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From "ASF IRC Services" <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #cloudstack-meeting, Wed Feb 13 17:04:29 2013
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2013 18:09:07 GMT
Members present: Animesh, topcloud, chipc, sebgoa, jzb, Noah, edison_cs, Humbedooh, cloudbot,
bhaisaab, serverchief, ke4qqq

Meeting summary:

1. Preface

2. widoh

3. topcloud 

4. 4.1 release
  a. (jzb, 4)

5. widodh 

6. u-ichi 

7. serverchief 

8. sebgoa 

9. Noah 

10. ke4qqq 

11. jzb

12. Humbedooh 

13. edison_cs 

14. bhaisaab 

15. Animesh 

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #
17:04:58 [topcloud]: hi guys, quick note, i have to drop off at 9:30.
17:04:58 [jzb]: Meeting officially started. We're going in reverse alpha order this week.
17:05:06 [jzb]: topcloud: we should get to you before that, no worries.

# 2. widoh #
17:05:20 [bhaisaab]: jzb: start with topcloud then
17:05:30 [jzb]: or we can do that. 

# 3. topcloud  #
17:05:43 [topcloud]: i don't have anything. i'm more interested in what chip has to say.
17:05:43 [jzb]: topcloud: anything to discuss or report this week?
17:05:50 [topcloud]: about release
17:06:28 [jzb]: ACTION thinks it might be time to try to have an agenda :-) 
17:06:50 [chipc]: jzb: +1 for next time perhaps
17:07:22 [topcloud]: why don't we make release agenda 1 for today.
17:07:23 [jzb]: ok - chipc - why don't we start with you since 4.1 is going to dominate the
meeting anyway?
17:07:35 [chipc]: yeah, yeah
17:07:35 [topcloud]: that way i can help whatever i can while i have time on the meeting?

# 4. 4.1 release #
17:07:50 [chipc]: ok: so let's see...  
17:07:50 [jzb]: chipc: you want to start?
17:08:13 [chipc]: First, obviously we are about half way though Feb, which is supposed to
be focused on doc finalization and testing
17:08:35 [chipc]: sudhap reported that testing is on track to complete a first go around by
the end of the month
17:08:43 [chipc]: I'm concerned about the number of blockers that are getting raised
17:09:06 [chipc]: so I'd ask that folks continue to be focused on watching for bugs they can
help with
17:09:35 [chipc]: documentation is another issue...  the docs folks have raised the concern
about not being able to finish by the end of the month
17:09:58 [chipc]: so while that thread is in progress on cloudstack-dev@i.a.o, I'd ask here
if people are able to step up and help with docs for the new features
17:09:59 [jzb]: #link
17:10:20 [sebgoa]: chipc: yes, I will help
17:10:30 [bhaisaab]: ACTION is eating bugs wherever possible, they could little spice otherwise
it's okay :P
17:10:35 [chipc]: the more that's complete, the better...  Sebastien has been getting translators
ready to rock, and I'd love for us to have a good showing on that front
17:11:13 [chipc]: packaging appears to be mostly set now, with the obvious bugs that are being
17:11:20 [chipc]: so that's a good thing to have gotten past
17:11:43 [chipc]: or at least gotten to a good point
17:12:05 [chipc]: so I think that's it...  
17:12:14 [chipc]: do others have specific 4.1 comments or questions to raise?
17:12:29 [sebgoa]: can the packaging and mvn guru also update the docs…like CLOUDSTACK-1
17:12:53 [ke4qqq]: sebgoa: what do you see as specifically missing?
17:13:13 [jzb]: CLOUDSTACK-1 is on my to-do list for this week. Have we got at least rough
docs on the wiki for the new procedures to build?
17:13:28 [sebgoa]: I wrote that section's draft so it's not up to date
17:13:58 [sebgoa]: jzb: should be, but have not checked
17:14:28 [topcloud]: sudha: animesh: do you have any comments on the blocker bugs?
17:14:30 [chipc]: jzb: it's been on the list...  and I think that the build part is covered,
perhaps not packaging though
17:14:58 [jzb]: chipc: OK. I'll be poking folks on -dev and in the -dev IRC channel tomorrow
and later in the week.
17:14:58 [chipc]: topcloud: I don't think that sudhap is here right now
17:15:28 [jzb]: ACTION will also blog about it once I get docs sorted out.
17:15:29 [topcloud]: chipc: *dope*
17:15:50 [chipc]: topcloud: you or me? ;-)
17:15:53 [jzb]: any other concerns/questions about 4.1.0?
17:15:58 [jzb]: seems we should have more :-) 
17:16:06 [Animesh]: topcloud: sudha and I are following up on blocker bugs
17:16:13 [chipc]: jzb: most things are actively being discussed on the list
17:16:50 [jzb]: OK
17:17:05 [sebgoa]: chipc: small detail, but if we push doc freeze then we should update plan
17:17:20 [chipc]: sebgoa: yes, I saw that email
17:17:20 [chipc]: will reply
17:17:22 [chipc]: and I agree
17:18:07 [sebgoa]: k
17:18:36 [jzb]: OK, will move on.

