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From Alex Huang <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] git rebase vs git merge in your feature branch?
Date Sat, 30 Mar 2013 15:20:34 GMT
Dave and I have talked on IRC at one point about this.  We both thought feature branch merges
should come in as a squashed commit because it's easier to see exactly what the changes that
merge branch brought in were and easier to revert.  Something to consider when talking about


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> From: Edison Su []
> Sent: Friday, March 29, 2013 4:36 PM
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> Subject: [DISCUSS] git rebase vs git merge in your feature branch?
> Hi all,
>      I am trying to review some feature branches, when I see merge requests
> coming from mailing list, one thing that makes code review almost unrealistic
> is that, developers tend to use "git merge" to master branch whenever
> rebase is needed. I don't know other people really do review feature branch
> or not, if so, how to review a feature branch, with several "merge branch
> "master""  on the feature branch. I really don't find a better way to do that.
>     If, all we use "git rebase" to master branch, then the code review will be
> much easier, at least, what kind of commits you did on the feature branch
> can be easily identified. For example, I worked on storage_refactor branch
> for a few months, with a lot of changes, before sending out merge request,
> there are only less than 10 commits on the branch, reviewer can use "git diff
> since..HEAD" to get all the changes.
>    Should we advocate "git rebase" in

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