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From Hari Kannan <>
Subject RE: question on Distributed Virtual Switch support
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2013 19:20:54 GMT
Hi Sateesh,

As we increase the cluster size, I wonder not having the management network on DVS might be
an issue. I would strongly suggest we consider this. I also spoke to some folks who are more
knowledgeable with customer implementations and they also say this would be an issue.

As you know, we have a separate feature being discussed - support for PVLAN - so, PVLAN support
via DVS is a must-have requirement..


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From: Sateesh Chodapuneedi 
Sent: Thursday, March 7, 2013 10:42 PM
Cc: Hari Kannan
Subject: RE: question on Distributed Virtual Switch support 

Hi Hari,
Please see my comments inline.

> From: Hari Kannan
> Sent: 08 March 2013 11:34
> To:; Koushik Das; Sateesh 
> Chodapuneedi
> Subject: question on Distributed Virtual Switch support
> Hi Sateesh
> After going through the FS, I have a few questions:
> Clou
> dStack+with+VMware+DVS
> Comment "Management network over virtual switches other than standard 
> vSwitch. Does CloudStack has to support management/private network 
> over dvSwitch or just support guest and public network traffic?" - 
> what does the community think?
During discuss thread over the FS (in 72 hours time frame), there were no comments over this
point. Hence the implementation has assumed a 'No' and excluded management network traffic
over dvSwitch. I think enterprises prefer to leave management traffic over standard vSwitch
which is added by default during vSphere installation.
Would like to hear if otherwise? We can extend the support.

> Comment "CloudStack doesn't do following: Configuration of PVLAN " - 
> isn't this an issue for support PVLAN?
Current implantation just configures VLAN over a dv port group (virtual network).
Virtual network orchestration over VMware resource is looking only for untagged or tagged
isolated VLAN networks. 
Kindly let me know If there is any requirement for PVLAN enabled networks. 
The current implementation can be definitely extended to support it.

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