# 5. widodh  #
17:18:58 [jzb]: widodh: anything to discuss or report this week?
17:20:13 [jzb]: OK

# 6. u-ichi  #
17:20:29 [jzb]: u-ichi: anything to discuss or report?
17:21:05 [jzb]: OK

# 7. serverchief  #
17:21:20 [jzb]: serverchief: anything to report or discuss this week?
17:21:28 [serverchief]: yes
17:21:35 [serverchief]: quick question
17:21:45 [serverchief]: there is a dvswitch part sateesh wrote
17:21:51 [serverchief]: its now going through QA
17:22:05 [serverchief]: is there any reason why we cant make it part of 4.1?
17:22:23 [chipc]: serverchief: was it committed into master prior to the end of Jan?
17:22:43 [serverchief]: no, its still going through a review 
17:22:44 [serverchief]: not commited
17:23:00 [chipc]: so we did feature freeze for 4.1 on Jan 31
17:23:13 [chipc]: which means that it would be in the next feature release
17:23:23 [serverchief]: i c.. 
17:23:31 [sebgoa]: it's not committed but going through QA ? 
17:23:35 [serverchief]: thanks.. 
17:23:58 [serverchief]: yeah.. i pull the patches from review and commit against local source
code copy
17:24:07 [chipc]: which is actually awesome!
17:24:14 [sebgoa]: ah, your own QA for review ?
17:24:29 [chipc]: because I'd MUCH RATHER see testing done on a feature before it hits master,
so that the release QA process is more focused on the fully integrated code
17:24:50 [chipc]: sebgoa: actually, severchief volunteered to be the test engineer for that
17:24:58 [serverchief]: correct
17:25:00 [sebgoa]: ah gotcha, missed that
17:25:13 [serverchief]: the cs marketing effort
17:25:13 [chipc]: which is awesome BTW - we need more volunteering for feature testing
17:25:21 [serverchief]: we need to discuss that on a separate meeting
17:25:28 [serverchief]: any update on the list creation?
17:25:36 [ke4qqq]: list is created!
17:25:36 [jzb]: serverchief: list was created yesterday
17:25:43 [jzb]: sent a note to -users and -dev about it
17:25:58 [jzb]: you can subscribe now - let me know if you have any problems this time.
17:26:06 [serverchief]: ok.. will do.. we should have a note like that go out once a month
17:26:13 [serverchief]: to let new users know and join
17:26:13 [jzb]: serverchief: you should totally do that. ;-)
17:26:30 [serverchief]: ok.. EOF for me
17:26:31 [serverchief]: thanks
17:26:43 [serverchief]: jzb i will join in few
17:26:51 [jzb]: serverchief: thanks!

