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From "ASF IRC Services" <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #cloudstack-meeting, Wed Feb 6 16:57:30 2013
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2013 17:30:44 GMT
Members present: noa, topcloud, jlkinsel, chipc, bhaisaab

Meeting summary:

1. Preface

2. weekly meeting

3. widodh 

4. u-ichi 

5. topcloud 

6. serverchief 

7. noa 
  a. noa, Hugo, widodh et al discussed about packaging during Build a Cloud day in Ghent,
Belgium last week, good progress (bhaisaab, 7)
  b. packaging team to work on minimal viable packaging, large scale cleanup can be done later
(bhaisaab, 7)

8. phongn88 

9. jlkinsel 

10. iswc 

11. bhaisaab 

12. Noah 

13. ke4qqq 

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #
16:57:38 [topcloud]: citrix ppl are mostly at an allhands so not many people will be here.

# 2. weekly meeting #
16:58:08 [bhaisaab]: alright, so we'll start from widodh and admins of the channel at last
16:58:37 [bhaisaab]: widodh: awesome work on packaging, hugo, noa and everyone... anything
to update, report, discuss?

# 3. widodh  #
16:59:52 [bhaisaab]: looks like he's not here, moving on to u-ichi, anything to discuss or

# 4. u-ichi  #
17:01:37 [bhaisaab]: alright we'll circle back if people return later, moving to topcloud,
anything to discuss, report, status of architecture, cloud-engine, tests

# 5. topcloud  #
17:02:22 [noa]: *back*
17:02:30 [bhaisaab]: hey noa!
17:02:55 [topcloud]: nothing i have.
17:03:07 [bhaisaab]: topcloud: great thanks
17:03:14 [bhaisaab]: moving to serverchief

# 6. serverchief  #
17:03:31 [bhaisaab]: serverchief: anything to discuss, report, question?
17:05:00 [bhaisaab]: looks like serverchief is away, moving on, noa you're next, anything
to discuss, share, report?

