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From David Nalley <>
Subject Re: [ACS41] Update on status and next steps
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2013 17:41:30 GMT
> ***********************
> Builds and Packaging:
> ***********************
> Builds: Once javelin gets into master, and we have a 4.2 branch, I
> think we are going to need builds running.  Would it make sense to
> still use builds.cs.o for this release?  IMO, it does.
> Packaging: Related to builds, I know that Wido, Noa and Hugo are
> working on packaging today.  Guys, any update or ideas about how
> others in the community can help get this done?
> Can I get someone to volunteer to be ready to get builds going for the
> DEB and RPM packages, once Wido / Noa / Hugo are set?

Just a quick note on this - it's evening here in CET and not sure if
Hugo will see this before dinner, so I'll leave this note for others.
Wido, Noa, Hugo, and I (and several others) sat down and worked on a
number of issues around packaging this afternoon.

The good news:
There are RPM packages being produced here (thanks to Hugo for doing
all of this work):

The downsides:
It doesn't currently include AWSAPI. Upgrades also will be horribly
broken. And things will still change given our progress today. I think
we estimated that there are still a couple of days worth of work, and
we have a few issues to bring to the list (Hugo has a report due to
the list regarding the meeting/questions/etc.)


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