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From Sudha Ponnaganti <>
Subject [ACS41][QA] Feature Check-ins in to ACS 4.1 Branch
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2013 11:26:13 GMT
Hi All,

Can  the reviewers pay attention to check-ins that are happening in to ACS 41 branch. Dev
Code complete is on Jan 31st and we are still trying to get a stable run on this branch but
we keep getting blockers. Also features should not be checked in at this time as we are getting
close to lock it down. Listed below are check-ins went in after JAN 31st and the list is quite
big and not all are defect fixes and some features went in which are huge.  Please be aware
of the dates and current issues on 4.1 branch and help to get to a stable state


ca41037058e5881399e9bad67615debb8980cd3b CLOUDSTACK-1447:Persistent Status is not displayed
for VPC Tiers
79995bf6296f4c9a440a1fd11fa2b0162b7d8074 CLOUDSTACK-241: Moved regions upgrade chnages to
Upgrade40to41.jav from schema file. Sets the right regins_id from instead of
using default 1.
1a2173f4dbb0acfd96f8f41095dcf538cbd6556c CLOUDSTACK-241: Removed API based account sync. Removed
all the related API changes. Converted tabs to spaces in the related files. Verified account,
user and domain APIs manually.
ccc51147a54ff3d0362b233914c1580de52696c1 CLOUDSTACK-1252: Fix the issue of locating systemvm
patch ISO under VMware environment
336d133f942127447762328410a3cdcc25016051 CLOUDSTACK-1418- As regular user , we are not allowed
to deploy VM on a shared network.
3e0e92960447c308b98dde75da5ee2d8bc50954b CLOUDSTACK-452: cloudstack UI - Infrastructure menu
- zone detail - guest network - network detail - View IP Ranges (only available in Advanced
zone) - add IPv6 Start IP, IPv6 End IP field to listView and Add IP Range dialog.
74ef848788c3065448ff1a019b3f17d885ff57c8 CLOUDSTACK-452: cloudstack UI - Infrastructure menu
- zone detail - physical network - create guest network - add IPv6 Gateway, IPv6 CIDR, IPv6
Start IP, IPv6 End IP field.
4198e655007ab86a219ac018f8c2cd62478ea1cb Fix CLOUDSTACK-1425 and CLOUDSTACK-1399: Failed to
load UserVmDaoImpl in new Spring framework and register it into internal dao map.
02a0439dba25c37e01f425ccfc0ddd8b1d3c5f85 CLOUDSTACK-1170: Use a unified way to generate PublicIp
798404e61ae52d6c84cfe34068eb223974972aa0 CLOUDSTACK-1419: Add trademark to logos
476687d931596bee0f50a08bdf107d6c505e0072 Revert "CLOUDSTACK-452: cloudstack UI - network menu
- guest network section - network detail - add IPv6 CIDR field, IPv6 Gateway field."
cd888ddb5b0cc58a8fd6c4735e522d9f25ccdc55 Revert "CLOUDSTACK-452: cloudstack UI - network menu
- create guest network dialog - add IPv6 Gateway field and rename original Guest Gateway to
IPv4 Gateway."
0cedb8b092a191b0048615e2ef3b8cd7088b4cba CLOUDSTACK-452: cloudstack UI - Infrastructure menu
- zone detail - physical network - guest network - add IPv6 CIDR, IPv6 Gateway to listView
and detailView.
e2a16a12f98f06d7ffd7bba738c71161311b87ad Summary: Fix RPM installation error for cloudstack-awsapi
78e8d184288fcde0a6ef6b6f126424407601e8ca CLOUDSTACK-1415: Debian & Ubuntu packaging work
8444572fe9b4708add549b8da478a2acffa9cd4f CLOUDSTACK-820-documentation for event framework
35293edddd8ec82290d1859b6e12c8f9105eee07 db: Give option to specify region id while setting
up database
304858aa18f9aea32e9722ed6278fa7d7a8746f2 CLOUDSTACK-1350 Management server Stop and start
causes previously downloaded ISOs to redownload
d76211d5d0f289995a47f0f28227a3a39d8a3a40 CLOUDSTACK-1391: EventBus is not getting injected
after javelin merge
78d207ade6ed3d6e7c42aec4603ffb658db8eaf3 Reduce RAT errors in developer environment due to
generated python files
2fc5a3ca5e1539ef42b92c59fb0e42e1c6c73bc5 CLOUDSTACK-420: listZones missing name parameter
48ce06b9baac365b0e86dd0971a92c28400a4f8e rat: Fix license in file headers
25efe0501894dc2a997139d3b503a093dd362179 CLOUDSTACK-1387: fix incorrect commit d37ed18c3aff4fe522adb803322ba912819c73da.(cherry
picked from commit cf06861c9bf883f2ca1ec818fe7bd4ad26b84318)
6c37fccc0b641a83231e43cdac14cf2be996002e CLOUDSTACK-1232: Only support cidr=64 in IPv6
696b4ed8ea8ad5d24df96df56034c6ca908e9cf7 CloudStack CLOUDSTACK-723 Enhanced baremetal servers
support on Cisco UCS
ba0d8c67bc4fa0a9f6988bc47f97a2408e845c86 CLOUDSTACK-452: cloudstack UI - network menu - create
guest network dialog - add IPv6 Gateway field and rename original Guest Gateway to IPv4 Gateway.
a565d0b699478849d88730faf8a9c9bf7892aef3 CLOUDSTACK-452: cloudstack UI - network menu - guest
network section - network detail - add IPv6 CIDR field, IPv6 Gateway field.
