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From "ASF IRC Services" <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #cloudstack-meeting, Wed Feb 20 17:00:35 2013
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2013 17:57:36 GMT
Members present: Animesh, topcloud, _ps_, chipc, Humbedooh, jzb, jburwell, jlkinsel_, bhaisaab,
serverchief, sudhap

Meeting summary:

1. Preface
  a. (jzb, 1)

2. Active Feature Release
  a. As of this morning, there are 5 open blocker bugs (2 of which are unassigned) and 11
open critical bugs (6 of which are unassigned) (chipc, 2)
  b. chipc to email Sheng about the outstanding critical bugs for inlinemode (chipc, 2)

3. Active Feature Release: QA Status
  a. (jzb, 3)

4. Active Feature Release: Doc Status
  a. chipc to ask someone to provide a test plan for S3 (chipc, 4)
  b. sudhap to ask Hugo for Nicira test status (chipc, 4)
  c. bhaisaab file doc bug for CloudMonkey docs (jzb, 4)
  d. (bhaisaab, 4)
  e. chipc to email the list to talk about code freeze procedures (chipc, 4)

5. Active Feature Release: Additional Issues?

6. Active Bug-Fix Release (4.0.2)
  a. (jzb, 6)
  b. jzb ping Nitin about CLOUDSTACK-1151 (jzb, 6)

7. Master Branch

8. Infra

9. Other?

- chipc to email Sheng about the outstanding critical bugs for inlinemode (chipc, 17:18:57)
- chipc to ask someone to provide a test plan for S3 (chipc, 17:28:12)
- sudhap to ask Hugo for Nicira test status (chipc, 17:29:42)
- bhaisaab file doc bug for CloudMonkey docs (jzb, 17:30:12)
- chipc to email the list to talk about code freeze procedures (chipc, 17:35:40)
- jzb ping Nitin about CLOUDSTACK-1151 (jzb, 17:42:10)

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #
17:00:52 [jzb]: the bot's a little picky :-) 
17:00:57 [jzb]: Good morning all, thanks for joining! Before we get started, a few housekeeping
17:01:12 [jzb]: We're using the ASF IRC bot to keep a log/minutes of the meeting. If you have
any questions about the IRC bot, you might want to look over this link for more information:
17:01:12 [bhaisaab]: jzb: should we wait for 4-5 mins?
17:01:22 [jzb]: bhaisaab: we can
17:01:23 [bhaisaab]: maybe folks are just coming to join us today
17:01:41 [chipc]: jzb: +1 to giving folks a couple of minutes, perhaps 4
17:01:56 [jzb]: OK
17:03:53 [chipc]: sudhap: good morning
17:04:08 [sudhap]: chipc: good morning
17:04:23 [bhaisaab]: hey sudhap!
17:04:32 [sudhap]: bhaisaab: yes
17:04:45 [sudhap]: has meeting started already??
17:04:53 [chipc]: we were waiting a couple of minutes
17:05:00 [jzb]: sudhap: we're holding off until five after
17:05:00 [bhaisaab]: jzb: looks like we are good to go, 5 mins are up, 17:05 UTC let's sart!
17:05:00 [sudhap]: Oh Ok
17:05:00 [bhaisaab]: *start
17:05:07 [jzb]: and there we are
17:05:22 [jzb]: I'll rewind a bit
17:05:30 [jzb]: We're using the ASF IRC bot to keep a log/minutes of the meeting. If you have
any questions about the IRC bot, you might want to look over this link for more information:
17:05:30 [chipc]: ACTION wishes more people were here today
17:05:33 [jzb]:
17:05:47 [jzb]: As we discussed last week and on the -dev mailing list, we're going to start
working with an agenda rather than going by nicks. We hope this will streamline the meetings
a bit to keep them under the 1-hour mark. 
17:05:52 [jzb]: Here's the suggested agenda that we'll be following:
17:05:53 [jzb]:
17:06:07 [bhaisaab]: chipc: I may just hhave a solution to that will discuss on my turn
17:06:33 [Humbedooh]: jzb: no n :)
17:06:37 [jzb]: Let's start with the first agenda item
17:06:44 [jzb]: Humbedooh: ?
17:06:51 [Humbedooh]: :)
17:07:06 [jzb]: Humbedooh: ah, thanks
17:07:06 [Humbedooh]: the other page is outdated
17:07:20 [jzb]: I grabbed that from Chip's email about the ASF Bot
17:07:42 [jzb]: #link
17:07:50 [jzb]: new manual for the ASF Bot
17:07:50 [chipc]: which Humbedooh's rapid customer focused dev cycle quickly made obsolete
17:08:05 [chipc]: ok - so first topic?
17:08:12 [jzb]: #Active Feature Release