# 7. noa  #
17:05:17 [noa]: sure, so we had a Build a Cloud day in Ghent, Belgium last week
17:05:29 [bhaisaab]: awesome, pics?
17:05:37 [noa]: it was interesting, there has been some discussion about what we concluded
on the list
17:06:01 [bhaisaab]: noa: your slides were awesome
17:06:07 [noa]: bhaisaab: thanks :)
17:06:24 [noa]: so we sat down and talked some about packaging
17:06:45 [bhaisaab]: noa: so would like to update on current status of packaging, artifact
wise how many are left or overall status?
17:07:17 [noa]: and we have a plan to execute on, which is basically to do the renaming now,
fix .deb packaging on the github branch
17:07:45 [noa]: when that is in a usable shape (should not be much left now) we will look
at the diff and split into logical reviewable parts and submit via the code review tool
17:07:47 [bhaisaab]: #info noa, Hugo, widodh et al discussed about packaging during Build
a Cloud day in Ghent, Belgium last week, good progress
17:08:08 [bhaisaab]: great
17:08:27 [noa]: I think we have also decided to cut the config file moves that is in that
branch, which will make the diff much smaller
17:08:50 [topcloud]: noa: I haven't been following that thread. Do you anything from the javein
merge in terms of packaging?
17:08:50 [noa]: as usual there are a lot of things going on, but I got some fixes in last
night and intend to continue for a bit today
17:09:06 [bhaisaab]: and what about scripts? will all distros share same scripts?
17:09:29 [noa]: topcloud: we merged back master into our branch and it seems that from a build
standpoint there are just a bunch of additional dependencies
17:09:42 [bhaisaab]: +1
17:09:57 [noa]: bhaisaab: which script do you refer to? getting rid of the cloud-setup-* scripts
seems like a 4.2 thing
17:10:12 [topcloud]: noa: javelin introduced a bunch more jar files at least.
17:10:36 [topcloud]: i think the initial packaging proposal should cover them though
17:10:42 [noa]: topcloud: exactly. I'm a little bothered that our packages are kind of large,
but that's hard to get around
17:10:57 [topcloud]: hard or not hard?
17:11:19 [noa]: Another thing I'd like to mention is that I had a look at the review request
for the HyperV stuff, and found the code to be in kind of bad shape
17:11:27 [bhaisaab]: noa: yes, those, but scripts like starting mgmt server etc.
17:11:59 [noa]: bhaisaab: well, I don't know. I plan to spin up some VMs running centos to
have a look at the rpm stuff shortly
17:12:58 [noa]: in general I aim for getting the minimal changes in to get .deb packaging
to work at least as well as 4.0
17:13:05 [bhaisaab]: noa: alright
17:13:15 [noa]: large scale cleanup will be a later thing
17:13:29 [bhaisaab]: yes, let's get some packaging
17:14:15 [bhaisaab]: #info packaging team to work on minimal viable packaging, large scale
cleanup can be done later
17:14:30 [noa]: so, wrt HyperV, my question is really this: what kind of standards do we hold
the submissions to?
17:15:07 [noa]: I understand that might be a difficult question to answer, but I think it
needs to be brought up at some point
17:15:25 [bhaisaab]: noa: it has tests and/or is QA'd and works for basic vm life cycles (start,
stop, delete, reboot, expunge) and storage (volume add, snapshots)
17:15:55 [bhaisaab]: anything but at least works as advertised by its author
17:16:34 [noa]: I'm more thinking about how abstractions and method documentation is added,
somewhat random (it seems, at least not documented) changes to properties files. Coding style
17:17:12 [topcloud]: noa: My understanding is that the hyperv implementation is currently
a demo status.
17:17:27 [topcloud]: it's not production. actually more proof of concept stage.
17:17:44 [topcloud]: so even below demo status.
17:17:57 [bhaisaab]: +1 yes, poc. I think donal suggests poc work as well (during ccp12 and
on ml)
17:18:05 [noa]: okay. Well, I don't have any hyperv machines so it's kind of hard to contribute
anything of substance, but it seems fragile at best
17:18:28 [noa]: oh well. Rant done, I have nothing more :)
17:18:28 [chipc]: perhaps we need to propose that it (after other issues are sorted out) comes
into a feature branch only
17:18:35 [chipc]: ACTION has to leave now, sorry
17:18:49 [topcloud]: noa: but how would we package that?
17:19:20 [noa]: topcloud: good question, I have no idea
17:19:20 [topcloud]: noa: or is it something we don't need to package since it's for windows
17:19:20 [noa]: at the moment
17:19:42 [topcloud]: i'll bring it up with Donal
17:20:05 [bhaisaab]: bye chipc!
17:20:30 [bhaisaab]: alright, let's move this discussion on ML?
17:20:31 [noa]: +1
17:20:32 [topcloud]: ok
17:20:38 [bhaisaab]: great, should we move on?
17:20:45 [noa]: please do
17:20:52 [bhaisaab]: thanks noa and topcloud 
17:21:07 [bhaisaab]: moving on to phongn88 

# 8. phongn88  #
17:21:30 [bhaisaab]: phongn88: anything to discuss or report?
17:22:15 [bhaisaab]: alright, jlkinsel you're next, anything to discuss or report?

# 9. jlkinsel  #
17:22:24 [jlkinsel]: nothing to add
17:22:37 [bhaisaab]: thanks jlkinsel 
17:22:45 [bhaisaab]: iswc: you're next

# 10. iswc  #
17:23:43 [bhaisaab]: ACTION wonders if Humbedooh is in meeting on hiding :)
17:24:21 [bhaisaab]: alright, let's move on, skipping Humbedooh, cloudbot, I'm next

# 11. bhaisaab  #
17:24:58 [bhaisaab]: Got back from bay area, wasted a lot of time on taxes, finally on track...
cloudmonkey's sync and other major features are fixed
17:25:27 [bhaisaab]: I've appliance building tool in tools/appliance, the aim to have usrs
build their own systemvm templates
17:25:36 [bhaisaab]: this is based on how devcloud is built using veewee and vagrant
17:26:20 [bhaisaab]: next, I'll discuss thing with topcloud and community on working on remaining
pieces of architectural change, jobs framework, cloud-engine maybe
17:26:37 [bhaisaab]: I'm done, any questions to discuss?
17:26:51 [bhaisaab]: moving on, Noah you're next

# 12. Noah  #
17:27:51 [bhaisaab]: looks like Noah is away, skipping chipc he left already, ke4qqq you're

# 13. ke4qqq  #
17:28:04 [bhaisaab]: ke4qqq: anything to discuss or report?
17:29:19 [bhaisaab]: looks like he's away as well, alright before we wrap up, anyone want
to discuss anything?
17:30:23 [bhaisaab]: Thanks everyone for attending the meeting, see you all next week

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