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From "Devdeep Singh" <>
Subject Review Request: Storage motion changes for xenserver
Date Fri, 29 Mar 2013 14:52:08 GMT

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Review request for cloudstack, Abhinandan Prateek, edison su, Alex Huang, and anthony xu.


Storage motion for Xenserver. FS for the feature
Changes made.
    1. Implemented Api listStoragePoolsForMigration as per the specification. It lists out
all the pools available to which a volume me be migrated
    2. Updated migrateVolume api for allowing migrating volumes of running vms. These changes
are integrated into the latest storage refactoring changes.
    3. Added the implementation for listHostsForMigration api. It lists the hosts to which
an instance can be migrated, including hosts from other clusters to which an instance may
be migrated with storage motion
    4. Added the implementation for migrateVirtualMachineWithVolume api. It migrates a VM
to another host with its volumes. The host may be in the same cluster or another cluster.
    5. Updated the listHosts api for backward compatibility.
    6. Resolved an issue where storage xenmotion of 2nd VM created from the same template
to a host was failing with duplicate_vm exception. Made changes to remove the mac_seed key
value pair from other_config when vms are created. The mac_seed is auto generated by the api
if it is not passed in the record.
    7. Updated the db schema script.
    8. Added the right permissions in for the apis.
    9. Marvin tests for testing storage motion. Following scenarios are tested.
    9.1. A virtual machine is migrated to another host. Its volumes are also migrated to another
storage pool.
    9.2. Just the volumes of a vm are migrated to another storage pool while the vm continues
to run on the same host.
    10. Unit tests for testing migration of a vm with its volumes.

This addresses bug


  api/src/com/cloud/agent/api/ PRE-CREATION 
  api/src/com/cloud/agent/api/ PRE-CREATION 
  api/src/com/cloud/agent/api/ PRE-CREATION 
  api/src/com/cloud/agent/api/ PRE-CREATION 
  api/src/com/cloud/agent/api/ PRE-CREATION 
  api/src/com/cloud/agent/api/ PRE-CREATION 
  api/src/com/cloud/agent/api/ PRE-CREATION 
  api/src/com/cloud/agent/api/ PRE-CREATION 
  api/src/com/cloud/agent/api/storage/ PRE-CREATION 
  api/src/com/cloud/agent/api/storage/ PRE-CREATION 
  api/src/com/cloud/hypervisor/ aff81b0 
  api/src/com/cloud/server/ 1e6ca8d 
  api/src/com/cloud/vm/ 2c33d41 
  api/src/org/apache/cloudstack/api/ c518830 
  api/src/org/apache/cloudstack/api/command/admin/host/ 29844c3 
  api/src/org/apache/cloudstack/api/command/admin/host/ PRE-CREATION

  api/src/org/apache/cloudstack/api/command/user/volume/ 287241a 
  api/src/org/apache/cloudstack/api/response/ f5aa8f9 
  api/src/org/apache/cloudstack/api/response/ 66dde36 
  client/tomcatconf/ 163c2ce 
  core/src/com/cloud/hypervisor/ b525a2d 
  engine/api/src/org/apache/cloudstack/engine/subsystem/api/storage/ 102c471

  engine/storage/src/org/apache/cloudstack/storage/motion/ 3602bb1

  engine/storage/src/org/apache/cloudstack/storage/motion/ db36f64 
  engine/storage/src/org/apache/cloudstack/storage/motion/ 343140f

  engine/storage/src/org/apache/cloudstack/storage/motion/ ba40c6d

  engine/storage/volume/src/org/apache/cloudstack/storage/volume/ ceadb25

  engine/storage/volume/src/org/apache/cloudstack/storage/volume/ 32e7d27

  plugins/hypervisors/xen/src/com/cloud/hypervisor/xen/resource/ d2f3f69

  server/src/com/cloud/agent/manager/allocator/ 60027e7 
  server/src/com/cloud/agent/manager/allocator/impl/ 0091e43 
  server/src/com/cloud/agent/manager/allocator/impl/ 90bd956 
  server/src/com/cloud/server/ 26bc18d 
  server/src/com/cloud/storage/ ff0235f 
  server/src/com/cloud/vm/ 24bce8b 
  server/src/com/cloud/vm/ 4a30d97 
  server/src/com/cloud/vm/ a6d0b1b 
  server/test/com/cloud/vm/ dd8dd83 
  server/test/com/cloud/vm/ 4917e77 
  server/test/com/cloud/vm/ 322f051 
  setup/db/db/schema-410to420.sql f1e24fa 
  test/integration/component/ PRE-CREATION 
  tools/marvin/marvin/integration/lib/ 3751d98 



1. Unit tests for testing vm migration with volume. They test when a vm is migrated within
a cluster or across cluster. Also added negative tests for the scenrios.
2. Marvin tests to do functional testing. Including tests to varify vm migration with volume
across cluster.
3. Marvin test for volume migration to another storage pool in the cluster while the vm continues
to run on the same host.
4. Also did additional manual testing for the following scenarios:
4.1 VM migration with volumes within and across cluster.
4.2 Tested both the scenarios when 'migrateto' optional parameter is passed to the migrate
vm with volume api. When it isn't passed, cloudstack picks up a storage pool for migration.
When it is passed, the volume is migrated to the pool passed in the parameter.
4.3 Tested that storage tags are honored when a vm is migrated with its volumes.
4.4 Tested volume migration when the vm stays on the same host.
4.5 For volume migration verified that storage tags are honored.

Other tests done to verify patch:
1. Verified that there are no rat failures.
2. Applied the patch to verify it applies cleanly.


Devdeep Singh

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