# 2. Active Feature Release #
17:08:28 [chipc]: 4.1.0 Schedule update / reminder:
17:08:43 [chipc]: 2013-02-28 is the end of the current phase, which includes the docs completion
"target" and is when we shift to a limited update model for the release branch (i.e.: I'll
be responsible for cherry-picking any changes)
17:08:50 [chipc]: As for progress, bugs are the top item for me right now.
17:08:57 [chipc]: #info As of this morning, there are 5 open blocker bugs (2 of which are
unassigned) and 11 open critical bugs (6 of which are unassigned)
17:09:05 [chipc]: I wanted to go through the blockers and critical bugs for 4.1, and share
status for a bit.
17:09:12 [chipc]: Assigned blocker bugs:
17:09:13 [chipc]: CLOUDSTACK-1228: Unable to Create System Vm's in the VMware Hypervisor setup
17:09:15 [bhaisaab]: jzb: but for every agenda how do we go around, ask everyone or everyone
just comments/reports?
17:09:23 [chipc]: This one probably needs someone to collaborate in real-time with Kiran to
get it resolved. Venkata is the current assignee.
17:09:37 [jzb]: bhaisaab: everyone just comments / reports as we go through the items.
17:09:43 [bhaisaab]: ok
17:09:44 [jzb]: bhaisaab: at least for now, we'll see how that works.
17:09:50 [chipc]: doing bugs right now
17:09:58 [sudhap]: rayees in US timezone can help if needed for this defect - this is blocking
VMWare automation run
17:10:14 [chipc]: sudhap: that would be good if you could get it to happen
17:10:27 [chipc]: next one:
17:10:35 [chipc]: CLOUDSTACK-1252: Failed to download default template in VMware
17:10:35 [chipc]: I thought this was a duplicate of CLOUDSTACK-1228, but Rayees reports that
it isn't.  Nitin needs to follow up on status for this one.
17:10:50 [chipc]: I pinged Nitin via the bug today
17:11:20 [chipc]: next:
17:11:22 [chipc]: CLOUDSTACK-1289: [F5-SRX-InlineMode] Usage stats are not generated for Juniper
SRX Firewall in inlinemode
17:11:27 [chipc]: Kishan needs to take a look at this.  No updates from him yet.
17:11:41 [bhaisaab]: chipc: so there are two issues, one is the vmware one on 4.1 and I know
from nitin that ssvm does not work on master is another issue
17:12:03 [chipc]: so are you saying that 1289 isn't a 4.1 issue?
17:12:11 [chipc]: it's a master branch issue only?
17:12:57 [chipc]: I'll ask on the bug to clarify
17:13:11 [sudhap]: chipc: there are 5 blockers for 4.1
17:13:17 [chipc]: moving on - we have some unassigned blockers that people need to grab
17:13:17 [bhaisaab]: I'm not sure if 128 is 4.1 only, can be reporter confirm, afaik multiple
reports around ssvm failure on master were sent for
17:13:24 [chipc]: CLOUDSTACK-1264 System VM doesnt not have default route.
17:13:24 [chipc]: CLOUDSTACK-1339 ASF 4.1: Management server becomes unresponsive
17:13:24 [chipc]: We need someone to take each of these up!
17:13:31 [sudhap]: chipc: i will check 
17:13:52 [chipc]: sudhap: thanks...  and yes, I was going through all 5
17:14:00 [chipc]: the last two aren't assigned, which is a problem
17:14:07 [chipc]: we need a volunteer to grab them
17:14:22 [chipc]: so those are the blockers, as of this morning
17:14:30 [chipc]: ready for the critical ones?
17:14:45 [bhaisaab]: chipc: I'll try athem tomorrow ask folks in the office to take a look
in case I'm unable to do that
17:14:54 [bhaisaab]: *them
17:14:55 [chipc]: bhaisaab: thx
17:15:15 [bhaisaab]: but sudhap can you discuss if someone in US timezone can take a look
at them
17:15:21 [bhaisaab]: if they can that is
17:15:35 [sudhap]: sure
17:15:42 [chipc]: ok, critical bugs...  like I said above, there are 11 open right now
17:15:44 [chipc]: CLOUDSTACK-1227: cloud-install-sys-tmplt script points to /etc/cloud/management/
which doesn't exist
17:15:50 [chipc]: Need Wido to respond to Rohit's question in this bug.
17:15:57 [bhaisaab]: widodh: you there?
17:16:36 [serverchief]: /etc/cloud/management/ - that was the issue for the longest
17:16:42 [chipc]: he hasn't been making the meeting in the last couple of weeks, so perhaps
17:16:45 [bhaisaab]: chipc: I think we can chery pick it, should work, just a path fix so..
17:16:57 [bhaisaab]: okay moving on
17:17:12 [chipc]: ok, next up!
17:17:21 [bhaisaab]: chipc: you can assign this to me, totally fixabl
17:17:27 [bhaisaab]: *fixable
17:17:35 [chipc]: The following are all assigned to Sheng, and are tied to the F5/SRX Inline
mode feature.  They don't have any updates since they were opened.  I tried pinging him via
the bugs.
17:17:42 [chipc]: bhaisaab: ok, doing it now
17:17:50 [bhaisaab]: chipc: email Sheng cc to ML?
17:17:58 [chipc]: yup
17:18:29 [chipc]: ok, here's that list:
17:18:29 [chipc]: CLOUDSTACK-1288: [F5-SRX-InlineMode] classCastException during network restart
with cleanup option true
17:18:35 [chipc]: CLOUDSTACK-1292: [F5-SRX-InlineMode] Update network from SRX,F5 as service
provideds to VR as service provider does not delete firewall rules from SRX
17:18:35 [chipc]: CLOUDSTACK-1315: [F5-SRX-InlineMode] Network implement failed with Run time
Exception during network upgrade from VR to SRX-F5
17:18:42 [chipc]: CLOUDSTACK-1321: [Site-to-Site VPN] No events are generated in case of status
change in site to site vpn connection
17:18:42 [chipc]: and I'll email sheng and cc dev list
17:18:57 [chipc]: #action chipc to email Sheng about the outstanding critical bugs for inlinemode
17:19:05 [chipc]: and now we get to the unassigned list
17:19:12 [chipc]: CLOUDSTACK-590  Incorrect Network Gateways Assigned to System VMs
17:19:12 [chipc]: CLOUDSTACK-1013 running cloudstack overwrites default public/private ssh
17:19:14 [chipc]: CLOUDSTACK-1244 fail to push sysmvm.iso onto xen host
17:19:20 [chipc]: CLOUDSTACK-1290 listNetoworks API takes too long to respond
17:19:20 [chipc]: CLOUDSTACK-1293 resetpasswordforVm shows "passsd reset to undefined"
17:19:22 [chipc]: CLOUDSTACK-1337 Zone to zone template/ISO copy fails and template/ISO download
also fails
17:19:27 [chipc]: Same as the blockers, we need someone to take each of these up!
17:19:35 [chipc]: so we don't have to triage them on this meeting, but we do need folks to
grab them
17:19:52 [bhaisaab]: ACTION o.O more people joining the meeting, welcome!
17:19:58 [Animesh]: Yes I am taking these up, RamG and Abhi should have already assigned some
of them in India time
17:20:12 [chipc]: and with that, I'm wrapped on the 4.1.0 release mgmt discussion
17:20:35 [chipc]: Animesh: can folks please grab them themselves?  (plus, I pulled the list
this morning)
17:20:43 [chipc]: jzb: sub topic time?
17:20:50 [bhaisaab]: okay, just to report for 4.1, the db schema diversions are fixed, rollling
upgrades fixed on 4.1 today
17:21:06 [Animesh]: certainly but if its not being watched I can certainly fill in
17:21:20 [jzb]: bhaisaab: was there a bug ID for those?
17:21:50 [topcloud]: is there any way to lock down create-schema.sql?
17:21:50 [bhaisaab]: jzb: yes, 1321
17:21:51 [jzb]: chipc: I believe you've covered overall status, yes?
17:21:52 [chipc]: Animesh: see my email to Sudha on the topic of "assigning" vs "contributors
grabbing" bugs
17:22:05 [chipc]: jzb: yes
17:22:20 [bhaisaab]: topcloud: do a git log -p on that file time to time and see if someone
changed anything
17:22:27 [bhaisaab]: topcloud: or have a hook