7d370f2eb77388aa47d3b7573ac226ab56b131b0 CLOUDSTACK-1414: Reduce arping time to nearly 0
df8c7506fc7a83c0187223eb712962e27438a9dd CLOUDSTACK-1173: fix the regression caused by life-cycle
management changes
62d7dc9d37843213922a880159cd26227c9f60a5 Summary: Packaging fixes for usage
6977e7bd45ac530a02d8c52bf655ab674c46e750 spring changes for simulator component
609c7da3833f1be10fc46ed0c18ea209e14bd668 CLOUDSTACK-1289: Added missing usage command processing
for External firewall device. ExternalLoadBalancerUsageManagerImpl should be renamed as ExternalDeviceUsageManagerImpl
c3a37dd7ff526955ea3f9f6690813b3c0d3e0391 CLOUDSTACK-1293 resetpasswordforVm shows "passsd
reset to undefined"
c47f685b1f323d1d8316ef6067c11cf14ecabbc6 usage: Fix regression build fail from 03fdbfb2, missing
closing parenthesis
03fdbfb29193885830de90edcbb6f71bd0baf487 CLOUDSTACK-962:setAggBytesSent/setAggBytesReceived
in NetworkUsageTask when not in case of dailyor hourly Removed duplicate userstatsdao injection
c7935a9ab69ae941270d60d22e812e86b5e9c896 CLOUDSTACK-416: Add XCP 1.6.x in
6a76c96be1a686e84c12b2973752311d380c0738 spring: Remove annotations from interfaces and abstract
9d57d59e61a462c38dece249f41de12f85c1f353 fix issue: failed to start vm from iso caused by
ClassCastException and NPE
49402d566a3dc7d5a652e124c8ce0a0c078000b7 scripts: Fix handling of args and
unknown commands
ec0759ae76234f35671cb5dd36995887bc70aeae CLOUDSTACK-416: Add XCP 1.6.x as supported hypervisor
06ed67c7765528fb886c8724b32e260503aa898a CLOUDSTACK-1244: Make sure path exists before copying
scripts in client/target
69370c181f17df97c7bb14eec162ba83df141cf6 packaging: vhd-util message corrected
05331583c25212e3c444d1d11a1e737aae8d9b2f CLOUDSTACK-1332: Enable IPv6 dns in VR
e06bf6ad2ee662b5c6d13a29438eb1b8d907e6cb CLOUDSTACK-1332: Add ip6dns to zone and domainrouter
7c72aa66bdc4875cef1303b9d7007c8702be870f CLOUDSTACK-1332: Pass IPv6 DNS to VR
0760fdf6d0e45db0b489ac2aa085fb6ccc44e25a CLOUDSTACK-1332: Add IPv6 DNS for Zone
14a22ab2f56f1b9f0c73986799e2c4738829b3c9 CloudStack CLOUDSTACK-1382 vm deploy fails with Error
"cannot find DeployPlannerSelector for vm"
3014b46c3b78f5b08d8caa5ef0f84d2f02c818e9 Docs: Fixing NFS shares setup
59b3cbcd3b95e12310eac9bd7c51463551231d41 Package awsapi into the cloudstack-bridge package
77f4735f5de1b38a460024e1c3d5a6f070caf6a0 Docs: Fix for CS-1300
f43ca747ed1199459ee01ad4dd22d4488b03780d Docs: Fixing issues
1477acb56d136f951728ed7128f67d2ee7c6e583 cloudstack-462
b97c3957c8a76e2d9c6d163c4118b51f5ec3968a Commit review 9586
10c78d6aa998967f28d0cfcdbca80c138257192e Small fix, regression from commit b077065826d1436cda555c34dcea58d6d4f88303
39595d826e91d846274651399aaeb8edbe331ac5 Capture stderr and stdout of the jsvc run services
(agent and usage)(cherry picked from commit bc4abcf14d7b89a500331ab7376dd144c66c012f)
b9d876c5ca398529fe89b795ad46fbf49f2d00c9 db: Sync with master, remove rules that are for 4.2
d5a474a91d936104c360794835599e37fcda56b0 Have cloud-setup-* tools detect Debian
903aeb9b775561763810b7de708a7997a4685509 CloudStack-1371 : In case of ResourceAllocationException,
server is not returnig any response.
bc1fa4a4cff7449d65e5a19715d8c9d7d9368210 adding license header to make RAT happy
0ad9ae7a975b4f5256aaf0d3c97d867c7b8b6385 Changed the cloud.spec to use the right version on
cloudstack-common requirement
4f38d745b849c5ec7d440ff5ed27de40f20c3ddf CLOUDSTACK-1339: Using Sping interface injection
pattern to avoid using CGLIB proxying mode. Spring with CGLIB proxying will concflict with
CGLIB usage in CloudStack DB code, CloudStack CGLIB usage can cause Spring to lose tack of
its proxied object and therefore creates a massive amount of objects in memory
22cdfe3da19d2c1008020c65762aa697057b8660 IPv6: Enable specifying ipv6 address in DeployVMCmd
f0fb2e0f7dd9eff5021769182f7cada0f1e377e5 resize volume
7da92314adca5c8171f584e2acb26cfe7610ac18 CLOUDSTACK-1355: Don't check foreign key constraint
during db upgrades
3e29864925ccc63d1e3514c9a4d353b1a8e6217e CloudStack CLOUDSTACK-774 add baremetal related class
declaration in nonossComponentContext.xml
8a6d0ffda69ebc0a68fb21fe088ca5217be38f51 add missing license header reported by rat
96a98f5a71533e7f577b88f0b6116671b97c380a CLOUDSTACK-1367 NPE noticed in logs while AgentMonitor
is monitoring the host ping interval
917d6242e3a6f37224b6d93a6f80a44a552a6734 CLOUDSTACK-1319: cloudstack API - CreateVpnCustomerGateway
API: correct parameter type on server-side.
1f64917fcc21ab1a670d18b319d68e57fee71ce1 CLOUDSTACK-1303: Fix NPE when extend vlan with ipv4
172de303411678b8601c11849ef29f07c6d918b5 CloudStack CLOUDSTACK-774 Supporting kickstart in
CloudStack baremetal
5f0bb8ab293af1d3960492f9cf8c65a02df04302 CloudStack CLOUDSTACK-774 Supporting kickstart in
CloudStack baremetal
2e069ad16b882c99fa90a3cb76ba7ef6e31275a3 CloudStack CLOUDSTACK-774 Supporting kickstart in
CloudStack baremetal
10afc3b57184ffead02bf0d3fcbe8c2fad136fef CloudStack CLOUDSTACK-774 Supporting kickstart in
CloudStack baremetal
241d05e6850cbefbd663ac5904cdbde56d0a4f55 CloudStack CLOUDSTACK-774 Supporting kickstart in
CloudStack baremetal
42d9cc4439c4cf1b8d0d53e6f4027a691b75e4cf CLOUDSTACK-1362: EC2 dns-name filter support for
EC2 describeInstances API is broken
540f68f4c31548d7c99e5a9581a2396ae379ae14 CLOUDSTACK-1288: Fix regression on remove LB rules
e219ef951bee8ce004129e47983e966766b19e74 CLOUDSTACK-1362: Put a workaround fix to set excutable
attribute of at runtime
aea5b268b4590775eff6291ddfbbd6de777d1b63 Prachi's commit 20a747601c2664b2b8128f7a180f7e94f6b0b1e1
introduced a new call to network.getPhysicalNetworkId() which wasn't mocked yet in the nvp
plugin unittests.
