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From "Mice Xia" <>
Subject RE: [ACS41][QA] Test cases for VM Snaposot feature uploaded
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 08:46:01 GMT
Yes, there is a global configuration.

Global config name: "vmsnapshot.max", 
Description: "Maximum VM snapshots for a VM"


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From: Sangeetha Hariharan [] 
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 5:29 AM
To: Mice Xia;
Subject: RE: [ACS41][QA] Test cases for VM Snaposot feature uploaded

Hi Mice,

Thanks for your response and FS update.

I had 1 more question:
In Global config/Limit section there is a note about - "Add a global configuration for maximum
number of VM snapshots a VM can support".
Wanted to confirm if this global configuration parameter to restrict the maximum number of
VM snapshots for a VM is supported ? If this is supported , can you please provide the actual
global parameter name?


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From: Mice Xia [] 
Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2013 6:41 PM
Cc: Sangeetha Hariharan
Subject: RE: [ACS41][QA] Test cases for VM Snaposot feature uploaded

Hi, Sangeetha,

Please see comments inline.


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From: Sangeetha Hariharan [] 
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 10:21 AM
Subject: [ACS41][QA] Test cases for VM Snaposot feature uploaded


I've uploaded the test cases for VM Snapshot feature here:

Test cases covers all use cases that have been indicated as being  supported in

Please Refer to the FS for more information on the feature:

Following are the questions I have:

1.      Following use cases mentioned in the FS is not supported (according to the comments
in ):

 *   Admin can place a limit on the number of stored snapshots per user
 *   Users can create snapshots manually or by setting up automatic recurring snapshot policies**
Snapshots can be created on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly interval. One snapshot policy
can be set up per VM
 *   With each snapshot schedule, users can also specify the number of scheduled snapshots
to be retained** Older snapshots that exceed the retention limit are automatically deleted.
    *   This user-defined limit must be equal to or lower than the global limit set by the
CloudStack administrator.
    *   The limit applies only to those snapshots that are taken as part of an automatic recurring
snapshot policy. Additional manual snapshots can be created and retained

Can the FS be updated to reflect this?

[mice] already added in the limitation section

2.      Supported Hypervisor:

Could you confirm the list of hypervisors that will be supported for this feature?

From the discussions in the email thread , I see that KVM implementation has dependencies
on libvirt-java and for Xenserver there is dependency on volume snapshot design being improved.

Because of the above restrictions , Can you confirm that Vmware will the only hypervisor that
is supported?

[mice] For current master branch, VMware and Xenserver are supported. KVM support depends
on un-released libvirt-java.

3.      Is there a known limit on the number of snapshots that can be created for a VM  specific
to each hypervisor  ?
[mice] for Vmware/Xenserver, the official max snapshot chain is 32

4.      VM Snapshot List - Support query by keyword . Can you elaborate on how we can set
a keyword for a VM Snapshot? listVMSnapshot() does not have a parameter for this .
[mice] Sorry FS is outdated, query by keyword has not been implemented because from my point
of view, this use case is not so obviously demanded (query by vm_id is the most common use
case) I will update the FS and if there are some request for query by keyword, it will be
implemented later.

5.      Database Schema for vm_snapshots does not list vm_id.  Vm_id should be part of the
vm_snapshots table , correct ?
[mice] vm_id is already a column of table vm_snapshots (FS is a bit outdated). Please re-check
it in database.


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