# 8. sebgoa  #
17:27:13 [jzb]: sebgoa: anything to discuss or report?
17:27:28 [sebgoa]: translation update sent to list, everything seems in order 
17:27:43 [sebgoa]: how do people fill about publishing uncomplete translations ?
17:27:52 [sebgoa]: feel
17:28:13 [ke4qqq]: for docs or ui
17:28:13 [jzb]: sebgoa: what does an incomplete translation look like?
17:28:28 [ke4qqq]: jzb: non-translated strings appear in english
17:28:36 [sebgoa]: jzb: a mix of english and <choose your language>
17:28:38 [chipc]: IMO, some is better than none
17:29:06 [ke4qqq]: most projects use a threshhold
17:29:07 [jzb]: My totally uneducated feeling on this is anything, say, 70% or greater we'd
want to publish
17:29:13 [ke4qqq]: e.g. 75% 
17:29:31 [sebgoa]: ok, next issue is that pdf doesn't render well some languages…people
ok publishing html ?
17:29:36 [ke4qqq]: besides, that helps prompt more participation because it typically irks
17:29:47 [jzb]: sebgoa: can you file a bug on that?
17:29:58 [ke4qqq]: jzb: it's a fop problem
17:29:58 [jzb]: that is something we might be able to fix.
17:29:58 [ke4qqq]: and there's a way around it
17:30:13 [sebgoa]: it's not really a CS bug
17:30:21 [jzb]: sebgoa: it's a doc bug
17:30:28 [ke4qqq]: jzb: it's a publican bug
17:30:37 [sebgoa]: ok, I will investigate more and open a bug if need be.
17:31:06 [ke4qqq]: sebgoa: 3.0 supposedly has a different pdf engine - that should fix that,
but I haven't yet played with it. 
17:31:06 [sebgoa]: last question is unrelated to translation
17:31:13 [jzb]: ke4qqq: I was taking the approach that if it affects our output in some way,
it's something we have to solve.
17:31:23 [ke4qqq]: jzb: ack
17:31:28 [jzb]: ke4qqq: several of the bugs I have for 4.1 are really about improving Publican
17:31:51 [sebgoa]: anybody heard anything about devcloud build from james martin ?
17:32:13 [topcloud]: i have to go...ltr
17:32:21 [jzb]: thanks for joining topcloud 
17:32:28 [jzb]: sebgoa: ?
17:32:45 [bhaisaab]: ACTION o/ topcloud 
17:33:21 [sebgoa]: jzb: I asked a question about devcloud built that was committed by james
martin…but I don't think it got finished ?
17:33:21 [chipc]: sebgoa: have you tested what's in the repo recently?
17:33:36 [chipc]: I have not, but I think his stuff is in there now
17:33:43 [bhaisaab]: sebgoa: yes, you're right... I did not have time to take a look on it...
just that it builds something
17:33:44 [sebgoa]: chipc: not recently, but last I checked it did not work...
17:34:21 [sebgoa]: we should give james some feedback to make sure it gets done
17:35:21 [sebgoa]: that's it for me
17:35:21 [jzb]: sebgoa: thanks!
17:35:36 [bhaisaab]: sebgoa: I emailed him once, never got reply, sebgoa can you start a thread
on ML?
17:35:52 [sebgoa]: bhaisaab: another thread :) sure I can 

# 9. Noah  #
17:36:51 [bhaisaab]: thanks
17:36:59 [jzb]: Noah: anything to discuss or report this week?
17:37:13 [Noah]: nope!
17:37:21 [jzb]: Noah: cheerful and speedy. Thanks!
17:37:28 [Noah]: is it usual to set the topic like that? do we get to talk about ME for a
bit? :)
17:37:43 [ke4qqq]: Noah: you're special and worthy of a topic :) 
17:37:51 [jzb]: what ke4qqq said
17:37:52 [jzb]: :-) 
17:38:21 [jzb]: Moving on...