8b2aabe687fbee0a0806a2f9d9c0ca9a8d3cd2fd Commit review 9409 Added a global package name in
the packaging script Signed-off-by: Hugo Trippaers <> (cherry picked
from commit 3279b4146526e2f4e77a06699887cb7ea141fc0b)
759b30134151b8695e88289a5a56bb3e991f9a5c CLOUDSTACK-1347: Don't enforce not null rule on queue_proc_time
of sync_item_queue
e4b83993a9c2cfac5918b2bbfb3a3f961f741e89 IPv6: Update java-ipv6 dependency to 0.10
e6626973edfbab610b2cc19ff43e1c66d02e64f6 CLOUDSTACK-1346: Check to see if external devices
are used in the network, is hardcoded for specific devices
9ba0f10ff1ce89d02a18f4271b4f939547fc68fd CLOUDSTACK-1343: cloudstack UI - baremetal - enable
baremetal providers who are selected in the network offering.
3c02af0cdf2cace6d10f14cafd5b9234a3262e5a CLOUDSTACK-1344 Typo in use.external.dns setting
86ce4c9ab1c4b7a381731360d8f7257e093984bb Updating the java-ipv6 legal docs to reflect the
newly added NOTICE and copyright statements for version 0.10
20a747601c2664b2b8128f7a180f7e94f6b0b1e1 CLOUDSTACK-1331: Upgrade fails for a 2.2.14 Zone
having multiple guest networks using network_tags and Public Vlan
cc722189759322ab6faf6ae44815c1b9190b3496 cloudstack-806
46df530ad1898b820fb74916299a0de1d0e7fea5 CLOUDSTACK-1341: Corrected the URL for the KEYS file
8d9412492c490e722d142ba2ca5474d3a3bef743 CLOUDSTACK-1312: Fix diversions between create-schema
since 4.0 for 4.1 release
55271ab9e95928ee18285bb55cf269d361ca013f db: Remove create-schema-view.sql, views are created
using schema-40to410.sql
8d1c460448611234e996ba36645df9b963007878 db: Fix developer's deploydb and cloud-setup-databases
for rolling update
7ce22fc2b2d304565f74c8fc7730742e0f3b0eba db: Fix commas which should be dots in create-schema,
fix debug msg
d427e1ae0d3d181ceb8bc43c7bca4a77a1bfec85 db: Remove and merge 4.1-new-db-schema.sql to schema-40to410.sql
12b439baa640db15c9707544da2f00810f30f3f7 db: Fix Upgrade40to41 and add cleaning path schema-40to410-cleanup.sql
373c927a1e052f8fff23a4287486645bc65b1314 IPv6: Fix db upgrade path
cc58b7b85a8551b3d49286f0143d39c6a84ea761 CLOUDSTACK-1333: enable logging at Spring startup
f91bf6b73a9fbd61c93ea79a57616f5935fdb792 CloudStack-1267: initialize log4j in agent main()
81db0c20760fa2ce7f100d2f9dac7d1be88dd9d6 IPv6: Add ipv6 for user vm view
f3dae81daa5f19f31a2d0d4e09159bf268dd4876 IPv6: Add IPv6 for domain router view
f900d0bc71e8edded33f4e18f22153bfd258fbcd CLOUDSTACK-1330: ec2-run-instances - When -n option
is used to deploy multiple Vms API returns error even though few of the Vms have been deployed
378827efedeb5a916059b606daba57d5e3e3a567 CLOUDSTACK-1307 Noticed NPE when we put host in maintenance
mode in clustered management setup
27479d569aebf14d1ec76e4a388fff720868e862 Summary: Re-adjusting tomcat memory settings per
Rohit's emails
2bbbe090988b2c0910f4d6ffa5e0d9590b42306d Summary: Increase tomcat servers memory size per
dev list discussion
87bb4dbff0e31ed4ff6d98836513c3a096084bd9 Add db upgrade path for ipv6
865c2cbce6ccf7c492774c0b0f3b99d3ef10fabe Adding springsource artifacts to package legal docs.
12630b4f09fa7062ef6e20dd67f72dd657044382 Adding legal documentation for the Java IPv6 library
2c102ca0e5c768da8b1e4f402ca3589001f51ac0 db: Fix upgrade paths to 4.1.0
b51ee1819acaa5b827cc57513ff70704092f3274 CLOUDSTACK-1320: listroutercmd: response should be
set to the name of router
9cb9f45a04176c0adf3d95c8fef0958ca427d3a3 CLOUDSTACK-1313
05555e7417391279a2188584b187d4ba259b414a cloudstack-991
cb83c23484c0fb9b276a1aed9087436b394a6f89 ApiServer: Get rid of finding system account and
user at init() time
65d1a4bc7d55022a6c8bed72e529c9402b69e2cb client: In pom.xml fix jetty:run to include utilities/scripts/db/
in its classpath
ed06c16944ec28b254a5f1c7acb9152c44918467 CLOUDSTACK-863: Fix Non-printable characters in api
8863031c47ce2f28c7a13b728a24d2424d56ede4 exclude usage unit test since it requires db connection
2ee16350ddde7bbed1de66fc62a7c8e825e3fc95 CLOUDSTACK-1253: Remove @author tag.
009014c1b8d0b53dc6eb07abc00aea22b42020fd added to usage test resources
d11505f4b42162c4e53a4011bb744c8a5bb6d6ea Egress Firewall Rules Documentation
3d3714c79be657ea086d05d346a59ee0baf96f11 CLOUDSTACK-1295 : Added usage unit tests Fixed Component
annontation for usage parsers Fixed mvn target to run usage removed UsageServerComponentConfig
which is not required Added region_id to account table in cloud_usage db
a6427266bf9da0d25dae99d644254fccc6615e93 CLOUDSTACK-1207. UpdateNetwork API fails with NPE
if the network offering is not being updated and is non-persistent.
24b48f31190877bcb2f3803af4b06f858e0e904a CLOUDSTACK-1137: force reconnect to a disconnected
host throws error.
06f13a2693f3b16452f9e96592121bf21871f6cd Summary: centos63/, slightly better version
5ec29e9608cc6fa9ad28dea3bfd98aa188dfb642 CLOUDSTACK-1219, CLOUDSTACK-1220: Fix IPv6 error
07ce770e9711ab5ddfc9382129b35c96aadc7846 CLOUDSTACK-1277: populating transit password field
to UserVmJoinVO in converting from UserVm to UserVmJoinVO.
