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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: [discuss] NetworkManager in migration
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 08:10:39 GMT

On 2/25/13 6:55 PM, "KAWAI Hiroaki" <> wrote:

>Hi, I'm writing a network plugin that tracks the location
>of the virtual machine (and then reacts).
>There're interface methods in NetworkGuru and NetworkElement
>that can be used for this purpose.
>The location of the virtual machine is provided by
>DeployDestination, which will be passed in NetworkGuru#reserve
>and NetworkElement#prepare.
>The two methods are called at the time VM starts up. The
>problem is that, in migration those methods are not called.
>There is NetworkManager#prepareNicForMigration, and it is
>called before the VM migration. But NetworkManagerImpl
>does not call NetworkGuru#reserve and NetworkElement#prepare.
>This makes tracking the vm location impossible.

Perhaps a little more information would help us understand this better?
This doesn't seem to be a problem with current out-of-the-box vanilla VLAN
based networks. 
Anybody else (Hugo? Dave Cahill?) want to chime in?

>We need to add calls in NetworkManagerImpl.

I can see the value of this, but a bit more explanation is required.

>And then, after the migration, NetworkGuru#release and
>NetworkElement#release should be called, otherwise the
>network resources that plugin reserved will be kept
>even when the vm leaves off.

This should be on the previous nic profile?

>So one more proposal is that we add one interface method
>NetworkManager#releaseNicForMigrated to call those methods.
>To let the plugin Guru or Elements know it is migration or normal
>server startup/shutdown, ReservationContext will be useful.
>Do this proposal make sense?

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