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From Sowmya Krishnan <>
Subject RE: createStoragePool API Question
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2013 07:07:13 GMT
Mike, you're right - the URL parameter should include IP address, Target IQN and LUN in the
following format: url= iscsi://IP address/target IQN/LUN

This worked for me: http://localhost:8096/client/api?command=createStoragePool&name=PS2iscsi&url=iscsi://10.X.X.X/iqn.2004XXXX/0&zoneid=f7f9bd51-1860-438b-8c32-b669fa8e9677&clusterid=fdc03b94-2ff1-4a41-ae43-b2e296c4bf2c&podid=f43c0b43-cc85-41e6-91af-00fd09924fac

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From: Mike Tutkowski [] 
Sent: Monday, February 18, 2013 11:39 AM
Subject: createStoragePool API Question

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to reconcile the API doc here with what I see in the GUI:

*Parameter Name*DescriptionRequired*name**the name for the storage pool** true**url**the URL
of the storage pool**true**zoneid**the Zone ID for the storage pool**true**clusterid**the
cluster ID for the storage pool**false** details**the details for the storage pool**false**podid**the
Pod ID for the storage pool**false**tags**the tags for the storage pool**false*

In the GUI, the requested text fields are the following (when Protocol =
iSCSI):  Zone, Pod, Cluster, Name, Protocol, Server, Target IQN, LUN, and Storage Tags.

So, what I'm wondering is where do I pass in the IP address of the Server, the Target IQN,
and the LUN?  It seems like the URL parameter might be for this, but - if so - what format
do I need to pass this info in as?


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