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From Chip Childers <>
Subject [ACS41] 4.1 branch moving to "limited updates only" after today
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2013 17:26:05 GMT
Everyone should know this by now, but our schedule has us shifting to a
model where we limit the commits going into the 4.1 branch to a very

Now we have some serious bugs still outstanding, which is challenging to
say the least.  That being said, I'd suggest that we don't change the
plan.  Stabilizing the 4.1 branch should be our focus, and that means
that we have to be very selective about what commits go into it moving

I'll ask that, as of the end of the day today, anyone with a commit that
they want cherry-picked into 4.1 (or a patch, if conflicts are expected)
please send an email to the list with the following tags:

[ACS41][Patch Request] - Followed by a reasonable description (or the bug ID).

I'll be watching the list and applying them as soon as I can.

However - I'd suggest a couple of things:

First, you need to *test* the fix.  I'd actually ask that we take this a
bit further than unit testing the fix.  If there's a bug reporter, give
them the patch and have them build from 4.1 with the patch applied...
before asking to move it into the branch officially.  This does effect
the process that the Citrix QA team is used to following, but I think it's 
the best option for us as a community.

Second, I need help ensuring that the commit to cherry-pick applies
cleanly to the 4.1 branch.  If you do the first thing, this should be
easy...  but I'll highlight this anyway.  If it's going to have
conflicts, then you should be providing a patch that already deals with
the conflicts.  Patches like this should be in the email itself, or in

So this is what I'd *like* to see - starting tomorrow.

Objections?  Comments?  Concerns?


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