# 10. ke4qqq  #
17:38:43 [jzb]: ke4qqq: anything to discuss or report?
17:38:59 [ke4qqq]: well I had a question for topcloud, but he's gone
17:39:13 [ke4qqq]: I plan on tossing a proposal
17:39:28 [ke4qqq]: to migrate jira traffic at the end of the month to issues@
17:39:36 [chipc]: yes
17:39:36 [chipc]: +!
17:39:37 [ke4qqq]: that offend anyone? 
17:39:37 [chipc]: +1
17:39:43 [ke4qqq]: if so, reply on list 
17:39:44 [jzb]: ke4qqq: wasn't that discussed already?
17:39:53 [jzb]: I thought that was the reason to create the list
17:39:58 [ke4qqq]: jzb: I am only concerned about the timing
17:40:06 [ke4qqq]: not whether to do it
17:40:06 [chipc]: ke4qqq: I'd like to have us check the subscription list to ensure that people
are on it first though
17:40:06 [jzb]: ah, gotcha
17:40:14 [ke4qqq]: just don't want it to be disruptive to 4.1
17:40:21 [jzb]: could we auto-subscribe committers/PPMC folks?
17:40:21 [chipc]: at least a good number of the committers
17:40:28 [chipc]: jzb: ha, interesting
17:40:28 [ke4qqq]: chipc: are you a mod
17:40:36 [ke4qqq]: if so, yes you can do both of those
17:40:43 [ke4qqq]: ACTION isn't on that list
17:40:51 [Humbedooh]: ACTION should move ASFBot ontot that list too
17:40:59 [jzb]: IMHO it should be mandatory if you have commit privs to be on that list
17:41:28 [ke4qqq]: jzb: agreed - but which address would u use? better to enforce socially
17:41:43 [chipc]: ke4qqq: I think it needs a proposal, plus a statement about expectations
17:41:52 [chipc]: and we can check the list for subscribers
17:42:06 [chipc]: but I wouldn't auto-subscribe folks
17:42:31 [Humbedooh]: chipc: if you could auto sub that'd be swell :)
17:42:50 [chipc]: Humbedooh: I'll see what I can do
17:42:50 [ke4qqq]: yeah anyway, I'll toss that up shortly on the list, so you know it's coming
17:43:27 [jzb]: ke4qqq: anything else?
17:44:04 [ke4qqq]: nope EOF
17:44:11 [jzb]: thanks!

# 11. jzb #
17:45:03 [jzb]: Just reporting - working on 4.0.2 now that 4.0.1 is released, and also getting
started on some of the doc bugs/etc. that I have on my plate for 4.1
17:45:35 [jzb]: I'll probably be bugging some/many of you for clarification on stuff as I'm
working on docs, so apologies in advance. :-) 
17:45:42 [bhaisaab]: jzb: big thanks for your leading efforts, looking fwd to 4.0.2
17:45:50 [jzb]: bhaisaab: thanks!
17:46:11 [chipc]: +1
17:46:26 [jzb]: I also want to get a doc sprint going next week, and will send out an email
about that shortly.
17:46:35 [jzb]: that's all from me. 
17:46:35 [ke4qqq]: agreed - these bugfix releases are incredibly important. 
17:47:11 [chipc]: jzb: doc sprint is a great idea
17:47:18 [chipc]: perhaps we can avoid missing the end of the month target ;-)
17:47:26 [jzb]: chipc: perhaps. :-) 

# 12. Humbedooh  #
17:48:04 [jzb]: Humbedooh: anything you wanted to discuss or report?
17:48:29 [Humbedooh]: nah, all I got is some added functionality to the jira helper if anybody
wants to know about that :)
17:48:36 [ke4qqq]: Humbedooh: do tell
17:48:40 [jzb]: Humbedooh: yes please!
17:49:01 [Humbedooh]: okay, two new changes
17:49:23 [Humbedooh]: 1) jira helper is enabled for cloudstack, thus you can get a link and
a summary in #cloudstack-dev by typing fx:
17:49:25 [Humbedooh]: CLOUDSTACK-657
17:49:53 [Humbedooh]: secondly, you can - much like infrabot - go back in time and see previous
comments on a ticket via the 'comment' command to ASFBot
17:50:01 [bhaisaab]: Humbedooh: thanks a lot for the git-jira helper, we don't have to manually
!paste commit info
17:50:01 [chipc]: nice
17:50:18 [jzb]: that's awesome
17:50:23 [ke4qqq]: indeed - we owe Humbedooh $beverages at ACNA
17:50:38 [Humbedooh]: that
17:50:53 [Humbedooh]: that'll break even with the beer I have to bring others I suspect ;)
17:51:08 [Humbedooh]: but that's all I have to say today :) you may move on~
17:51:38 [jzb]: Humbedooh: thanks, see you in Portland!

