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From Chip Childers <>
Subject [ACS41] Release Status - Bugs to kill!
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2013 14:34:32 GMT
Hi all,

As Prasanna said, we're getting close to cutting the RC for 4.1!

Here's the list of bugs that I'd like to see us address before cutting
the RC.  This includes Blocker *and* Critical bugs.  I've CC'ed the current 
assignees just to be sure to catch your attention (which is perhaps redundant, 
but I'm doing it anyway, given that we are past our hoped-for RC date).

Are there any others?

Min Chen - 
  CLOUDSTACK-1810 listTemplate API with templatefilter=featured|community is not returning
any list

Kelven Yang - 
  CLOUDSTACK-1664 Action Events are not logged due to spring changes
  CLOUDSTACK-1776 NPE on listSecondaryStorageHostsInAllZones in Upgraded setup from 4.0 to
  CLOUDSTACK-1811 Upgrade 4.0->4.1 - When upgrade scripts fail , component loading continues
and management server starts.

  Kelvin, the three above have comments about the patch being pending.  
  They weren't called out in the reviewboard submission that I applied 
  this morning, but perhaps the fixes were already in there?

  CLOUDSTACK-1805 com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.CommunicationsException seen after long
time of inactivity resulting in not being able to log in to thr management server.

  Kelvin, the one above was just created on Monday.  If my assumption
  about the three bugs above is true (they are resolved now), then would 
  you mind looking at 1805 today?

Kishan Kavala - 
  CLOUDSTACK-1819 AWS Regions - Issues seen when trying to move a zone from 1 region to another.

  Kishan, this bug was opened only yesterday.  Not sure if you've had a 
  chance to triage it or not, but would you mind reviewing today?

Murali Reddy -
  CLOUDSTACK-1673 AWS Regions - Events - User disable event does not include the UUID of the
user that was disabled.

  Murali, you mentioned that you were working on a fix for this.  You 
  happened to note that you would have it by the 20th.  Having any luck?


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