86bb0055cd975695b3ec5518124a0482b891a73c Summary: Adjust systemvm.iso path for KVM, due to
packaging changes
0853aca36b35aa839b3d831611b2ea88396fb19f maven: Fix stray characted in client/pom.xml introduced
in 4572bc06
19a9ca4289edbbfbf09e50b99ec97fc63f2afcef CLOUDSTACK-1272: Fix incorrect annotation for service
offering id
3411a6a7e771cb4a9110c7acc0b96bc9c5fdd9a1 Merge branch '4.1' of
into 4.1
c3cdadebc5caed3bbada31e66d66dd6b1c5989ae Docs: Fixed typo in nicira plugin guide
64bd5f391d1f34a7c8030ab590483ed248768fb6 Persistent Networks documentation:Reviewed-By: Jessica
Tomechak and Likitha Shetty
f95b3c76e8d1ec99839ebc01fb04d059705d38ae CLOUDSTACK-1088: EnableStaticNat error will clear
the data in database
78460c6965202e4f288ee87cb191edcb31389d9d dev guide updates for 4.1
da2713ebf51f0af685ee002a166716aea8873e87 CLOUDSTACK-1134: [EC2 Query API] DescribeSnapshots,
'n' ListVolumes get fired on CS for displaying 'n' Snapshots taken from the same Volume
9b9f3e2e03134f00982f6f0c19622f7dcf828d3d Summary: KVM - Fix physical net parsing when traffic
label points to tagged dev
1e154ce5f030e2a27b8ea641f6f8fe322267e89b IPv6: Enable dual stack support
4d8d9c6368eee74815d468754567356567674152 CLOUDSTACK-1265: /etc/init.d/dnsmasq puts pid in
/var/run/dnsmasq/ logrotate checks /var/run/ instead and may not send
SIGUSR2 to dnsmasq to start writing to the new log file instead
d4d73bfc3ff86966db38f3ce8015d5734629b8a9 Summary: Fix hanging references to /var/lib/cloud,
changed to /var/cloudstack
cb2b0ef66bcf549d498824c8e7e805d45f69a098 CLOUDSTACK-618: cloudstack UI - API request throttling
- for async job action uploadCustomCertificate, make frequency of calling queryAsyncJobResult
API based on listCapabilities response.
2ea359c5de4bda7c62fd5e891325a51688113086 CLOUDSTACK-1251: cloudstack UI -  zBaremetal branch
- add zone wizard - when hypervisor is BareMetal, click Next button in Guest Traffic step
will finish the whole process. (for Frank's development)
77d3aa34d6940f85936c8fbace47142e35063643 CLOUDSTACK-618: cloudstack UI - API request throttling
- for async job actions that are not using notification widget, make frequency of calling
queryAsyncJobResult API based on listCapabilities response.
313f6d33c7cd12e30d8c09adf170a408991f515c CLOUDSTACK-618: cloudstack UI - API request throttling
- for async job action, make frequency of calling queryAsyncJobResult API based on listCapabilities
c4d8f8a80d3ee1f65823f3054f842431b7e3c9fb Summary: Change vhd-util check in cloud.spec to point
to /usr/share/cloudstack
0f317567d2f3fe7767a6bb05cc6cac725a0eee37 CLOUDSTACK-710: CitrixResourceBase, if dest dir is
not found, mkdir -m 700 -p
131e20cd3c9b81f344f974922ac51c3b0cfd55a1 usage: Fix classpath issue for usage server
0119d223705a1e1b285f0d28db7e57d540a81cdc CLOUDSTACK-1070: Don't create HyervisorTemplateAdapter
bean, it's already a @Component
ce46821b4a33e77cf4e705545fec1ed84ddcdea7 CLOUDSTACK-1237: Fix an overriding method that would
help find template adapter
53ae738d5681f554afff68264ed67ad17085805f Summary: fix cloud-agent KVM calls to cloudstack-agent
for centos6.3
5dbd33d8ab6aa345fa603329a92990db53ad754c Add missing break to applyRules in FirewallManager
72234efa3ecfa7da0053a8e7442e11a828798961 CLOUDSTACK-1242: Fix inline mode
48368263aab49e515df8020459365e57aa169d17 CLOUDSTACK-1135: [EC2 Query API] AuthorizeSecurityGroupIngress
and RevokeSecurityGroupIngress fails when icmp code and type is provided
de5adcd86ecbd09770ed534d644103af92937120 CLOUDSTACK-1133: [EC2 Query API] In StopInstances
add support for parameter 'force'
b45d63feeda41b018a56d8ffc278a357f9c7b95b CLOUDSTACK-1131
e5bb55c5a398b7f04b9adba80f49d9e937574eb7 CLOUDSTACK-1125: [EC2 Query API] Permission denied
exception when a parameter value contains space
c06a16c88433041d7afdd5b49e0b932d4ccefa78 CLOUDSTACK-1129: [EC2 Query API] DescribeVolumes,
add support for filter attachment.status
ee90ebfc00dff37a2eb5be372d8aa955176f7025 CLOUDSTACK-1128: [EC2 Query API] DescribeAvailabilityZones,
support for message filter
961c8ee3657f6874ea772ac1bab42825aeb91b70 CLOUDSTACK-1127: [EC2 Query API] DescribeSecurityGroups,
support for additional filters
2a565d4dc8523ab634f4e6c8df9c423fae9137df CLOUDSTACK-1126: [EC2 Query API] RunInstances ignores
the UserData input parameter
85db267709de1544561ea203479aa80554866468 CLOUDSTACK-1106: Fix documentation for cloud-setup-databases
5594b1d622adb07203d4549aee426268ecee092d Don't forget the when packaging
c6b80df2890ab56385a770833a21ad583e6e99fd CLOUDSTACK-1243: Add @Inject to fix NPE in AccountManagerImpl
513f8b98e9b7818d0b37c9641d9021b77a0cfc45 CLOUDSTACK-1241: Network apply rules logic is broken
0364a4a34e96e5c364f5425b70b42981f9f22882 maven: don't use process-test-resources lifecycles,
target are skipped if test are
f65ba4fd934f2b2a1075b0be14330b42aa74c5f1 CLOUDSTACK-1206: Change path from /etc/cloud to /etc/cloudstack
86f5b424b5a0a0580ab5090c577021ea98c59320 CLOUDSTACK-1233: Fixed veewee config file legal documentation
203fb466deae775b373d6f00aa22bd008c0d3d39 CLOUDSTACK-1136: [EC2 Query API] AssociateAdress,
DisassociateAddress and ReleaseAddress fail with NPE
d592ea10bd208489a42bc9108c0055924c45b467 CLOUDSTACK-1124 [EC2 Query API] Improve the logging.
