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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] cloudstack-dev mailing list has stripped "Reply-to" header
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2013 22:47:01 GMT

I hate jumping in after the fact, but I wanted to check if that was the result everyone was
expecting? What I understood from the previous thread was that the community would build up
a convention of CCing people to get their attention, not that the default reply-to would be

I'm confused by the claim that the list stripped To/CC, as I can see examples where they were
retained when used [1] [2]. When I reply-to-all on those messages, they are also retained
as CCs. Is that not what you were seeing?

The thing that wasn't retained was a CC of the sender if you reply-to-all, but a better alternative
to that would be for people wishing to have that behaviour to CC themselves on mails they
send to the list. I know at least one person said they didn't want to be CC'd on list mails,
and they could then choose whether or not that happens.

The reason reply-to the list is the default is so that the default mode of operation is communicating
with the entire community publicly. It is probably most helpful to newer members of the list
that aren't yet familiar with the conventions. This change will particularly trip up those
that are new to the list, but familiar with other ASF lists where reply-to is predominantly
set. If you intend to continue with the change, you may want to consider adding a message
trailer that reminds readers of the difference, and points them to the mailing list guidelines.



On 06/02/2013, at 8:44 AM, Sheng Yang <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Based on the discussion in
> ,
> I've requested Infra team to disable the list from adding a reply-to
> header pointing to the list, which means, from now on, every thread
> you participated, would keep you in the thread, by sending mail to you
> directly(when others are "replying all").
> So there is one new rule need to be emphasized: Do remember to reply all.
> I've updated the mailing list guide line to include:
> <quote>
> Always use "Reply to All", to keep everyone and mailing list in the
> thread. Don't be afraid to make a correction if you used "Reply" to
> single people involved by mistake.
> </quote>
> I hope this movement would make the communication more effective.
> PS: you may want to update your mailing list filter, and set your mail
> client's to "Reply All" by default.
> --Sheng

Brett Porter

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