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From "Noa Resare" <>
Subject Review Request:
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 20:52:21 GMT

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Review request for cloudstack, Hugo Trippaers and Wido den Hollander.


The uploaded changeset applies cleanly on top of the latest in the 4.1 branch as of now (df8c7506fc7a83c0187223eb712962e27438a9dd)

I'd love to get at least the feedback from Hugo Trippaers on this.

(The following is copied from the jira ticket) 

This ticket tracks the merge of the packaging work that me and [~widodh] has been working
on in a separate branch. 

The diff is kind of large, but most of the lines are the package delimitations moving around
resulting in a lot of file moves. The changes should be orthogonal to non-packaging related
developments and the target is both the 4.1 and master branches. Since the current state of
packaging is very broken, at least it will be an improvement. 

Concepts included in the diff: 

* the location used by maven is parameterized to allow for a build that
does not modify the currently git tracked files 
* package naming is updated along the lines of what was discussed on the -dev mailing list
and between committers at the Build a Cloud Day in Belgium. 
* package version pattern is updated (since we redo all package names, we might as well drop
the epoch) 
* Support for Debian Squeeze :)

This commit is not very well tested, and most likely broken in a few ways, but since should
be pretty safe regression-wise and it is a vast improvement over the current state of deb
packaging. Let's get this in as a starting point to get to a broader user base for the last
fixes to 4.1 packaging.

This addresses bug CLOUDSTACK-1415.


  agent/pom.xml 810f33f 
  awsapi/pom.xml 5a0ad7b 
  client/pom.xml 385d5a0 
  client/tomcatconf/ 3ae0fb4 
  debian/README cbfbf1b 
  debian/changelog c3243aa 
  debian/cloud-agent-deps.install b05b7d1 
  debian/cloud-agent-libs.install ba25935 
  debian/cloud-agent.config 00ae6c0 
  debian/cloud-agent.install c67e90a 
  debian/cloud-agent.postinst f022f6d 
  debian/cloud-cli.config 00ae6c0 
  debian/cloud-cli.install ce17846 
  debian/cloud-client-ui.install ba1408a 
  debian/cloud-client.config 00ae6c0 
  debian/cloud-client.install aadb145 
  debian/cloud-client.postinst 87c7610 
  debian/cloud-core.install 00a43d4 
  debian/cloud-deps.install 74aade1 
  debian/cloud-management.config 00ae6c0 
  debian/cloud-python.install b8eac72 
  debian/cloud-scripts.install 5e8896d 
  debian/cloud-server.install f792cc2 
  debian/cloud-setup.install 5c37c64 
  debian/cloud-system-iso.install 5a0b636 
  debian/cloud-usage.install 22f5834 
  debian/cloud-usage.postinst 56f895d 
  debian/cloud-utils.install 39c357a 
  debian/cloudstack-agent.install PRE-CREATION 
  debian/cloudstack-awsapi.install PRE-CREATION 
  debian/cloudstack-cli.install PRE-CREATION 
  debian/cloudstack-common.install PRE-CREATION 
  debian/cloudstack-docs.install PRE-CREATION 
  debian/cloudstack-management.install PRE-CREATION 
  debian/cloudstack-management.postinst PRE-CREATION 
  debian/cloudstack-usage.install PRE-CREATION 
  debian/control e9697ea 
  debian/rules 36b611d 
  framework/rest/pom.xml e8322e0 
  packaging/debian/init/cloud-agent PRE-CREATION 
  packaging/debian/init/cloud-management PRE-CREATION 
  packaging/debian/init/cloud-usage PRE-CREATION 
  packaging/debian/ 6520f63 
  plugins/hypervisors/kvm/pom.xml 8fc8f73 
  pom.xml a5fe9f5 
  server/pom.xml 602ed5b 
  usage/pom.xml f7d9dd1 




Noa Resare

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