Having empty response objects is harmless to functionality
1fbda5d177c0953dacdb9267ce45fad501365505 CLOUDSTACK-1112 [EC2 Query API] DescribeSnapshots
fails, when an invalid 'snapshotId' parameter is provided
b1d0d8d5f9beb834e6f8674f1ea17a535f977345 CLOUDSTACK-1121: [EC2 Query API] RunInstances, instance
is always deployed in the default security group
e63fc4c0cbc13d269508f66532992bdb7f1804de CLOUDSTACK-1120 [EC2 Query API] Parameter 'keynames'
is not honoured by DescribeKeyPairs
2b593dd89487a009c5c22d70076678f017919566 Slightly upgraded memory requirements, with 128M
the server will crash after 30 minuted with an OOM on PermGen(cherry picked from commit 1896685d83f88a6fd566697b8e09226fd96a3ac8)
2bc30e8b1b3fb49fd6d27a599662adb6234fca7a Compileall does not compile single files (cherry
picked from commit 6d952a15ab80480e147359f92c922fa3c5ab150b)
1ec1b3f55eb5b0eee475c1c20725caae43a89e12 Include the compiled python module, so it will be
removed as well when the package is removed (cherry picked from commit 2f44ed08201e1df9e7a4003058304b1444a522ec)
3ecec178ecd8044b78d1d44e1794566dbfd6ad00 usage: Add maven target to run usage server
5eb767f5637084c25fcfcb8290a97a8cec90d33d CLOUDSTACK-710: mkdir -p destination before scp-ing
file in CitrixResourceBase
e3156a6e16cee9ffeb5d757dd8a775236127410f CLOUDSTACK-1226: Fix 4.1-new-db-schema.sql, use cloud
before exec statements
a880f47fc51d09ef77475fc34b05175aabb0697c CLOUDSTACK-1019: Load 4.1-new-db-schema.sql when
setting up databases
e97bc4baede372c6cabd59b9f3923662639098df CLOUDSTACK-1222: Remove double quotes in upgrade
script s/"//g
a184816488a73bbe60e6a36ac6b68c53b07ae41b CLOUDSTACK-1181: Find by catalina.home property first
a0341d1ce4a6f869ef3dc0fa759efdd744fdef83 CLOUDSTACK-1181: Fix Environment so
is in classpath
0923bf8f85a53a060119c4045451f786a81b8ae0 CLOUDSTACK-1199:  add external DNS to dnsmasq configuration
4da47c2ffd9464f9afa1327ce47fc9741ff9cb45 Fix a typo
b5860725a1e45a315cbba7ea60ac9eb441f11861 IPv6: CLOUDSTACK-1107: Add support for createVlanIpRange
to extend existed network
76183aa04508b6aa1d4ab6e89668696ce499cf05 Merge branch '4.1' of
into 4.1
c811a025f228e4b5afa3dc15a53029067ec90bf3 CloudStack CLOUDSTACK-774 Supporting kickstart in
CloudStack baremetal
94fc648525c5f923ab1bfd93f0f84e80f634dd03 CLOUDSTACK-1216: insert UUID when we create "admin"
user in DB.
cfffa38f53f2e1ff39cc1ea8e4a32ed8ff09f4c4 Docs: Adding license header to .tx/config
e05a3b0012346508b651604acf29ccd8d4b452a0 Docs: Adding license header to .pot files
ee90b4cad3f6a0c197201ce434436a3c0cb6b9fc CLOUDSTACK-1190: make APIChecker throw one sensible
69d24545c4f0e316dba534b6d5d99308795db6d4 CLOUDSTACK-1208: Failed to shutdown guest network
5d1769335cbce659e8cd5546fa375b5dcba693a0 CLOUDSTACK-1210: Fix pluggable service, apiserver,
mgmt server impl, api-discovery
4a9af125cfd0b8c92a335447e2b81acd4197fbcf netapp: Fix as pluggable service and return list
of apis it offers
af3414280274df5a0c087ef915a63fa2cd091944 bigswitch-vns: Fix since version in apis, add spring
annotation to fix NPE
dc446485e1deb6ccc5e27fe8965f2f1256095aa4 Update port info with better summary
and fix building section
f589d61334ed29c84cbf50a600eaabb0bce3a49a Move Api rate limit configurations from xml file
to global configuration, and also modify listCapabilitiesCmd to also return api limit interval
and max for UI consumption.
3ce7531d2b9b1ec0bc4bf2b8935df306f6310d79 Remove duplicate bean for ApiRateLimitServiceImpl
to make sure that only one ApiChecker instance is injected in ApiServer.
3050c43909df2548c8d9d540ddc08eeb89afb99c Revert "CLOUDSTACK-1175: Fix NPE by making _store
a static variable shared by objects"
1884f518a311d483108130f3d06be9f22d30b01b CLOUDSTACK-1119 [EC2 Query API] Add filter support
for DecsribeAddresses
40d1fe1049155f64155314050ef41774b67ec4aa [EC2 Query API] DescribeAvailabilityZones doesn't
have any filter support.
b97f468b0361b7dcb339f8748dcbff3a77d67950 CLOUDSTACK-1117 [EC2 Query API] DescribeImageAttribute
c92f1f9839322a68b42a9f90b20542e471e78c24 CLOUDSTACK-1116 [EC2 Query API] Support for ModifyImageAttribute
and ResetImageAttribute
e9c923aee04abd99c9b4184a972cb8cd90b6d010 CLOUDSTACK-537: cloudstack UI - Advanced sg-enabled
zone - VM Wizard - step 5 - select network screen - populate only sg networks (i.e. not show
non-sg networks).
e56cb26f5c93a22acf1d9326f68d391d19c58614 CLOUDSTACK-537: cloudstack UI - Infrastructure menu
- create network dialog - Advanced sg-enabled zone - (1) account-specific network doesn't
work at backend. Therefore, remove "account" option from scope dropdown. (2) zone-wide network:
list only sg network offerings.
368d5a1ea597c612e050613e13c95687bc0992c2 Preparing docs for translation
7dd2ed12f99d6d6a560482d206039ca2330d6d4c Docs: Adding documentation and translation chapter
in dev guide
b513448ec2748619cf90fc215336b5065796a5c6 CLOUDSTACK-1175: Fix NPE by making _store a static
variable shared by objects
c693cfb37f0fa5a773bc9a1c71f70d8286b6b332 Summary: Fix path so the right files are removed
from the install dir (cherry picked from commit db3b0d325613b02eaed40e89f7c80db89f0b87ee)
94d50fbb082440b67603b52906694c7f597432bc Summary: changed the path from cloud to cloudstack.
