Logical Switch            pass
> NVP-102         Create Logical Port    pass
> NVP-103         Check Connection     Pass
> NVP-104         Check Connection     Pass
> NVP-105         Delete Logical Switch            Pass
> NVP-106         Delete Logical Port     Pass
>            L3 Functions
> NVP-201         Create Logical Router            Pass
> NVP-202         Create Source Nat rule          Pass
> NVP-203         Create Static Nat rule            Pass
> NVP-204         Create Port FW rule   Pass
> NVP-205         Check Source Nat rule          Pass
> NVP-206         Check Static Nat rule Pass
> NVP-207         Check Port FW rule   Pass
> NVP-208         Delete Source Nat rule          Pass
> NVP-209         Delete Static Nat rule Fail
> NVP-210         Delete Port FW rule   Pass
> NVP-211         Delete Logical Router            Pass
> The tests where partly done aith scripts but these are not yet complete and the remainder
of functionality was done by hand.
> For the failed test, NVP-209 a ticket was created, 'CLOUDSTACK-2092'. The problem in
this case was that deleting the static rule did not result in the deletion of the ip adres
from the logical router.
> Kind regards,
> Daan Hoogland


Fantastic work!

I've pinged Hugo to look at CLOUDSTACK-2092, and will block the release
until that's resolved.

Can you please put your test cases and results in the wiki (with the
other project testing material)?


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