# 3. Active Feature Release: QA Status #
17:22:42 [chipc]: bhaisaab: we can't do hooks
17:22:58 [bhaisaab]: jzb: 1312 sorry 
17:23:05 [jzb]: anything to report on the QA status of 4.1.0? 
17:23:08 [jzb]: bhaisaab: thx
17:23:12 [bhaisaab]: chipc: yes, so just keeping our eyes open
17:23:20 [sudhap]: jzp: QA status - Automation is being run for Xen server and KVM
17:23:20 [topcloud]: bhaisaab: I guess we'll just have to monitor th checkins on that file
17:23:35 [chipc]: +1 that
17:23:50 [bhaisaab]: topcloud: or I can do that on my personal git mirror, and even on github
17:23:57 [jzb]: sudhap: but still blocked on VMware?
17:24:00 [sudhap]: Yes
17:24:29 [sudhap]: Even though KVM and Xen were unblocked, there are other defects preventing
to run full suite
17:24:50 [jzb]: #link
17:24:57 [chipc]: sudhap: and just to be clear - all are logged as blockers or criticals,
17:25:05 [sudhap]: chipc: yes
17:25:12 [jzb]: sudhap: I believe that's the issues right now?
17:25:14 [sudhap]: KVM run is being analyzed right now
17:25:20 [jzb]: (from the link)
17:25:27 [sudhap]: additional defects will be logged by end of day today
17:25:29 [chipc]: jzb: they should be the same as the list I just went through as well
17:25:36 [jzb]: K
17:25:42 [sudhap]: jzb: yes
17:25:51 [jzb]: anything else on that topic?
17:26:12 [jzb]: OK

