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From Prasanna Santhanam <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Multi-threading in test suite
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 13:40:55 GMT
Sorry about the delay ..

On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 05:42:05AM +0530, Ashutosh Kelkar wrote:
> >
> > Also Can you spell out the test scenario?
> One of the test scenario is -
> 1.Configure the concurrent.snapshots.threshold.perhost=3
> 2.Deploy a Linux VM using default CentOS template, use small service
> offering, disk offering
> 3.Log into the VM and create a file with content in it.
> 4.repeat step 2 to 3 for 10 times to create 10 vms
> 5.Perform snapshot on the root disk of this newly created VMs(10 vms)
> 6.perform VM live migration
> Validation steps -
> a. Vms should successfully  migrated to another host.
> b. check all the snapshots jobs are running concurrently on back grounds(
> by checking the  job description on the logs &number of mount points from
> host to storage)
I looked at the wiki and the tests have the common steps for 1-4.
Disregarding the migration, etc

This should be simplified thus:

1. deploy VMs equal to the threshold value. wait for all of them to be
running. You'll have to deploy the VMs with a targeted host for this.
Since this is a per host setting.
2. create snapshots for the root disks of each of the above VMs. use
the asyncJobMgr to submit a group of cmds and wait. 
3. All jobs succeed.

For the negative scenario - where the threshold is respected, you
should have one failed job in the entire list of jobs submitted.

Also how do we ensure that all the VMs one has deployed end up 
> You can find other scenarios on Apache wiki page for test plans [1].
> PS: You guys are working on github? Can you let me know the github
> > repo so I can pull in tests from there for review and runs?
> Sure, you can have a look all the latest development on automation in
> ipclearance branch [2] of cloudstack-qa repo. Girish has merged all the
> latest bug fixes and new test suites developed into ipclearance branch.

Hmm, are we developing on top of the ipclearance branch for some reason?
If it's an independant suite I think you should develop over master
since the ipclearance branch on cloudstack-qa was to be merged with
master after the legal issues on the tests are resolved. But there's
no telling when that might happen. 

> [1]
> [2]
> Thanks,
> Ashu

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