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From Clayton Weise <>
Subject RE: CS Administration Question
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2013 19:19:43 GMT
In our experience with both XenServer and KVM by increasing the size of the underlying system
CS automatically noticed and updated itself.  I know this is a bit different with regard to
what you're doing since you're talking about individual volumes and I'm referring to primary
storage repositories.  But in the past we have increased a primary storage repo by several
TB and shortly after the hypervisor noticed the change CS updated itself to reflect the new
size of the primary storage repo.  This was true with sharedMountPoint on KVM as well as LVMoISCSI
on XenServer.  I would imagine it would react in a similar fashion to VMFS and VMware.


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From: Mike Tutkowski [] 
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 10:37 AM
Subject: CS Administration Question


Can someone give me an idea what a CS Admin might do when a volume begins
to reach its capacity?  For example, let's say we start with a 100 GB iSCSI
volume.  We create a storage repo for it in XenServer or a datastore for it
in VMware.  When we're getting close to the 100 GB capacity, does he go
into the SAN and extend the volume, then make the hypervisor aware of the
extended size?  Is there anything he can do in CS?  Perhaps he creates a
new iSCSI volume, then new Primary Storage in CS (tagging it the same as
the other PS based on our 100 GB iSCSI volume)?


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