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From Abhinandan Prateek <>
Subject Re: [ACS4.2] LDAP UI
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2013 03:28:49 GMT
  I was wondering we have API to get configuration, can't we reuse the
same to get ldap config ?


On 15/02/13 7:36 PM, "Pranav Saxena" <> wrote:

>Abhi ,
>Just wanted to check with you if we have a list LDAP configuration API
>call in CS ? Because I would need this to list the current LDAP
>configuration on the UI  , if it exists .
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>From: Abhinandan Prateek []
>Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2013 12:27 PM
>Subject: Re: [ACS4.2] LDAP UI
>On 14/02/13 11:30 AM, "David Nalley" <> wrote:
>>On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 12:51 AM, Pranav Saxena
>><> wrote:
>>> To configure LDAP  , we need to pass in few multiple mandatory
>>>parameters -
>>> hostname        Hostname or ip address of the ldap server eg:
>>> queryfilter     You specify a query filter here, which narrows down the
>>>users, who can be part of this domain.
>>> searchbase      The search base defines the starting point for the
>>>search in the directory tree
>>> If you are referring to Global settings , that can be done but then
>>>we'll have to have three Ldap config parameters there . if that is a
>>>good design to handle this , then yes we can do that. Perhaps , the
>>>idea is to have a single dialog box where a user could supply three
>>>values and configure and debug them if something goes wrong.
>>Those are the mandatory API inputs for CloudStack.
>>But almost all environments will require username/password for binding
>>at a minimum, and you should probably, and prolly offer the SSL option
>>as well. Port should probably be an option too.
>>Without at least bind creds, the API configuration is practically
>>useless on any modern LDAP server.
>The admin guide documents the LDAP API. SSL is supported.
>Look for LDAP configuration. In short you have following config params:

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