91e284b173b70fb84294d2fc56b21ec187f40f74 CLOUDSTACK-1066: Fix only one postinstall script,
install packages etc.
f315a9a6ea6f7cffab10697e5b4aa63acb89f49a CLOUDSTACK-1066: Add definitions for building systemvm
template appliance
72291ef97fa3f1ebded671f9b46bfaef507cb855 CLOUDSTACK-1037: Implement fuzzy parameter completion
7f0e5fefecb9df60ee4ebc3a6a945a02bee0a147 CLOUDSTACK-1184 Localization - Add Korean label to
all locales
18bf69696cf176678132b602bcd3e36500fd6774 CLOUDSTACK-1178:DB Commit warning logged for every
Deploy VM request
6768f0d1c2a14bc3a2aa74d60d7b05d45c9be93e CLOUDSTACK-1050:Documentation for adding load balancer
f270f627d62b31b35b9108d403945d1183d2b96c CLOUDSTACK-520: Autorename vmware and manageontap
15d66094681f105fe2555fa80a7e6232057d2b88 CLOUDSTACK-1176 1) remove 'final' modifier from id
attribute in SnapshotVO 2) make state setter method comply with convention
f95b0edaff79d38c1a46402df6ef1b650bf58f6b CLOUDSTACK-1181: Fix NPE, ignore if default path
is not readable, we're passing props file anyway
6db11cb7de86048d86d686109284b32fcd218b4f Enabling Korean Translation on the CloudStack UI
624ff03f2428ae5802c9ce30577256971a954b42 Localization:Korean Translation
5adcea209d12637c18a3d617849abd298f7b0e1a IPv6: One network can have more than one vlan
76a5bdac7077e5b6be13024655c5b3fd8013e945 Before any database calls are made we need to make
sure that encryption is properly initialized if we have an encrypted
picked from commit b1d70f7fe340302f180843c01ee6674166d03ee1)
1404cf8c1fa1af3ede9b9be47a16dfb3c1de4e54 Summary: fixup spec file
6287d4512ee1a6ef9477d67d966910ae79a31c2e If encryption is already initialized we don't need
to do it again.(cherry picked from commit b28f3addfc63b6a2bf9e76b0230f716e9ef7f51c)
17212984c909b13e982a29c5a7e1f35a636fe5da IPv6: CLOUDSTACK-1141: Fix reboot router with IPv6
assigned VM
00b2a99e7a4874d7e982f867dd1d6d54c02514ef CLOUDSTACK-1166: cloudstack UI - dashboard - sanitize
content before setting it to a HTML element.
d3ffceb25ef8c1997c80d19cdfaa4bea5949b12e Summary: Add default newline after summary in prepare-commit-msg
dc0ef3cef7634e46e279592281da463f4351d8c1 Summary: Make prepare-commit-msg hook more compatible
with operating systems
73bb1795cbb99c719afb29d8f4e9fdb1b9f8abc1 Summary: Fix NPE when calling createFirewallRule
1ac95e15f1ff3aa26bf086ebd5f065a42013193f CLOUDSTACK-722 - Documentation:Changing the SSL proxy
console certificate
87286d0549ea131943998e4756fc6dbe725e7db6 Summary: Add missing ResizeVolumeCommand in
4d9056c2fe9a2a9b2d65c46995fc29f85c5283c1 ApiDiscovery: Fix tests and make constructor light
weight, let spring run init()
2ce6b80a24561c461b68ec642db9f057a8f7ff18 cli: Fix attribute error and fix helpdoc
e234fcff5ab4cdc32be70a85d93eab341de44696 ApiDiscovery: Discovery apis provided by PluggableServices
as well
20b74249d5a6685ef34e85f520bd62a399be58da ApiServer: Ask pluggable services to return list
of apis to ApiServer
2e59bcfd7a59ca20e473502a38779803e2a003c8 ManagementServerImpl: Fix NPE, PluggableService should
not return null list
dd675a16da85dd2d4c1d78293e47ad847f0df543 CLOUDSTACK-1175: PlainTextAuthenticator was being
loaded due @Component annotation. Removed the annotation so that MD5 authenticator will be
1c88f3c732e0946f6a8070ffc6d708ab9919f2fa CLOUDSTACK-446 : Host going to alert state, if you
are adding already added host Adding an already added host fails with error but in the process
incorrectly updates the status of the host to 'Alert'. Put a check to prevent this.
9a9a4abf9d86d807e22f4b85f09e05cc415fbe7c CLOUDSTACK-1174 rename field status-> state to
comply with javabean convetion
4a578852a7e651b1a255d6f8a8d6d58784393981 Fix bug CLOUDSTACK-1171 due to spring injection.
659955483d46d0a5b156ca3637efc045464ebae6 IPv6: CLOUDSTACK-1153: Fix integer overflow on IPv6
address calcuation
5793a0c597e10461559d45e787a7078148e92eb0 Summary: We need the integrity checkers to run
2a63dbe59d2a0d10438c577563824000d8f0cf1c CLOUDSTACK-1165, fix nonoss build startup issue
5c7ab24b85633221f135f2f4602958b0144d60be IPv6: CLOUDSTACK-1113: Fix the mechanism to find
the usable IP in the IPv6
22383d78370fed356921f760a4315b45245d43bd IPv6: Fix ip address in range check
6a19da78c3ef0cf21c665930906a65980ffb136a Summary: Path changes for new rpm packaging
b920a39eb15dccddf0fa2259d97aefb231f906f0 Summary: packaging updates
38f364bb8d2503edabbb3206c5eb909e993bebde Summary: update packaging
212c53c1732cd3583c3ca4d08661291907b2f225 Set path to the setup files (cherry picked from commit
f82849d249f69710a09b1aeabd5844d8f9efe8a3 This database file does not exist anymore (cherry
picked from commit 798c7c2c182d39e1dae525f865fdaaf39d06db7d)
0c890b1da57755a717065946e6d00ef4fc991b5b Summary: packaging updates
862fc0d55b0cffbd57ed259b9aed092687ad3bb4 NiciraNvp Provider should not be marked as external
as this will prevent creation of networks when there is no default CIDR in the zone.(cherry
picked from commit 27e5d1fc040e91741663a2ec25dd7dc83031b140)
cb4d498da146f9705892970c27ca4a5a6bc34da9 NiciraNvpElement is loaded twice, but no idea where.
