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From Marcus Sorensen <>
Subject [ACS41][Patch Request]
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2013 18:46:20 GMT
Commit a588efc0cc83c067dbe78bf538be32253072290a in branch
refs/heads/master from Marcus Sorensen <>
[;h=a588efc ]

Summary: RPM - recover configs during upgrade

Detail: Uninstallation of old RPMs wipes out some of the configs, and makes it
difficult to reapply existing configs. This change moves the config directory
to cloud.rpmsave, and then pulls in necessary files from that location during
post install of agent and management server.

Test passed:
install 4.0 RPMs, set up advanced zone
build 4.1 RPMs via, with this patch
install 4.1 RPMs
restart cloudstack-management, cloudstack-agent
verify management, agent, and zone is operational

Signed-off-by: Marcus Sorensen <> 1364409632 -0600

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