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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject Using newer DIY SystemVMs
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2013 12:03:41 GMT
Hi all,

Just want to share that the do-it-yourself systemvm appliance feature
works for me, for Xen. There is one catch though, VirtualBox exports
VHD appliance which is said to be compliant with HyperV. I thought we
may need to do something for Xen separately, so I followed and found a
way [1]. The "way" is to export a raw disk image and convert it to a
VHD [1] but the problem is the VHD created from that "way" fails when
vhd-util tries to scan for any dependent VHDs (parents etc.), I don't
know what's the reason.

So, I use the VHD appliance from VBox named as
and it worked for me on DevCloud. Maybe the VHD (HyperV) format is
compatible with Xen now. So, I'm late about a day, but we've a new
systemvm template that is tested for Xen and works with basic zone
deployment, some observations on 4.1:

- Saw systemvms started from the template, saw patching happening,
logged in with creds (root/password) to verify that it was indeed the
new one (Linux 3.2 :)
- The agents were running fine, there was a latency issue (agents were
lagging behind)
- (Applied a fix describe on CLOUDSTACK-1370 to make the deployVM
work) VR came up, did it's SDN magic and tinyLinux was deployed
- Console proxy worked for me as well

Chiradeep, is there a way to convert VHD (HyperV) to VHD (Xen), I hear
that they both differ in some magic bits?

Chandan, now that I've tested and confirmed them for Xen, can you
start to help us test the appliances? Just make sure you use the
hyperv-vhd appliance for now and if they fail for you, let me know. To
preseed, just download and bzip2 -d them to you


History (in case you want to know more):
So, as a experiment I tried a lot of tool vhd2xen, XenConvert,
XenServerConversion tool, qemu (vpc) etc. None of them worked for me.
The problem I saw was that on jenkins server where we are actually
building [1][2] the appliance, I had to compile my own vhd-util from a
patch [1]. The script that does this job is in
tools/appliance/ The way was to export a raw appliance:
vboxmanage internalcommands converttoraw "$hdd_path" raw.img

This is then converted to a fixed vhd disk:
vhd-util convert -s 0 -t 1 -i raw.img -o $appliance-$build_date-$branch-xen.vhd

On the jenkins server, when I run scan: vhd-util scan -f -c -a -v
appliance-for-xen.vhd it succeeds and results that it is fixed disk
with no parent and it's capacity and size in bytes.
On DevCloud when I preseed the appliance in
/opt/storage/secondary/template.../1/1/, and when CloudStack tries to
start systemvms for the first time when host is added, it would run
the same vhd-util scan command and fail. Output of the command when I
run it:

root@devcloud:/tmp# vhd-util scan -f -c -m
vhd=systemvmtemplate-2013-02-28-master-xen.vhd scan-error=-22
error-message='opening file'

The vhd-util on the jenkins server is a patched one [3] and it
succeeds on the above command. I've asked few Xen folks to help us



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