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From "ASF IRC Services" <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #cloudstack-meeting, Wed Mar 27 17:05:21 2013
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2013 17:59:04 GMT
Members present: Animesh, sudhap, vogxn, Chandan, sangeetha, chipc, ke4qqq, jzb

Meeting summary:

1. Preface

2. Active Feature Release: Overall Status
  a. (chipc, 2)
  b. (chipc, 2)

3. Active Feature Release: Feature Status

4. Active Feature Release: QA

5. Active Feature Release: Doc Status

6. Active Feature Release: Additional Issues?

7. Active Bug-Fix Release

8. Master Branch

9. Infra

10. Others?
  a. sudhap to start discussion about developer priorities on ML (jzb, 10)

- sudhap to start discussion about developer priorities on ML (jzb, 17:55:56)

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #
17:05:43 [jzb]: Reminder that the agenda is here:

# 2. Active Feature Release: Overall Status #
17:06:07 [jzb]: anyone want to report on the overall status of 4.1.0?
17:06:13 [chipc]: sure
17:06:36 [chipc]: so, by my count, and in my last email, we have 1 blocker and 6 critical
bugs that need to be resolved before I'll cut the RC
17:06:43 [chipc]: #info
17:06:58 [chipc]: the blocker looks like it will probably be an easy fix for Min, but we'll
have to wait to hear back
17:07:21 [chipc]: the critical ones, a chunk are assigned to Kelven...  who has noted that
they are fixed pending merge
17:07:36 [chipc]: I'm just not sure if they were fixed in the big merge I did this morning
for him
17:07:58 [chipc]: Mural's bug (1673) has a fix pending, but also requires one of Kelven's
bugs to be fixed
17:08:13 [chipc]: and there's one for Kishan (1819) that needs to also be addressed
17:08:28 [chipc]: sudhap also mentioned that we were blocked on upgrade testing
17:08:36 [chipc]: so that's a pre-req as well
17:08:43 [chipc]: and that's that...  questions?
17:08:51 [vogxn]: Kishan's away at a conference and will be back hopefully tomorrow. So if
it can be taken care of by someone PST great. if not i'll talk to kishan
17:08:58 [ke4qqq]: whats the upgrade problem? 
17:09:13 [chipc]: ke4qqq: testing was blocked, something related to the Spring AOP stuff
17:09:23 [chipc]: ACTION goes to find sudhap's email
17:09:43 [Animesh]: I will ask Prachi to look at Kishan's defect 1819
17:09:51 [vogxn]: Animesh: thx
17:09:51 [chipc]: #info
17:09:58 [chipc]: ke4qqq: ^^
17:10:07 [chipc]: Animesh: thx
17:10:37 [jzb]: anything else on the 4.1.0 overall status?
17:11:13 [chipc]: not from me
17:11:21 [jzb]: OK, let's move to the next topic
17:11:21 [chipc]: I'd like to get to the place where I can cut the RC obviously
17:11:22 [chipc]: ;-)

# 3. Active Feature Release: Feature Status #
17:11:53 [jzb]: do we have anything to report on feature status?
17:12:07 [ke4qqq]: isn't 4.1 the active feature release? 
17:12:23 [chipc]: jzb: that agenda item doesn't apply after feature freeze ;-)
17:12:36 [jzb]: fair enough
17:12:43 [jzb]: chipc: though, perhaps bare metal might apply here
17:12:43 [chipc]: however, I guess, just to be compelte...  we did pull baremetal
17:12:51 [jzb]: if there were anything needed to discuss
17:12:51 [chipc]: that!
17:12:51 [jzb]: :-)
17:13:07 [chipc]: it's disabled now, and I *hope* the last bugs introduced by disabling it
are now resolved
17:13:28 [jzb]: OK, next up...

# 4. Active Feature Release: QA #
17:14:21 [jzb]: anyone have anything to report on QA? 
17:14:59 [ke4qqq]: vogxn: can you provide an update?
17:15:00 [sangeetha]: Upgrade still has issues .. 
17:15:21 [chipc]: sangeetha: ack - and do we have blocker / critical bugs to track?
17:15:22 [sangeetha]: - Tracked in this
17:16:21 [chipc]: sangeetha: thanks...  looks like it was reopened today
17:16:21 [sangeetha]: We have few other critical issues relating to Events and AWS currently

