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From Nitin Mehta <>
Subject Re: [BLOCKER] SystemVMs come up but don't have agent running
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2013 11:32:17 GMT
I am facing this issue as well.

On 14/02/13 4:53 PM, "Rohit Yadav" <> wrote:

>I mentioned in a recent thread about build failure about this blocker,
>and wanted to confirm.
>Looks like this is an issue and not just for me:
>A fresh deployment of basic zone would start systemvms and they are
>shown as running but they don't have any agent running on them, nor I
>found any iso attached. The bug was introduced around the time when
>the build was broken, when console-proxy was refactored and moved to
>commit 4869f0cacfc1319ac725e35ac4ebd1b59da8e5e1
>Author: Alex Huang <>
>Date:   Tue Feb 12 15:59:02 2013 -0800
>    Moved console-proxy into services
>commit 2293caa32e4387d7c71c1d4f677e3015856eff0a
>Author: Alex Huang <>
>Date:   Tue Feb 12 15:58:38 2013 -0800
>    moved console proxy into services directory.  no code change
>NOTE: This is not an issue on 4.1, just on master branch

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