This makes it work however(cherry picked from commit 43dc31bcf2cf985bd7f49b4dbc6814627cb3eb1d)
6dabb5b14ccc037769eb1e6a1d05dafa63d8e6e1 Fix the situation where only a gateway and a netmask
is passed with the createNetwork command.(cherry picked from commit f8a22d7520b5a741df78ccb42926ef864f03b776)
8c7f66340278915e920c01af1af2e6dc6685a54f Regression, this file should not be in the tree (cherry
picked from commit 6a601ba0684d55f2eba631b88e5c672ec38e469a)
5b8ecdad0b8514d70b86dda882daa7667c046af4 Summary: Fixup usage server for packaging
e72fc821b69e00cc0c769b68c8dd910675d2ace4 Change the package name to cloudstack and configure
empty skeletons for the missing packages (cherry picked from commit 5476391b9f89b67ca04037ba9362ed0f255e6e12)
f91978fee7bc32efee39fe00cb8fc6fa4d49f7ec Remove the last remnants of the old build system
(cherry picked from commit e138596aa72c2ccb577600ac9766520ca721c5e5)
5bc9785bf3431d226d14a8f6234424bcca439004 Keep naming more or less consistent (cherry picked
from commit 9755d9b4a21dbf4fc7c5c4a420518c3d6652cbf7)
3b8b02c50c0f9789b4248affe96d1fc81e23ae70 Use align phases between the various packages. Not
very handy to use a tgz file in the generate-resources phase when it is created in the package
phase (cherry picked from commit 6c034673a8b712262e9be9b13fe0a2ff0f942167)
3f064ace3937d37f8e3ff7d582f6c5be9f9f94b1 Remove yet another test where the database was not
properly mocked. FIXME (cherry picked from commit 0495f5309e7e98d0961e08bcc24ccc329435cd16)
ed4dbb41048526800c189489c1592e12272116b3 We don't need logs in out source tree (cherry picked
from commit e04d8f3fcfff02ee5c54545b55731b8312f128f9)
77d65b3e08522aaed35c0ce20c493f72dd8003ea Summary: Disallow shrinking volume type QCOW2 to
fail with better message
35f7ac307a151cb556521e5274a524e88a97c842 Summary: resizeVolume needs to be available in UI
7ceea3aa3b073ab5c0fb305da14034044103a438 Summary: Fix improper variable assignment in
(remove $)
90da9abacbb28de66264eb094e2d0e5c50d8f827 CLOUDSTACK-1160: remove refs to invalid ACS release
dbd9d080ec5cec12f38fbf530cfcd92dcba143ad Docs. Remove redundant inclusion of add-security-group.xml,
which was breaking the docs build.
e6e09eb23046011a05ff9ad4348b6d9b33f319da Docs. Fix broken hyperlink to Creating Network Offerings.
Add the section to the book, and add conditional cross-references so it will build in either
book (admin or install). This section was already in the repo, but was not previously included
in any book. Also removes stray reference to obsolete software version number 3.0.3 in the
Creating Network Offerings section.
aca52b1a9f18ada2e079aa7d8306abe533e743ee Docs. Fix broken hyperlink.
ff43afc226f6d2297616ed1ad3c222d40c87f205 Docs. Change software version number in book title
pages to 4.1.
dc9c4d919dfb5c60429a71e63d55473a53fc1535 Docs. CLOUDSTACK-1152. Restore second half of paragraph
which was deleted in error.
cffa45f710fec5d069bb470481de1aac10ebad21 CLOUDSTACK-1154: Added @Component annotation to RegionServiceImpl
and RegionManagerImpl
7970384f6e429b5c97f6d6e80f59cbab6ce90ede CLOUDSTACK-786, CLOUDSTACK-1014: Moved usage APIs
to cloud-api. Removed ManagementServerExt. Usage API related implementation is added to UsageServiceImpl
2fd8b15d6457077aefa2d9e38e3883858d8cd646 Transaction: Fix better debug message
482e9394568fb5b14b71a64524dbb744e9a13907 Transaction: Fix NPE while reading
3d8e582d382d9a9aedf3079bd49ac14fd4b7a0e6 CLOUDSTACK-1138:Providing invalid values for gateway,
netmask etc in the zoneWizard blocks the VLAN container to load , throwing an error
07fa69cac5c54da1d5f9a829a1524b2133bd51da CLOUDSTACK-1142: Refactor handleRequest definition,
clean redundant code
dcb2e5a8ed750af483d28963f3cf97b6bad70239 CLOUDSTACK-1142 Testing LDAP Auth Failed - due to
% being illegal character in queryfilter
5cc282c4666c8c928216841a4bc9ee688de4d9c5 Fix for CLOUDSTACK-1112
cce80832a7ee08ca6d8f6ef16df54d61b702b676 CLOUDSTACK-435: Vmware network labels are ignored
when creating a Zone using basic networking Due to incorrect logic the private network traffic
label specified was not getting used, instead some default was getting used (vSwitch0 or privateEthernetPortProfile).
The fix passes the correct label in the format vSwitchX or vSwitchX,<vlan_id> and based
on that the correct switch is used.
ed607457342c31f20b90d2e63ed0a0e6e0471469 CLOUDSTACK-1083: Include removed projects while 
listing usage records
5840a4b1ed7bb666547b2ad7a8c2f5b340790201 cli: Use metaprogramming to generate code during
runtime when new apis sync
78453d9d91a65447e60a0115356c279514ba3806 ucs: Fix ucs plugin's pom, removes xml marktag
7da991638f30cce544ee7eec1d3d0fedf6e0c5e0 rat: Fix license headers on ucs plugin etc.
0b31e28901450673b7bb36056fa84673a0812fc3 CLOUDSTACK-1037: Fix cloudmonkey's caching, autocompletion
and printing
bb3a1ce42e039269fbda5c0460d29f10748e79a1 updating the version to 4.1.0 for API Docs
8f70ee08e051e969317465897a6660239b468da7 Fix the unsolved conflicts for doc build
e74f72be340e97c20a51585f520b31c2b99be049 Fix the merge conflicts
296c20332df4c82725fb12431a44b0b47357dba5 Merge javelin into master
631b6fd46a4371425991127cf19379feea16f869 CLOUDSTACK-1037: Make cloudmonkey awesome-er
7b75f0d990ae11a16cf25a29ae73e631c7999b25 Sync master to javelin one more time
77e3aade03b756762d73c0739653d71a85ad8c2d CS-CLOUDSTACK-606: The issue happens randomly when
hosts in a cluster gets distributed across multiple MS. Host can get split in following scenarios:
    a. Add host - MS on which add host is executed takes ownership of the host. So if 2 hosts
belonging to same cluster are added from 2 different MS then cluster gets split     b. scanDirectAgentToLoad
- This runs every 90 secs. and check if there are any hosts that needs to be reconnected.
