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From Murali Reddy <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] EIP across zones
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2013 08:34:28 GMT
On 22/03/13 9:37 AM, "Manan Shah" <> wrote:

>My assumption is that EIP for VPC should work exactly the same as EIP for
>Isolated Networks since EIP is like another Public IP except that it can
>be moved across zones. Also, we do support static NAT in VPC as well as
>Isolated. So, my thinking is that it might just work with minimal effort.

It might not just work. I can think of questions like, can I move the EIP
across the tiers in VPC? Since cloudStack can not have tier's of VPC in
multiple zones, question of moving across zones does not arise? Does EIP
service provider and 'public gateway' need to be same? Does network ACL's
has any impact? Etc.

It would take significant time to think through the scenarios, tweak the
existing VPC functionality to adapt to EIP, write unit test, marvin test.
Also QA effort for EIP in isolated network won't be same for VPC.

>Manan Shah

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