17:16:51 [chipc]: sangeetha: was it in the list of bugs I listed here:
17:17:06 [sangeetha]: Yes ..we still need an upgrade path where we update binaries , start
the management server and things work
17:17:06 [chipc]: if so, I think I discussed above
17:17:13 [chipc]: indeed
17:17:24 [Chandan]: I will be testing EC2 Rest API feature after verification of
17:17:37 [chipc]: hopefully Pradeep can help get through the upgrade process
17:17:58 [sangeetha]: He just assigned this issue to Marcus 
17:18:29 [chipc]: ok, hopefully marcus then ;-)
17:18:44 [ke4qqq]: ACTION wishes marcus was on irc 
17:18:54 [jzb]: looks like Marcus replied not too long ago + was on it.
17:19:13 [chipc]: ok, so we can't get much more done in this mtg around it
17:19:36 [jzb]: ok, next topic all?
17:19:37 [ke4qqq]: wfm

# 5. Active Feature Release: Doc Status #
17:20:36 [jzb]: we're down to 12 bugs for docs
17:20:51 [jzb]: new searching capabilities is still unassigned
17:20:58 [jzb]: CLOUDSTACK-827
17:21:29 [jzb]: We also have a bug creating Japanese docs
17:21:36 [jzb]: CLOUDSTACK-1796
17:21:58 [jzb]: I'm working on finishing up the install guide + release notes
17:22:06 [jzb]: chipc: what would be your best guess for RC right now?
17:22:08 [jzb]: datewise?
17:22:21 [chipc]: jzb: "any day now"
17:22:36 [jzb]: OK
17:22:51 [chipc]: we're litterally bumping along with a handful of issues...  but behind them,
more may be found
17:22:53 [chipc]: upgrade is the largest concern ATM
17:23:13 [jzb]: OK, I'll try to get those pushed out by Friday
17:23:21 [chipc]: jzb: so as far as docs go, want me to give a 12 hour warning or something
before cutting the RC?
17:23:28 [chipc]: ok
17:23:30 [jzb]: Oh, also
17:23:43 [jzb]: I put up a page on the wiki for people to collaborate on Release Notes
17:23:51 [jzb]: I don't think there's been much activity there.
17:24:06 [jzb]: next release I'd like to start generating release notes early in the cycle.

17:24:14 [jzb]: collaboratively rather than having one person (me) do all the tracking down
17:24:21 [chipc]: jzb: then now might be the right way to start
17:24:28 [jzb]: yeah
17:24:36 [chipc]: s/way/time
17:24:58 [jzb]: that's it from me. Next topic....

# 6. Active Feature Release: Additional Issues? #
17:25:21 [chipc]: none from me
17:25:58 [jzb]: alrighty

# 7. Active Bug-Fix Release #
17:26:28 [jzb]: I'm just going to lump in everything there.
17:26:36 [jzb]: So - we have one blocker bug thta seems to be resolved
17:26:52 [jzb]: the reporter has asked for RPMs to test, so I'm going to generate those to
day and see if we can get that squared away as fixed.
17:27:21 [jzb]: we still have several major bugs reported against 4.0.2, but once the blocker
is fixed I'm going to do an RC for that release and then call for a vote pretty quickly
17:27:36 [jzb]: That's all I've got.
17:27:43 [ke4qqq]: awesome....jzb I have some l10n that I or sebgoa need to sync in for 4.0.2
- can you give us a few hours notice
17:27:44 [jzb]: Anybody else on 4.0.2?
17:27:59 [jzb]: ke4qqq: absolutely
17:28:21 [ke4qqq]: awesome - we'll have the QIG in 5 or 6 languages
17:28:28 [jzb]: groovy
17:28:36 [jzb]: Next topic...

# 8. Master Branch #
17:29:01 [jzb]: do we have any master branch issues to discuss this week?
17:30:13 [jzb]: looks like master is going swimmingly, then. 
17:30:21 [jzb]: will move on to next topic...
17:30:21 [ke4qqq]: chandan: sangeetha: general feeling on stability of master?
17:32:06 [jzb]: OK

# 9. Infra #
17:32:14 [jzb]: any infra topics to discuss this week?
17:32:22 [jzb]: how are we doing with graduation-related changes?
17:32:36 [jzb]: anything to be aware of ? I think everything seemed to go smoothly.)
17:32:51 [ke4qqq]: still a few pesky details to clean up
17:32:53 [ke4qqq]: but nothing major
17:33:38 [jzb]: so, I would note that we're doing a lot of work on the Web site
17:33:46 [Chandan]: ke4qqq: Still good number of bugs on the "VMSnapshot" Feature that I am
currently testing on master..
17:33:46 [jzb]: or anyway, discussing doing a lot of work on the Web site
17:34:46 [jzb]: Chandan: thanks - anything else? 
17:35:10 [Chandan]: nothing from my end...
17:35:26 [jzb]: OK
17:35:41 [jzb]: anyway, I created a list of things that (I think) are needed on the site:
17:35:43 [jzb]:
17:35:58 [jzb]: Any feedback or help welcome. I did send to marketing@ but no feedback via
that venue.
17:36:35 [jzb]: I'd also note we're discussing the look + feel and anybody that would like
to be heard on that discussion would be more than welcome to join marketing@ and contribute.
17:37:03 [jzb]: that's all from me. 
17:37:18 [jzb]: and that's almost all the topics