The current logic of host scan can also lead to a split
bd825109d88447826ea6e42a9c3ac128fef0d0fd Persistent Networks support - UI functionality
777147ce8a47238125a5439f207c225aa9db5304 CS-CLOUDSTACK-606: The issue happens randomly when
hosts in a cluster gets distributed across multiple MS. Host can get split in following scenarios:
    a. Add host - MS on which add host is executed takes ownership of the host. So if 2 hosts
belonging to same cluster are added from 2 different MS then cluster gets split     b. scanDirectAgentToLoad
- This runs every 90 secs. and check if there are any hosts that needs to be reconnected.
The current logic of host scan can also lead to a split
e162876605a31a4687ac77c5554e0a15ea7dda55 CS-16544: Create Snapshot (2nd time - reccuring)
is failing on XenServer 6.1. The issue is that while backing up a snapshot when cloudstack
tries to update the parent (of the backed up vhd), vhd-util isn't present at the desired location
and setParent function in vmopsSnapshot fails. This issue is observed only on Xenserver 6.1.
The reason for this is, when CloudStack connects to a Xenserver and executes the SetupCommand,
it copies vhd-util tool to /opt/xensource/bin directory on the host. However, in vmopsSnapshot
python file 'VHD_UTIL' is initialized to /usr/sbin/. The issue is not observed on 6.0.2 (and
I guess previous versions) because vhd-util is present in /usr/sbin/ directory by default
(after a clean install). Whereas, in Xenserver 6.1, vhd-util is present in '/usr/bin'. Fixed
the issue by updating VHD_UTIL to point to /opt/xensource/bin/vhd-util in vmopsSnapshot file.
13ee8d18653da5c1a08e5762059452b387f32b61 Persistent Networks support
482ea4a71e40f35ea3a222e56fa7b9760c21f8a2 CLOUDSTACK-822: system.vm.password is not encrypted
6f89a843a810411573c84a7f0e06c146d877b987 CLOUDSTACK-1114: fixed listegressfirewallrule issue
with networkid
fc925022bdf587e7281c3fc4e405e895754c41a4 Upgrade changes for Region schema. Made region_id
not null
bfc4f982fdda4f5e7b4e99bb95c86619af748207 adding missing license in one of the files of BigSwitch
736b236eaffc8a0252396e7ad2a5ba0ad6a909b0 bigswitch controller support
2491ff1cffa21c8f03c107ff3eaad1ba06ca0e35 apidoc: Added Region category
519ca619dfbedcdb99d91f8e85935610d88495f3 Encode password using UserAuthenticator
4f53eb11f067e3680b43d8278cabbc54bfec9cf6 Merge branch 'master' into regions
1a348c85fd8f417a91474272fb83bc74b0515461 adding apache license heders to the files that are
faling RAT check
9ea90c33595102bacf08cdf2f486e043dc37c298 Merge branch 'master' into regions
96c24930aeded2129a3f97732925fdd398e4df6a Merge branch 'master' of
33b87d898596098c70dfe0f017351aa1b904fefe CLOUDSTACK-686: Modified unique constraint to include
c0b18c76f01c2143abf3909bf2532912a96fce0b IPv6: Add missing license header
7bd8bec68afa3ac89cf1b2e857c82280d64e42be Sync javelin with master up to 894cb8f7d9fc8b5561754a9fa541fef8f235148a
894cb8f7d9fc8b5561754a9fa541fef8f235148a Advanced SG instance wizard: Fix back button
64d794ea36fd9c5895a9731dbae2deb80b40f36d Restore old caching policy on DAOs under Spring configuration
5cb9df91a1db8e489e65ac8f43154105875963f2 Merge branch 'ipv6'
8416d81b990f03407e247eabaa060256c899f794 Merge branch 'ucs' into javelin
44d1397d367cf8aae7daa40efe11489fd1eee9ad fix CS-1080
e7a554fc6a23a49949c2d88d6ef680682c6f6bc4 Merging events framework branch into master. This
commit will bring following changes
64b00d0b34c6705be38494b7bcfe432d96d58fc1 [EC2 Query API] Remove the registration step since
query API does not require the certificate
f18828d7d81901452f309b684fcd06ae054e13a0 [EC2 Query API] AttachVolume fails with 'Permission
Denied: Invalid Signature' error.
61f24d8a16450988e37d7f81323042678368ec7b [EC2 Query API] RunInstance and DescribeInstances
throw NumberFormatException error when called using AWS Java SDK
d738c81a4613f70783676a2d9657b9467c4e16a8 [EC2 Query API] DescribeAddresses fails with Null
Pointer Exception.
de517d95b0c3ef6feb57026bffb8b93240c04273 [EC2 Query API] AuthorizeSecurityGroupIngress and
RevokeSecurityGroupIngress return false even when the request is successful.
b514735c7b8915d063d74ab1f64b6223be866743 [EC2 Query API] AuthorizeSecurityGroupIngress fails
with 'Server.InternalError 431 Invalid protocol' error.
bea669d0913207743d08dd2e56767fe716ea6e80 [EC2 Query API] RevokeSecurityGroupIngress fails
with 'EC2ResponseError'.
6a6d93c3094a55c38f2bdcc736d179ce1e595093 Fix a bug in listStoragePools api where SQL exception
is thrown when a parameter is passed.
4f7bf192ceb80f558b41899281c2731c59da2701 INSTALL: Add port info used by CloudStack or components
1b2b369ecb5eb7d07abcec35129a232f2b88c829 Merge latest master into javelin
a33d8f96019e6f061fecc071273e8ee4fe7a67ce Fixed listRegions serach by id, name
c607e03f0e79e88f6c2ff9baffabcdd1f55050d6 Merge branch 'master' into regions
e7341313e999a64f6b221453be82f1561bce082d Added unit tests
cae89c61f504fb835e79190532a27a74774e538b Merge branch 'master' of
5d8e1f0dffb4089f969bcaf6f3c2b09f7362a200 Enabling Egress Rules Feature on the UI
c17c7007f4f37616ec4a16e7b4cc39338ce2ebdc Added RegionServiceImpl to DefaultComponentLibrary
1b922e816cdfd4ae5ea19a1c6efdcf0b2400e5a1 Revert "CS-15922 : to avoid race condition when expunge
vm, expunge interval and expunge deplay should be larger than 600 second"
8b1a5b1de2ef4e69e2bde234c56dff120cb666f0 - Separated RegionServiceImpl and RegionManagerImpl
- Added comments - Changed package name to org.apache.cloudstack.region
3cbce11b784acda4c80b55df6d0e61450c2f798a Fixing a label in network offering

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