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From Edison Su <>
Subject RE: Storage Subsystem 2.0 plugin docs
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2013 18:36:21 GMT

From: Vladimir Popovski []
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 9:05 AM
To: cloudstack
Cc:; Edison Su
Subject: Storage Subsystem 2.0 plugin docs

Hi All,

Thank you for a great work on CloudStack! We are interested in integrating CS with our storage
system and started to look at your documentation and storage-related code. I see that Mike
from SolidFire started working on something similar some time ago and Edison even created
an empty plugin for it (in Nov'12?).

We have couple of questions related to that:

-          Is there any documentation about plugins (except of

[Edison] There are not much docs about the plugins other than the above link.  See below.

-          Are there any exemplary plugins for primary & secondary datastores? Was the
SolidFire plugin ever finished?

[Edison] yesterday, I checked in some code to separate existing cloudstack storage code into
a standalone maven project, called: cloud-plugin-storage-volume-default, which can give you
an example how a storage plugin will look like.

-          How to activate a new plugin and use it (at least through CLIs/APIs)

[Edison] First, put a bean configuration in client/tomcatconf/ for
your plugin provider class, like:

<bean id="ClassicalPrimaryDataStoreProvider" class="">


Second, when adding a data store into cloudstack, with an extra parameter in createstoragepoolcmd:
provider=your-provider-name, liststorageproviderscmd can list all the registered providers
in mgt server.

-          How to integrate it with the UI
 There is no UI part of example code for storage yet, the idea is to use pluggable UI(,
for each storage provider may need a separate UI to add a storage. For example, in adding
primary storage ui, there will be a drop down list, show all the registered providers, if
user selects one of the drop down list, then UI will pop up a diagram, based on providers'
pluggable ui, then user can type whatever information needed for a storage(e.g. nfs server,
nfs path, if its nfs). At the end, UI will call createstoragepoolcmd to register a storage
into cloudstack.

Vladimir Popovski
VP, Cloud Operations
Zadara Storage
(949) 677-2095<><>

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