# 13. edison_cs  #
17:51:59 [edison_cs]: hi
17:51:59 [jzb]: edison_cs: anything to discuss or report this week?
17:52:13 [edison_cs]: sorry for the late
17:52:22 [edison_cs]: I am rebasing storage_refactor branch
17:52:35 [edison_cs]: and want to merge it into master at end of this week
17:53:21 [edison_cs]: I'll send out a merge request
17:53:23 [ke4qqq]: there are lots of tests for your refactored code, right? :) 
17:53:39 [edison_cs]: not much, right now
17:53:43 [edison_cs]: ...
17:53:43 [cloudbot]: edison_cs: Error: ".." is not a valid command.
17:53:58 [edison_cs]: most of the changes, I did, is moving the code around
17:54:06 [edison_cs]: moving the existing code around
17:54:36 [edison_cs]: but I'll add more tests
17:54:36 [edison_cs]: for sure
17:55:06 [edison_cs]: and you know, my code is changing a lot,
17:55:14 [chipc]: edison_cs: all of these refactoring changes (not just what you are doing)
are really good times to get better test coverage
17:55:20 [edison_cs]: so, unit test is behind my code
17:55:44 [edison_cs]: chipc: I agree
17:57:13 [jzb]: edison_cs: anything else?
17:57:22 [edison_cs]: eof
17:57:29 [jzb]: thanks!

# 14. bhaisaab  #
17:57:51 [jzb]: bhaisaab: anything this week?
17:58:16 [bhaisaab]: nothing much, systemvm template building appliance is in place
17:58:44 [bhaisaab]: I'll get a jenkins job running by next week, this will help people write
their/fork their own systemvm templates
17:59:00 [bhaisaab]: cloudmonkey's alright, should give it a try, the api discovery works
17:59:13 [ke4qqq]: bhaisaab: on b.a.o? or j.c.o?
17:59:13 [bhaisaab]: DatabaseCreator can run scripts
17:59:36 [bhaisaab]: ke4qqq: given retrictions of b.a.o, it would be j.c.o first
17:59:36 [ke4qqq]: bhaisaab: since there is no hard dependency, should we talk about making
CM it's own repo? 
18:00:27 [ke4qqq]: k
18:00:27 [bhaisaab]: ke4qqq: nah, I made it so this time that it would require minimum or
no changes at all, we'all set... about repo and publishing, I'll let my good ppmc folks decide
how they want to do it and fellow hackers as well
18:01:03 [bhaisaab]: okay, I don't know how to make DatabseCreator do the automatic db upgrades,
as Alex was saying, giving up that task
18:01:25 [bhaisaab]: Some other stuff I'm working on, will report next week, I'm done thanks
18:01:32 [chipc]: ACTION has to step away for a minute
18:01:53 [ke4qqq]: same here
18:02:09 [bhaisaab]: okay, jzb we can move on thanks
18:02:25 [jzb]: bhaisaab: thank you

# 15. Animesh  #
18:02:45 [Animesh]: Reviewboard : good progress since Monday down to just under 40. I will
keep following up with individual emails
18:02:46 [jzb]: Animesh: anything you want to discuss/report this week?
18:03:23 [Animesh]: yes and then work with sudha on blockers
18:03:58 [Animesh]: also closing on logistics for meetup at brocade next week
18:04:21 [jzb]: Animesh: what day is that?
18:04:21 [Animesh]: thats all from my side this wek
18:04:36 [Animesh]: It is on wednesday 20th
18:05:21 [chipc]: ACTION back
18:05:21 [jzb]: Awesome. 
18:05:35 [jzb]: Animesh: feel free to "spam" the -users list about that if you haven't already.
18:05:44 [chipc]: Animesh: glad that's happening!
18:05:52 [jzb]: OK I believe that's everybody
18:05:59 [jzb]: any last-minute items? Otherwise we'll close it off. 
18:06:16 [chipc]: jzb: one
18:06:31 [chipc]: I wanted to call everyone's attention to the thread on dev about potentially
18:06:45 [chipc]: looking for people to give their opinions
18:06:58 [chipc]: that's all
18:07:31 [jzb]: +1
18:07:43 [bhaisaab]: +1 indeed!
18:07:52 [jzb]: and with that, let's call it a day
18:07:59 [jzb]: thanks for joining/participating everyone

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