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From Parth Jagirdar <>
Subject [DISCUSS] API Throttling minimum number of calls per unit of time
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2013 22:37:13 GMT


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Subject: [DISCUSS} API Throttling minimum number of calls per unit of time


API throttling number can be set to anything at this point.

Suggestions here is to have this number set to a value that is "greater than" number of API
that can be fired by any potential action on UI.

Minimum API for throttling that can be set  <  Number of API's Any action can fire in unit
(unit time is 1 second)

That said say action X fires 10 API in 2 seconds than having 10 as min number is safe. Or
even 8 if we have decent idea of intervals  they get fired at..
But for action Y that fires 20 in 2 seconds with 15 in first seconds than 15 as min number
is required to avoid undesirable effects

Real life example,

Login as user (not admin; throttling doesn't apply to Admin) fires about 8 in total. (in less
than a second which is the unit we are using in API throttling)

Now if this number is set to anything less than this will have unpleasant effect on UI.

Including unwanted error (HTML 429) and partial UI screen rendering.

So to hardcode numbers or just document and leave on admins to exercise cautions or ...  ..
Please provide your suggestions /inputs.

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