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From Srikanteswararao Talluri <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] Management Server Memory Requirements
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2013 03:34:06 GMT
To add to what Marcus mentioned, 
Regarding bug CLOUDSTACK-1339 : I have observed this issue within 5-10 min of starting management
server and there has been a lot of API requests through automated tests. It is observed that
Management server not only slows down but also goes down after a while.


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From: Marcus Sorensen [] 
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2013 7:22
Subject: [DISCUSS] Management Server Memory Requirements

When Javelin was merged, there was an email sent out stating that devs should set their MAVEN_OPTS
to use 2g of heap, and 512M of permanent memory.  Subsequently, there have also been several
e-mails and issues where devs have echoed this recommendation, and presumably it fixed issues.
I've seen the MS run out of memory myself and applied those recommendations.

Is this what we want to provide in the tomcat config for a package based install as well?
It's effectively saying that the minimum requirements for the management server are something
like 3 or 4 GB (to be safe for other running tasks) of RAM, right?

There is currently a bug filed that may or may not have to do with this, CLOUDSTACK-1339.
Users report mgmt server slowness, going unresponsive for minutes at a time, but the logs
seem to show business as usual. User reports that java is taking 75% of RAM, depending on
what else is going on they may be swapping. Settings in the code for an install are currently
at 2g/512M, I've been running this on a 4GB server for awhile now, java is at 900M, but I
haven't been pounding it with requests or anything.

This bug might not have anything to do with the memory settings, but I figured it would be
good to nail down what our minimum requirements are for 4.1

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