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From Chip Childers <>
Subject [ACS41][QA] Please update status on blockers and critical bugs for 4.1.0!
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2013 17:41:11 GMT
Hi all,

We're getting close to our scheduled RC (Friday!).

Below is the list of current unresolved critical and blocker bugs for 4.1.
Can those in the assignee field please take a moment to make sure that 
you have an updated status on the bug-fix efforts please?

Also, if I've missed committing / cherry-picking any fixes into the 4.1 
branch, apologies.  Please remind me to do so via a "[Patch Request]" email
on the dev list!  This goes for low risk fixes for major or minor bugs as well.

Key             Priority   Assignee             Reporter                Summary
CLOUDSTACK-1610 Blocker    frank zhang          angeline shen           Baremetal API addBaremetalPxeKickStartServer
fail to prepare PXE server causing create instance with Kickstart style image to fail
CLOUDSTACK-1676 Blocker    Pranav Saxena        Marcus Sorensen         basic zone security
groups enabled with 'DefaultSharedNetworkOffering'
CLOUDSTACK-1694 Blocker    Sanjay Tripathi      Sailaja Mada            Issues to start/access
Management Server after upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1
CLOUDSTACK-1469 Blocker    Wido den Hollander   Prasanna Santhanam      kvm agent: agent service
fails to start up
CLOUDSTACK-1557 Blocker    Hugo Trippaers       Chandan Purushothama    EC2 REST API : cloudbridge
database is missing on the CloudStack Installation
CLOUDSTACK-1706 Blocker    Venkata Siva         Vijayendra Bhamidipati  Rayees Namathponnan
Failed to deploy VM with error "cannot find DeployPlannerSelector"
CLOUDSTACK-1368 Blocker    Murali Reddy         Sangeetha Hariharan     Shared network - Not
able to delete network because of java.lang.NullPointerException.
CLOUDSTACK-1673 Critical   Murali Reddy         Sangeetha Hariharan     AWS Regions - Events
- User disable event does not include the UUID of the user that was disabled.
CLOUDSTACK-1668 Critical   Wei Zhou             Wei Zhou                IP conflict in VPC
CLOUDSTACK-1664 Critical   Kelven Yang          Sangeetha Hariharan     Action Events are
not logged due to spring changes
CLOUDSTACK-1619 Critical   frank zhang          angeline shen           Baremetal - Restore/reset
VM fail with java.lang.NullPointerException
CLOUDSTACK-1618 Critical   frank zhang          angeline shen           Baremetal - Stop VM
CLOUDSTACK-1614 Critical   frank zhang          angeline shen           Baremetal - Reboot
VM fail
CLOUDSTACK-1537 Critical   Vijay Venkatachalam  Sowmya Krishnan         Restart network with
clean up set to true causes Autoscaled LB rule to get mangled and unusable
CLOUDSTACK-1531 Critical   Sateesh Chodapuneedi Hongtu Zang             vmware create volume
from snapshot will missing data
CLOUDSTACK-1440 Critical   frank zhang          angeline shen           Baremetal - Destroy
VM fail due to
CLOUDSTACK-1252 Critical   Hugo Trippaers       Rayees Namathponnan     Failed to download
default template in VMware
CLOUDSTACK-590  Critical   Abhinandan Prateek   John Burwell            Incorrect Network
Gateways Assigned to System VMs


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