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From "ASF IRC Services" <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #cloudstack-meeting, Wed Mar 13 17:05:19 2013
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2013 17:32:41 GMT
Members present: Animesh, kdamage, topcloud, jzb

Meeting summary:

1. Preface

2. Active Feature Release: Overall Status

3. Active Feature Release: Feature Status

4. Active Feature Release: QA status

5. Active Feature Release: Docs Status

6. Active Feature Release: Additional Issues?

7. Active Bugfix Release: Overview

8. Master Branch

9. Infrastructure

10. others?

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #
17:05:42 [jzb]: Let's start with the active agenda

# 2. Active Feature Release: Overall Status #
17:06:12 [jzb]: Chip sent regrets this week, anyone have an overall 4.1.0 status to report?
17:06:48 [jzb]: looking over the bug list, there's still quite a bit of work to be done on
17:07:26 [Animesh]: we have now 26 blocker/critical  open, yesterday evening it was 32
17:07:48 [jzb]: that's good progress
17:08:11 [Animesh]: The plan is to aggressively close down blocker/crtical to a low number
by end of this week
17:08:26 [jzb]: still quite high, though - given that we're nine days from RC on the schedule
17:09:19 [jzb]: Animesh: anything else to report for overall 4.1 status?
17:09:33 [Animesh]: agreed, Sudha and I meet daily to go over the blockers and critical for
4.1. At this point we are prioritizing 4.1 over 4.2
17:09:56 [Animesh]: that's all from my side
17:10:05 [jzb]: Animesh: OK, thanks
17:10:18 [jzb]: anyone else on overall status on 4.1.0?
17:10:41 [jzb]: Animesh: do you know if Sudha is going to be joining today?
17:11:03 [Animesh]: I dont see her around but she is expected to join
17:11:26 [jzb]: does anyone have anything to report on 4.1.0 feature status?

# 3. Active Feature Release: Feature Status #
17:12:18 [jzb]: moving along

# 4. Active Feature Release: QA status #
17:12:48 [jzb]: any reports on the QA status for 4.1.0? 
17:13:33 [jzb]: moving along

# 5. Active Feature Release: Docs Status #
17:14:24 [jzb]: we have 25 unresolved issues in Jira for docs
17:14:53 [topcloud]: jzb: sudha tried to joined around 9 but I told her it's at 10.
17:14:53 [jzb]: six of those issues are unassigned at the moment
17:15:08 [jzb]: topcloud: OK
17:15:32 [jzb]: several of the unassigned issues are just converting some docs from XML that
were missed in the original conversions
17:15:44 [jzb]: sorry, into XML/Publican
17:15:44 [jzb]: not from
17:16:13 [jzb]: we could use a few folks to step up and take those - it's not terribly difficult,
and if you are not a committer I'm happy to work with you and help in the process & getting
the final result committed.
17:16:36 [jzb]: I have several items on my plate as well - hope to finish those this week/weekend.
17:16:51 [jzb]: with the exception of release notes, which will be one of the last things
17:16:58 [jzb]: that's all I've got on docs
17:16:58 [jzb]: anybody else?
17:17:49 [jzb]: alrighty

# 6. Active Feature Release: Additional Issues? #
17:18:11 [jzb]: any additional issues for 4.1.0 to report?
17:19:43 [jzb]: ok

# 7. Active Bugfix Release: Overview #
17:20:11 [jzb]: I'm going to roll up all of the active bug fix release discussion into one

17:20:35 [jzb]: basically - not a lot of progress to report. We now have three blockers that
need to be resolved before I'd be willing to call for a vote on the release. 
17:21:26 [jzb]: CLOUDSTACK-528
17:21:33 [jzb]: CLOUDSTACK-1151
17:21:41 [jzb]: CLOUDSTACK-1648
17:22:03 [jzb]: actually, we do have a fix in for CLOUDSTACK-1151 but we need someone to test.

17:22:43 [jzb]: any other issues for 4.0.2 ?
17:23:20 [Animesh]: Thats all I see

# 8. Master Branch #
17:24:21 [jzb]: anything to discuss or report about the master branch this week?

# 9. Infrastructure #
17:26:05 [jzb]: anything to discuss or report around infrastructure this week?

# 10. others? #
17:27:50 [jzb]: Any other topics this week?
17:28:42 [kdamage]: is the 10am meeting a one-off for this week?
17:29:12 [jzb]: kdamage: nope. 
17:29:18 [jzb]: kdamage: the meeting is at 17:00 UTC
17:29:26 [jzb]: 17:00 is no affected by DST
17:29:34 [jzb]: I mentioned this in the weekly reminder about the meeting
17:29:43 [jzb]: s/is no/is not/
17:29:51 [kdamage]: Ahh, yeah DST threw me off
17:30:41 [jzb]: I'm guessing you're not alone.
17:30:49 [jzb]: well, that seems to be it for discussion this week
17:31:11 [jzb]: see you all next week

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