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From Chip Childers <>
Subject [ACS41] Final push to the first RC!
Date Fri, 12 Apr 2013 20:03:50 GMT

Fantastic job over the last 24 hours.  We're now done with the known
Blocker and Critical *functional* bugs.

Outstanding work:

Complete the release notes - How's that going Joe?  Need / want help?

Upload the IPv6 enabled system VM template to Wido's server (Chiradeep
is putting it somewhere for me to push to Wido's server), and update the
documentation to reference the download location.  I'll handle these

Last, but not least, Ilya asked if CLOUDSTACK-524 could be put into 4.1.
The fix looks reasonable to me, and I pinged Chiradeep to see if he
wouldn't mind providing a 4.1 specific patch or cherry-pick request.

Are there any other outstanding items that others want to see complete
before I cut the RC?

The only other outstanding question is if we want to get 4.0.2 out of
the way *first*, or if we do them concurrently.  IMO we can do them

Unless anyone objects, or raises other items for inclusion, I'll start
the process as soon as we complete the items noted above.


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