# 4. Active Feature Release: Doc Status #
17:26:42 [sudhap]: need updates from Ilya on the test plan for VMware network Distributed
network switch
17:26:44 [jzb]: Radhika sent regrets via the ML but also provided an update
17:26:50 [jzb]:
17:27:05 [sudhap]: jzb: sorry need status on couple of features
17:27:05 [sudhap]: for QA
17:27:12 [jzb]: sudhap: OK
17:27:20 [chipc]: sudhap: QA for 4.1, right?
17:27:42 [sudhap]: s3 test plan is needed as well
17:27:50 [sudhap]: yes for 4.1 QA
17:27:51 [chipc]: ok
17:28:05 [bhaisaab]: anyone writing a chapter, page on cloudmonkey? or, do we want to have
one on cloudmonkey, or just have users point to the wiki?
17:28:12 [chipc]: #action chipc to ask someone to provide a test plan for S3
17:28:35 [sudhap]: for nicira integration, test plan has been posted wanted to check testing
17:28:50 [chipc]: bhaisaab: best to ask seb
17:29:05 [sudhap]: to me it looks like it covers only the integratioin aspect but hugo has
submitted additional stories for nicira - would those be covered as well or not
17:29:12 [sudhap]: may be I will take these to the ML
17:29:14 [chipc]: subhap: can you email that request to hugo?
17:29:14 [jzb]: bhaisaab: probably should file a doc bug
17:29:29 [bhaisaab]: jzb: okay, chipc will do
17:29:42 [chipc]: #action sudhap to ask Hugo for Nicira test status
17:29:50 [jzb]: bhaisaab: I'd be happy to contribute in my copious spare time. *cough*
17:30:08 [bhaisaab]: jzb: me too :)
17:30:12 [jzb]: #action bhaisaab file doc bug for CloudMonkey docs
17:30:50 [jzb]: sudhap: was that everything on QA
17:30:53 [jzb]: looks like we got a little sidelined. Sorry.
17:30:57 [sudhap]: Yes
17:30:59 [jzb]: sudhap: thanks
17:31:37 [jzb]: See Radhika's message for her status on docs
17:31:42 [bhaisaab]: #link
17:31:42 [bhaisaab]: done:
17:32:05 [jzb]: I know I also have a few doc bugs for 4.1.0, and in general we have a lot
of work left to do there. 
17:32:14 [chipc]: jzb: you had mentioned a "doc sprint" last week
17:32:33 [chipc]: any thoughts on how to get that started, going, whatnot?
17:32:35 [jzb]: chipc: I did, I'm still trying to find a time that works. 
17:33:25 [jzb]: Next Friday would be a good day, I think
17:33:32 [jzb]: we can get some people together in person at ACNA
17:33:40 [jzb]: and also via IRC
17:33:58 [chipc]: ok - we'll have to do what we did for 4.0 - cherry pick actively into 4.1
from master for docs during March
17:34:17 [jzb]: chipc: we should be doing that already, yes?
17:34:40 [bhaisaab]: chipc: sooner the better, today some db diversion fix cherry picks resulted
in merge conflicts
17:34:40 [chipc]: well, yes, except that the "code" is going to move to a controlled branch
17:34:47 [jzb]: or anyway - making sure that docs are getting updated in all 3 branches
17:34:55 [chipc]: but docs will need to be more actively merged
17:35:18 [jzb]: chipc: have you already detailed how you want that to work via email?
17:35:32 [chipc]: nope
17:35:40 [chipc]: #action chipc to email the list to talk about code freeze procedures
17:35:42 [chipc]: ;-)
17:35:55 [jzb]: thanks
17:36:17 [jlkinsel_]: ha
17:36:19 [bhaisaab]: :)
17:36:40 [jzb]: OK, next topic
17:36:55 [bhaisaab]: 4.0.2?

