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From Chip Childers <>
Subject [ACS41] Update on status and next steps
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2013 17:02:44 GMT
Hi all,

Looks like yesterday was "merge-a-rific".  ;-)

I have a bunch of logistical items for everyone to be aware of (and
for many to comment on).  Instead of a bunch of individual emails,
I've got them all in one shot.  This is a short month, but we have a
ton of parallel work to get through to make it a successful release.

Table of contents:
  Branch status
  Jira and Wiki record keeping
  Builds and Packaging
  Remaining schedule for the release

Branch status:

I know that Kelvin is going to merge Javelin into master first thing
this morning PST.  I'll hold off on cutting a 4.1 branch until I hear
from him.

Once we cut the release branch, master is actually open for features
again.  Let's keep up the idea of merge requests for committers, and
reviewboard submissions for the rest of the community, so that we can
all be aware of each other's actions in master.

As we shift the 4.1.0 focus to testing, doc finalization, translation,
etc...  I'd like to remind everyone that we want to ensure that
bug-fixes for 4.1 make it back to master as well.

Jira and Wiki record keeping:

As for all of the other features that were merged in, I hope that
everyone updated the jira tickets and closed our review requests
indicating that the code is now in master.

For those features that aren't currently in master, I'm going to start
moving new features and improvements from 4.1 to 4.2 in Jira and the
wiki.  If you are the assignee, and I make a mistake (because there's
no indication that the code made it in within the ticket), please
correct me!

Builds and Packaging:

Builds: Once javelin gets into master, and we have a 4.2 branch, I
think we are going to need builds running.  Would it make sense to
still use builds.cs.o for this release?  IMO, it does.

Packaging: Related to builds, I know that Wido, Noa and Hugo are
working on packaging today.  Guys, any update or ideas about how
others in the community can help get this done?

Can I get someone to volunteer to be ready to get builds going for the
DEB and RPM packages, once Wido / Noa / Hugo are set?

I'm not sure if the folks that volunteered to QA this release are all
comfortable doing functional testing for the features based off of
building from the branch directly, but until packaging is resolved
this may be the only option.

Sudha - I'll assume that you'll start some sort of regular updates
(perhaps more than weekly) to the list with test execution status (as
well as asking for help where we don't have volunteers).

Most of the features should have come in with documentation, but I
know that there are outstanding docs to write.  If doc writers can
take a quick assessment of the work, and confirm if you are
comfortable getting everything done that you have assigned to
yourself, it would go a long way to me feeling OK about the scope of
that work.  If help is needed, ASK!

Please keep in mind that we want to freeze docs by Feb 28.

Sebastien has been making noise about this recently.  I'd ask those of
you working on doc translations to see if we can try to keep the
latest docs updated in Transifex.  Volunteers working on translations:
can you be ready to update existing translations with the new feature
content in early March?

Remaining schedule for the release:

  2013-02-01 through 2013-02-28
    Testing/Bug Fixes (testing against jenkins artifacts)
    Documentation Finalization

    Docs Freeze (except release notes and translations)
    Release Branch moves to limited updates only (only commits allowed
in would be release blockers fixes, translation updates, etc...)

  2013-03-01 through 2013-03-22
    Translation Development and Integration (should be ongoing, but
focused effort)
    Final regression testing / bug fixes / doc fixes

    4.1.0-RC1 is created, and project level VOTE is called


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