# 10. Others? #
17:37:29 [jzb]: anything else that we need to discuss this week, folks?
17:37:49 [jzb]: are we still finding the IRC meetings useful? Participation is a little light
17:38:26 [Animesh]: yes they are certainly useful
17:38:34 [chipc]: I would like more participation, but it's useful
17:38:43 [Chandan]: Oops.. forgot to brinig one more piece of information to your notice
17:38:48 [sangeetha]: I had 1 issue with respect to system Vms to be used in Master build
17:38:56 [sangeetha]: Is it a good time ?
17:39:18 [jzb]: sangeetha: it's now or next week. ;-) 
17:39:28 [jzb]: but Chandan first, please.
17:39:41 [Chandan]: its regarding the new system vm template for vmware
17:40:18 [Chandan]: I used this template on my setup and I faced issues with the System VM
17:40:34 [Chandan]: Rebuilding new system vms is a feature in master
17:40:51 [Chandan]: i tested the System VM templates for KVM and XenServer successfully
17:41:11 [Chandan]: I uploaded the execution results on cwiki..
17:41:33 [Chandan]: But for vmware... i couldnt test and verify the System VM template
17:42:03 [jzb]: Chandan: this is for master, or does this apply to 4.0.x or 4.1.x?
17:42:19 [Chandan]: jzb: It is for master
17:42:28 [jzb]: Chandan: OK, cool. Have you taken that to the mailing list?
17:42:33 [Chandan]: not for 4.0.x or 4.1
17:42:48 [Chandan]: I filed a blocker on ASF Jira
17:43:03 [Chandan]: and did bring it up on mailing list about new system vm templates
17:43:33 [jzb]: Chandan: OK. Sounds like we're well covered, then. Anything else?
17:43:48 [Chandan]: nothing from my end... Sangeetha...go ahead
17:43:49 [ke4qqq]: Chandan: awesome - hopefully being able to generate your own sysvms will
make that iteration faster
17:43:56 [jzb]: thx!
17:44:18 [sangeetha]: One issue we see with the system templates are the default route missing
for all System Vms 
17:45:11 [sangeetha]: and also IPV6 address are not being handed out for user Vms ..
17:45:26 [sangeetha]: Both these are tracked in jira issues ..
17:46:05 [ke4qqq]: IPv6 is supposedly an issue with number of DHCP retries? 
17:46:18 [sangeetha]: oh not that one ..
17:46:56 [sangeetha]: This issue is specific to master branch where Vms cannot be deployed
in ipv6 networks ..
17:47:11 [sangeetha]: specific to only master branch with the new system templates
17:47:48 [ke4qqq]: interesting
17:48:27 [sangeetha]: Sheng is working to provide a fix for this 
17:48:41 [sudhap]: ke4qqq: problem is turn around is not faster to close on these tasks and
move to others
17:48:51 [sudhap]: for upgrade as well
17:49:04 [ke4qqq]: what do you see as inhibiting faster turn around?
17:50:18 [sudhap]: prorities probably
17:50:41 [jzb]: sudhap: any suggestions on how to fix that? ;-)
17:51:28 [sudhap]: blockers has to be first priority
17:51:48 [sudhap]: but we see there are several features are being worked on and for developer
it is important to check in code
17:52:07 [sudhap]: but fixing is not a priority and also it is a context switch
17:52:26 [ke4qqq]: that's a culture issue - our primary job as a project is to release good
open source code 
17:52:26 [sudhap]: so they do not attend to blocker and need several reminders
17:52:41 [ke4qqq]: release being the key there. 
17:52:56 [jzb]: ke4qqq: +1
17:53:35 [ke4qqq]: perhaps that's worthy of a missive to the list. 
17:54:21 [ke4qqq]: Animesh: this is the issue we were talking about offline IMO ^^ 
17:54:27 [sudhap]: reiteraton may help as we need to close 41 and team can work on new features
once this is closed
17:54:41 [jzb]: indeed. sudhap - something you might want to take forward to the ML?
17:55:04 [sudhap]: jzb: sure
17:55:18 [Animesh]: I have been focused on 4.1 at higher priority and then comes main
17:55:26 [ke4qqq]: ACTION looks forward to sudhas rant. 
17:55:51 [ke4qqq]: Animesh: not talking about you individually. (just folks attitude in general)

17:55:56 [jzb]: #action sudhap to start discussion about developer priorities on ML
17:56:27 [jzb]: any other topics?
17:57:48 [jzb]: OK, all
17:58:03 [jzb]: that's it for this week, thanks to everyone who joined + for all your hard

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