# 5. Active Feature Release: Additional Issues? #
17:37:27 [jzb]: Do we have any 4.1 issues that weren't covered already?
17:37:32 [chipc]: I think we already hit them
17:37:40 [chipc]: let's move on to 4.0.2
17:37:56 [jzb]: sounds good. I'm going to compress 4.0.2 into one topic unless we feel a need
to separate them...

# 6. Active Bug-Fix Release (4.0.2) #
17:38:50 [jzb]: We currently have 9 open issues for 4.0.2
17:39:26 [jzb]: Most are documentation issues, one is actually resolved and I just need to
mark it 
17:40:19 [jzb]: issue #1151
17:40:40 [jzb]: ACTION wonders if that works with this bot or not...
17:40:47 [jzb]: Guess not
17:40:57 [Humbedooh]: CLOUDSTACK-1151
17:41:03 [Humbedooh]: hm, not enabled in this channel then
17:41:11 [jzb]: OK
17:41:11 [Humbedooh]: I'll get that done :)
17:41:25 [jzb]: #link
17:41:34 [jzb]: vmware systemVm template upgrade is missing in 4.0 upgrade
17:41:50 [jzb]: This is assigned to Nitin - I'll ping him and see if we can get a resolution
on that. 
17:42:10 [jzb]: #action jzb ping Nitin about CLOUDSTACK-1151
17:42:28 [jzb]: All of the issues for 4.0.2 are assigned 
17:42:40 [jzb]: It's just a matter of chasing them to resolution 
17:42:50 [chipc]: jzb: as always, thanks for doing the bug-fix release management... I know
it's harder to get folks attention for it
17:43:10 [jzb]: I'll be flying to LAX tomorrow for SCALE 11x, so I'll try to knock all the
4.0.2 doc bugs out during the flight.
17:43:11 [jzb]: (weather willing.)
17:43:40 [jzb]: chipc: happy to, it's a learning experience
17:44:02 [jzb]: Any other issues for 4.0.2?
17:44:18 [jzb]: OK

# 7. Master Branch #
17:44:40 [jzb]: Any issues for the master branch we'd like to discuss?
17:44:49 [chipc]: so I'll start by generally expressing a concern that master gets broken
way too often
17:45:02 [bhaisaab]: some know issues to fix: ssvm/cpvm in general agents not up, console-proxy
refactor move needs to be fixed
17:45:11 [chipc]: not singling folks out, and I have a todo for today / tomorrow to talk about
merge expectations
17:45:34 [jburwell]: what's the status of the systemvm issue?
17:45:48 [topcloud]: still working on it.
17:46:10 [topcloud]: incredible how difficult it is to get an environment up and running on
windows these days.
17:46:17 [_ps_]: cpvm did not come up when I deployed the latest master code yesterday .Is
that a  known issue ?
17:46:25 [jburwell]: my testing is blocked until it is resolved ..
17:46:34 [chipc]: topcloud: I figured out the problem...  windows
17:46:47 [topcloud]: chipc: :(
17:46:48 [chipc]: jburwell: are you talking about 4.1 testing?  or master branch testing
17:46:55 [bhaisaab]: topcloud: switch to linux or mac!
17:47:02 [jburwell]: 4.1
17:47:10 [topcloud]: jburwell: no it shouldn't block 4.1
17:47:10 [chipc]: jburwell: which bug is your blocker?
17:47:17 [bhaisaab]: topcloud: in hyd only one person is on windows now that too will be switching
to mac :)
17:47:17 [topcloud]: my changes is not in 4.1.
17:47:17 [chipc]: +1 to what topcloud said
17:47:32 [jburwell]: my understanding is the agent is not spinning up on systemvms for 4.1
.. is that correct?
17:47:47 [jburwell]: (sorry I have been out to attend to a move/house purchase so just coming
back online)
17:47:50 [chipc]: I don't believe that's correct, except for VMware
17:48:02 [bhaisaab]: yes, 4.1 is fine... I ran the db upgrade tests and smoke tests all fine
for basic vm life cycle
17:48:25 [jburwell]: bhaisaab: good to know
17:48:25 [chipc]: jburwell: do shout loudly on the dev list if you are blocked
17:48:26 [topcloud]: jburwell: congrats on the house. always a fuss to move though.
17:48:43 [jburwell]: will run my smoke tests later today to ensure I am not blocked
17:48:49 [topcloud]: jburwell: but this is a master branch issue not on 4.1.
17:48:56 [jburwell]: topcloud: thank you thank you
17:49:03 [jburwell]: it is has been an adventure
17:49:34 [jzb]: Any other issues for the master branch?
17:49:43 [chipc]: not from me

# 8. Infra #
17:50:10 [jzb]: Any infra issues this week that we need to discuss?
17:50:25 [jzb]: I would be curious about the Planet status, if anyone knows anything?
17:50:42 [bhaisaab]: For master branch just want to ask people to put any change in schema-410to420
for any db related changes and in cleanup put things like delete columns etc.
17:50:48 [chipc]: I was just about to pick on jlkinsel_ about that
17:50:48 [chipc]: ;-)
17:50:48 [jzb]: IIRC we're waiting on input from ASFInfra?
17:52:05 [bhaisaab]: Updates on master from my side, 4.2.0 version fixed in poms, 4.2.0 db
upgrade paths added and we've a build systemvm code and jenkins job:
which can be replicated:
17:53:26 [jzb]: bhaisaab: great post. Would you mind adding it to the CloudStack Weekly News
for next week?
17:53:41 [jzb]: we should add a section on blog posts. 
17:53:58 [jzb]: Looks like that's all on master and infra

# 9. Other? #
17:54:26 [jzb]: Any other issues we need to discuss? 
17:54:26 [bhaisaab]: jzb: yes I'll do that thanks
17:55:11 [bhaisaab]: oh, folks to follow on twitter, my list:
17:56:04 [jzb]: bhaisaab: once folks have had a chance to add their names to the wiki, I'll
create a list under the CloudStack account as well. 
17:56:26 [bhaisaab]: jzb: yeah that would be great an official list :)
17:56:33 [jzb]: any other issues? Otherwise we can call it a day, in less than one hour!
17:56:41 [bhaisaab]: do it!

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